Okay so this is my first EClare fanfic. It's written from both Clare's and Eli's point of views. I hope you all like it. If I get good responses I'll keep going. If not, I'll get the hint. Enjoy!

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"You should have known he'd bail. He always bails, unless it's something that's important to him."

I tried to ignore Ali's snide remark, but I couldn't. It stuck firmly in my mind and festered there, creating more doubt and ill feelings about the current state of my relationship. But what did I know? This was my first boyfriend and maybe this is what relationships were all about, give and take. Maybe more give on one person's part and more take on the other's.

"Stop second guessing yourself and get angry, Clare," Ali snapped. "You bought these tickets, like, a month ago. He's one of your favourite authors and I know you personally waited in that emo-infested line in the dingiest, dankest part of town for three hours to get them. Tell KC to cancel his basketball-induced plans and go with his girlfriend to this reading!"

I swallowed the bile that was quickly finding its way back up my esophagus and rolled my eyes at my dark haired best friend. "Stop being so dramatic, Ali. KC has his things and I have mine. Just because we're dating doesn't mean that we have to do all of the same stuff, all of the time."

Now it was Ali's turn to roll her eyes at me. "Oh who are we kidding, Clare? No couple needs to be together 24/7. But you should spend some time together, don't you think? When's the last time the two of you have even gone out together? (And I mean for more than just a burger at The Dot or coffee.)"

I shrugged and turned away from her, hoping that she would get my not-so-subtle hint and drop the conversation. This was nothing new. I have this same conversation with myself every few days, especially when it feels like KC would rather be with anyone else but me.

Ali threw an arm casually across my shoulders. "I nag because I care, Clare. I just think that something's really changed with KC. Ever since he joined the football team, it's like he thinks he's too good to be around you lately. And that, my dear friend, is so not the truth!"

I smiled. "Thanks. I appreciate your honesty, I do. It's just that KC and I have never been the typical couple. We're different and I'm okay with that. Too stuck together brings on a whole gamut of other issues that someone like me definitely doesn't want or need."

Ali knew just what I was talking about so she dropped the issue and we continued our trek to Degrassi Community School in silence.

"It's no big deal, CeCe. It's just school."

My mom smiled and wrinkled her nose in my direction, before shooting a knowing look to my father, who was seated at the end of our kitchen table drinking his morning cup of joe and flipping through the entertainment section of the local newspaper.

"A new school is nothing to scoff at, Eli. It's a big deal, especially given everything that you're overcoming right now. The Bull and I just want you to be happy, kid."

I sighed. So we were going to do this again. "Can we please get over this? The whole point of transferring to a new school is to get some kind of fresh start. That can't happen if the two of you don't start letting things go. It's been a long year for everyone. I just wanna start over. Degrassi sounds like a normal, everyday, let-me-express-myself kind of school. So no more talk of death or Julia or this last year, okay?"

My parents, CeCe and Bullfrog, are definitely not your typical parents. My house is liberal. In fact, we're so far to the left, we practically fall off the edge. But they care. I know this, especially given everything that I've been through this past year. I just want them to stop caring so much, to go back to the parents who didn't have to call to say they'd be late, or leave casseroles in the oven for me to eat if they couldn't be home, or to change the tires on my car when the first sign of flurries hit. I just wanted things to go back to "normal", or at least, our normal.

My dad stood, stretching his tattooed arms above his head and letting out a groan. "Well, kid, The Bull's gotta bolt. Radio waits for no man, even this one. Have a good day, don't get into trouble, study hard, all that stuff a good father would typically say to his teenage son."

I smirked and nodded at him, finishing the last of my orange juice. "Thanks. You guys can stop worrying. I'm leaving now."

My mom stood and, uncharacteristically for her, began to fuss with the lapels of my black suit jacket. "Just try, okay Eli?"

I knew what she was pleading for. The pain and yearning was there in her eyes. She wanted things to go back to the way they had been too. She would never admit it, but I'm sure all this fussing was completely out of her element and she totally wanted to ditch it.

I nodded and faked a smile that I was sure would put her worry to rest, at least for the next few hours. "I will. I'd be more worried about Degrassi than me. That school has no idea what's about to hit it."

"I know that lecturing me about my relationship with KC was foremost on your list of conversation points this morning, but weren't you going to say anything about my lack of glasses?" I asked hopefully.

Ali smiled. "Of course I noticed and of course you look amazing. So how are your eyes? They don't hurt or anything?"

I'd opted to have Lasik eye surgery over the summer holidays, saying adios to my annoying glasses. The surgery had gone extremely well and I felt fabulous not having to worry about my glasses all of the time. Other than my parents, Ali was the first person to see me. I wished she would have freaked out the second she caught sight of me, but I would settle for her praise now. Besides, the only person I was really hoping to impress was KC. I couldn't wait for him to see me and, fingers crossed, gush wildly about how "hot" his girlfriend was.

I dug into my satchel and removed my gold-framed glasses. "So what should I do with these?"

Ali shrugged and reached out to take the glasses from my hand. Just as she did so, some guy threw a football from across the campus of Degrassi, and the guy who caught it bumped into Ali so hard that my glasses flew out of her hands. They landed a few feet away, on the pavement. I shot Ali a look.

"Well that was close," I stated flatly, taking a step to go retrieve my glasses, which were probably scratched all over by now.

I didn't need the glasses anymore, but it never hurt to keep them. As I was thinking of donating my used glasses to the less fortunate, I heard a car and then a crunch. I looked up and my mouth dropped open.

"Is that a hearse?" Ali asked, stepping to my side.

I nodded, still unable to close my gaping mouth. A hearse had run over my glasses. A hearse. What was a hearse doing at Degrassi?

The driver's side door opened and a black motorcycle boot stepped out.

"Are you seeing what I'm seeing?" Ali whispered. "He is gorgeous!"

The guy who stepped out of the hearse was dressed all in black, wearing chains and more jewellery than me. His hair was black, of course, and cropped long. His eyes, lined in black, were hypnotizing. Sure, he looked scary, but Ali wasn't mistaken; he was gorgeous.

He bent down, retrieved my now crushed glasses, and approached Ali and I. He handed me the glasses and said, "Sorry. Guess Morty didn't see them."

"Morty? Your name's Morty?" Ali grinned, not trying very hard to hide her amusement.

The new guy smirked. "Morty's my car. He apologizes too."

I smiled. "Thanks. I don't really need them anymore. I was just trying to figure out what to do with them."

He nodded. "Well it's good you decided to get rid of them. You have really beautiful eyes."

I opened my mouth to respond, but before I had the chance, he was already gone, entering the main doors of Degrassi.

"Wow!" Ali sighed. "Now that was a memorable way to make a first impression."

I finally breathed, but still couldn't manage to talk. Whoever he was, it didn't matter. I had KC. So why was I still finding it hard to breathe?