Hello! Since so many people (2) wanted to know how W.I.T.C.H. trained in those 5 years I decided to give you what you want.

If you haven't read Divine Power then I suggest you do that.

Notes: Xin Jing= Heart of Crystal

Kato Natsuko= Flowing water

Kobayashi Mieko = Loyal Fire

Heike Takako = Stubborn Earth

Matsuki Ayame = Artistic Air

I put these names into a Japanese name translator and got these out ( All are female names). Also note that it is a custom in Japan that they first tell their family name and then their first name. So instead of Will Vandom it would be Vandom Will.

Chapter 1 So it begins


"C'mon girls. Follow us." Natsuko said.

The girls followed the dragons to another cave.

"Why does it always have to be caves?" Cornelia moaned.

"Why not a mall?"

Irma rolled with her eyes before countering Cornelia's words.

"O yeah. It's completely normal to see 5 dragons walking through a mall." she said sarcastic.

"Can it, Irma. You know what I mean." Cornelia said grumpy.

"Of course! I also want to fight evil in the latest fashion." Irma provoked.

"Here we go." Taranee whispered to Hay-Lin.

"You know what Irma? You are a lazy ass who can't do nothing but spray people with stupid water tricks!" Cornelia shouted.

"And you, Corny, can only play in the mud!" Irma retorted.

"Shut it, you two!" Mieko growled.

"We're here."

The girls were looking at a giant door, big enough to fit for a monster truck.

The door looked like it was made from real animals.

Four owls in the corners of the door, two bears on the outside, two wolves at the top, two turtles at the bottom and two lions in the middle of the door.

"Where is here?" Hay-Lin asked a little insecure.

"We are at door of the realm of the animals.

Here you will spend twenty months, in other words one year." Xin Jing said.

The girls looked at the pink dragon as if she had lost it.

"I don't want to be a party pooper but a year has twelve months." Irma said.

"And why?"

"A year on Earth is twelve months." Ayame said.

"A year in this realm is twenty months."

"You girls have grown up with the teachings of humans." Takako said.

"We cannot use that. That's why you will advance back to your baby status, with no memories of this life until the time is right.

You all will be raised by animals of your own element."

"WHAT?" the girls screamed.

"I'm not going to live with worms! Hell no!" Cornelia said angrily.

The other girls wanted to protest too but the dragons started to light up as if they were flashlights.

The girls looked at each other and saw that they were turning into their younger selves.

Slowly they forgot their lives, as if they didn't live them.

The dragons stopped with shining and saw five baby girls laying on the ground, butt naked.

One with fiery red hair with five elemental symbols on her body,

One with brown hair with the elemental symbol of Water on her hand,

One with a blue black hair color with the elemental symbol of Fire on het foot,

One with blond hair with the elemental symbol of Earth on her foot

And one with black glossy hair with the elemental symbol of Air on her hand.

The girls were asleep.

The dragons used some of their magic to tuck the girls in a sort of napkin.

Then the dragons touched the door.

The owls flew away as the other animals started to disappear.

Each dragon took a girl and flew through the door.


It was a bright night.

The full moon lightened up a spot in a forest of the immense island.

On the spot were the five girls visible, as well as five different animals.

"So they've finally arrived." a low voice growled.

"We will watch over the Earth kid."

"I will be honored to raise the Water kid." a soft and gentle voice said.

"I think that we will take the Air kid." a high voice said.

"Momma is going for the Fire kid, y'all." a motherly voice said. (Imagine the voice of Big Momma).

"I'm afraid I cannot take the kid of Energy." a raw voice said.

"Why not?" the gentle voice said.

"She has to learn all of the paths before coming to me.

I think it would be wise if she went with another of her kind." the raw voice said.

"I think it would be smart to let the girls teach all of our paths." the soft and gentle voice said.

"Yes they will have an advantage from it." the high voice chimed in.

"But how do we do that?" the low voice said annoyed.

"We know a little about the others paths."

"Yes, but I think I've got a solution to our problems." the raw voice said.

"I'm listenin' " the motherly voice said.

"If we let the cub of Energy go with the Water cub they will raise together,

So they won't feel alone.

After four months you (pointing at the one with the gentle voice) will send them to the cub of Fire.

After four months the three of them will be send to the cub to the cub of Earth and so on.

After sixteen months they all come to me and my family for their last lessons." the raw voice explained.

"But isn't that a short time? And the cub of Air will be the longest alone and learns only the path of Air." the gentle voice said concerned.

"No, remember what the ancestors said.

They will learn everything from the moment they first open their eyes.

They will age per month, so after four months the cubs will be four years old.

And the others will learn the same as the cub of Energy." the raw voice said.

"Well I think that it is a splendid idea.

I will be honored to take both the cub of Water as the cub of Energy for the first four months." the soft and gentle voice said.

"Then it's settled." the raw voice said.

"May the ancestors watch over us."

The other animals said the same thing and walked away.

Well here is the first part of their journey. I hope your happy!

Stay tuned for the next chapter, Water.