A/N: Inspired by Lifehouse's Breathing. From Edward's POV. Hope you like and leave a review. Oh, and some of you would disagree that this is not what the song is about, but the song was just inspiration. The song isn't really the story.


I sat outside her door, my head leaning against it. She had no idea that I was wallowing in my pain outside her door. I felt broken and alone. But somehow I felt comforted by the sound of her breathing and the occasional comment she'd throw at the TV show she's watching. I listened to her and cherished the time I could sit here before I have to go again.

I think of our first date. I had taken her to a ball. She wore a long cherry red antique gown while I wore my black tux. Her long mahogany hair had fell in waves down her shoulders. Her mouth curved up in that smile that made me feel like I'm in seventh heaven. Her big brown doe eyes watching me closely. We danced the whole night. I remember how she spun and fell into my arms at the end of the night and I proceeded to give her a passionate kiss. One of my most treasured memories was that one.

I hang on her every word every time she spoke in her angel-like voice. How she'd told me how she love me. Lies. I miss it so much.

Oh, Bella, you broke my heart.

But that's what she does to men.

So, I sat there listening for her every breath and her every noise. Everything she says or does is just magical to me, it doesn't even matter if she is speaking, as long as I can sit there listen to her.

I ached for her. I wanted another chance. But I knew that it was impossible. She had made me happy like I've never been before. She was my angel. But she left me.

But, sitting outside her door, I knew this is where I want to be.

I heard her sweet laugh and then the TV were no longer heard. The light that shown through the window was now non-existent. I listened as her delicate feet made their way up the stairs to her bedroom.

She was going to go to sleep without a second thought of the heart she broke, of the person she broke. But that's okay because I can still listen to her even when she doesn't know.

A tear slid down my cheek and I slowly got up, reluctant to leave her presence. But I had to go.

I walked to her small gate, the exit. I felt my heart fill with more pain.

I gave the house on last glance and then looked up to her bedroom window.

She stood there, facing me, watching me.

Something rolled down her cheek. It left a trail of wetness. I felt my heart break further.

I stared at her for another minute.

"I love you, Bella Swan." I said and turned around, opened the little gate and made my way home with a broken heart and tears flowing down my cheeks.