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A small knock at the door makes me look up.

"Come in," I say to whoever it is. The door opens and in walks my little sister. She comes over and sits down on the small bed that's positioned against the wall. I wait for her to say something, but she just sits there and watches me pack my things. I stop and look her in the eyes. They seem to stare down into my soul. She's worried about me, I can tell. She knows I'm going off to fight in the Capitol. I can see it in her blue eyes.

"If I asked why you were fighting, what would the answer be?" She finally asks. I don't even hesitate as I answer.

"I'm fighting for you." I look her straight in the eyes. She's so small and helpless, but I know under that is a strong being. She's tougher than she looks. I go back to putting my possessions into the small backpack.

"Who will you fight for when I'm gone?" My head snaps up and we just stare at each other as the seconds tick by. I'm shocked by what she says. Even for being so strong, she's still too young to be worry about her own survival. She should know that I'll always protect her until the day I die, which might be soon.

"You won't be going anywhere," I reply swiftly. Her eyes cast downwards, and for a second it looks like she might cry, but Prim's too strong for that.

"What if something goes wrong?" She questions. I walk over to her and lean down to put my hands on her small shoulders.

"Nothing is going to happen to you," I swear. She looks me straight in the eyes as she replies.

"You have no control over that, Katniss. No one does." I can tell how grown up Prim is just by looking at her. She's no longer that scared twelve-year-old girl she was on the day of the reaping. No, now she appears to be much older than that. When in reality, she's only thirteen.

"I promise you, Prim, I will take care of you. I'll keep you safe." She's silent for a moment, just staring back at me.

"Alright, Katniss. I believe you," she finally whispers. I squeeze her shoulders before standing up straight.

"I love you, Prim," I tell her. She gets up and wraps her skinny arms around me. I hold her close and don't let go.

"I love you too, Katniss." I finally release her and go to my belongings. I make sure I have everything I need before looking back at Prim.

"Stay safe while I'm gone. Help mom with the patients and do what you're needed for. Listen and try to stay out of danger." She nods at everything I say and gives me a smile. I smile back before walking out the door.

As I walk down the hallway, I think about the next time I'll see Prim. Will we be free? Will this war finally be over? I hope so, because the next time I see her, things will be changed.

Yes, they will be changed forever.

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