Epilogue…otherwise known as chapter seven. :P (Meant to post earlier today but had to pick up my car that was towed in BFE. Here ya go…)

Spencer and Derek sat sipping their drinks, and had a wonderful time engaging one another in easy conversation, while politely turning away the occasional flirtatious passerby. They'd been together nearly a year and had lived together the last seven months. Where some people had cautioned them against moving so fast, they felt like it wasn't fast enough. Their families were both shocked but accepting and Spencer's mother loved Derek as much as Derek's mother and sisters loved Spencer. It was obvious how much they felt for each other and how perfect they are together so everyone was very supportive.

"So, how did you like your first week as an official profiler?"

"Other than watching you nearly take a bullet for that sixteen year old kid I thought it was a pretty great start to the best job I'll ever hope to have." Derek said a bit shakily.

"That was a rarity. But something we both have to get used to. We can't let it get in the way. Hotch put his ass on the line to pull off this arrangement. If we break our promise…"

"I know. I'll adjust. Or try at least. Just keep that skinny little butt of yours safe when I'm not around to do it for you and we'll be fine."

"Hey, this skinny little butt has managed to stay alive in the field for the last five years without your hovering thank you very much."

"Okay. Point taken. Just no trying to show off for me babe." Derek winks.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Spencer said into his drink.

"I may be new to the team but not to the game Pretty Boy. I know how amazing you are. No need to get yourself killed proving it."

"Are you insinuating that I put my life and the lives of others on the line just to impress you?"

"Actually, I suspected it was because you knew that if you didn't I would, and you were doing it to more to protect me. But you can't keep doing that."

Derek was right. On both counts. And Spencer would have to heed his own advice.

"Fine. Then we agree now that we trust in each others abilities as well as our teams. When we're at work we try to keep the relationship out of it."

"Deal." Derek says. "And you let me train you more proficiently in hand to hand."

"What? You think you're the only one with moves?" Spencer asks with mock offence.

"Oh, I know you've got moves babe. In the privacy of our bedroom." He adds quickly.

"Wow, one more compliment and you'd have yourself a nice shit sandwich there."

"I don't mean anything by it, just, your nerves get in the way when it comes to performance."

Spencer quirks a brow.

"We are talking about the field right now aren't we?"

"Yes Spence." Derek laughs. "You lack confidence. You get performance anxiety."

"Is that so?"

"Yes. Which is why I brought you back here to where we first met. To teach you."

"And here I thought you were being romantic." Spencer grumbles as the host comes onto the loud speaker.

"Alright kiddies! Next up we have a dynamic duo for your depraved enjoyment! Let's give 'em some encouragement! Derek, Spencer, come on up!"

Derek smirked at Spencer. Spencer glared at Derek. They went to the stage.

As the music kicked up, Derek went to move a chair the last performer had put to use as a prop. Spencer grabbed his wrist. When Derek looked at him questioningly the young genius shook his head and pulled him close into a sexy rhythm. Although a bit surprised at the lack of coaxing needed, he complied without further prompting. Spencer pushed up against him indecently, faces inches apart, mouths groin achingly close. Just as Derek swooped in for a kiss, his lover spun, his back to Derek's front, rocking his ass into the dark man's crotch.

Derek was stunned. Where the hell did this man come from? This persona was only ever glimpsed in bed when no one was there to bear witness…

Spencer turned again, running his hands up Derek's chest…tearing his shirt open. The women went wild and under his utter shock, Derek looked almost miffed about his favorite shirt until Spencer was running his tongue up his torso, his neck, his jaw. He pulled off his tie and slung it behind Derek's neck pulling his face close, biting the older mans lower lip before giving it a good suck and pushing him backward into the chair.

Derek gazed up at his lover amazed. Spencer stood before him and gave him a seductive smile before pulling off his own shirt, swaying to the music. When Derek reached up and trailed his hand down the younger mans taut belly toward the brim of his low riding slacks, he slapped the hand away and moved around him. Before Derek knew what was happening, his wrists were being bound behind him with his lovers necktie. When Spencer appeared again, he swiveled his hips and slowly undid his belt. With two flicks of his wrist, his pants came open and dropped to his feet. Boxer briefs. Black. Hugging oh so tight. Leaving very little to the imagination. Holy. Fucking. Shit.

The whole room fell away as Derek watched Spencer move. It was otherworldly. Surreal. He was like a mirage, untouchable, unreachable, too good to be true. Except now he was touching. Proving to be solid, real. He was straddling Derek, running his hands all over his chest, grasping the back of his neck and grinding into him. As Spencer rolled his hips, he threw his head back, long tendrils flying from his face, sharp jaw line, long neck and parted lips burning a permanent visual into Derek's memory that would surely be used in countless masturbatory sessions for years to come.

Just when Derek thought he would blow his load in front of the entire joint, Spencer stood and did a little crowd pleasing. Derek was fiercely jealous as men and women alike went crazy trying to touch. When Spencer ran his hands over his own body totally lost in the beat, one woman in the crowd actually fainted. Finally, making his way back to his lover, Spencer sat in his lap and started with the grinding again, legs spread wide, giving the patrons one hell of a view. The lithe tease massaged Derek's straining cock with his tight ass as he brought his hand up and back drawing its owners mouth to his own. Even at that awkward angel the kiss still beat every one either man had ever shared with anyone else. Suddenly, Derek screamed into Spencer's mouth has he came hard in his pants, entire body shaking, jerking, kiss never breaking.

The song ended and the eardrum rattling cheers that filled the establishment brought them back to reality. Spencer bent to untie his very flustered, and very messy, lover.

"What were you saying about performance anxiety?" He whispered in his ear.

Spencer scooped up his clothes when his very flushed boyfriend grabbed his slender arm and leaned in close.

"Home. Now." Derek growled, voice saturated with lust.

Spencer smiled to himself as he was drug off stage toward the exit still half naked. He'd already booked a room down the street. He knew they'd never make it home that night. He knew he was in trouble. He knew how far he'd taken things. And he knew that after tonight, he probably wouldn't be able to walk right for two days…but he also knew it would be beyond worth it. What he didn't know was that in a few short hours Derek would present him with a very important circular token that would officially unite them for the rest of their lives.

For the first time in his life, Spencer Reid was truly happy.

The End. Of Amanda that is. I heard she was killed in a freak accident involving two watermelons, a truckload of urinal cakes, and a mysterious dark haired woman that fled the scene, never identified. :D

I hope the sexy dance kind of made up for the extreme cheese of the last chapter. Hope y'all enjoyed it. Thank you for your time.