For every action there are an infinite number of choices you can make. It may not seem like it, but it's true. And for every one of those actions there exists a universe in which that action happened. We are but one of an infinite number of parallel dimensions each which houses every possibility known and even those which are impossible.

This is simply one result out of the vast sea of possible options. That is, what if our antagonist, one Invader Zim of Irk, arrived upon Earth much later than what we know? If our protagonist, one Dib Membrane of Earth, lived his life without ever seeing the certain proof of the paranormal or of any alien existence?

Let's look and find out.

Dib looked around his new office, it was... more bleak than he thought it'd be. Cold steal walls, a leaking pipe right above his desk and... was that a pair of eyes he saw looking at him from the grate behind him? No, couldn't be, he must have been playing Bioshock for too long.

He was a tall, thin young man, having just graduated from university with a psychologist degree and a degree in child studies, his job? To be a child counsellor. He wore a pair of black pants, smart black shoes, a white shirt and a tie with the little spaceships on it, a throwback to his childhood obsession which he'd never truly given up, even if he knew it was just dreams and make believe. On his face were a pair of round glasses, thin black rim. His hair was also jet black with a rising jagged scythe.

Still, he was employed, finally, and it might not be the life of science his dad had always pushed him towards but it was his life and that's what mattered.

He spent a little time moving his desk away from the leak and unpacked his things. Since he had no cabinet, he had to pile his books up beside his desk as neatly as he could. He put in his plastic plant, whom he had nicknamed Harold, and placed some helpful posters on the wall.

Dib stood back and admired his work. The place still looked soul crushingly depressing, but at least it was a depressing one could get used too. Wow that sounded bad, even to him.

Now, to get on with helping these kids, because God only knows that he never got a lick of help during his childhood and it almost drove him mad.

He pulled up a chair and sat down, putting his hands on his desk and waiting for his first patient.

It took about five minutes before he realised how utterly boring this was. He should have brought his PGS hand-held game system, his sister had sent him one for his birthday, it was pretty nice considering she had designed the damn thing.

He groaned, leaning back. He would have thought that going back to his old school he would be swimming in troubled kids, but nope, it seemed that everyone here was just fine... that or they were simply too afraid to speak up for themselves.

Dib could understand that, he had never liked speaking to his counsellor, that guy was condescending and had openly lied to him. What a dick. He had promised himself he would never do that with any kid he helped. They had taught him at college never to become too attached, to always had a professional distance to those he was trying to help, but he was going to quietly ignore that. If you didn't invest yourself in the children, than how could they ever trust you?

A sudden buzz at his speaker phone almost made him jump out his skin. "Mr Membrane? A kid has been sent here to see you."

"Wha? Oh, err, GREAT!" Dib quickly replied as he gathered himself together, "Send him in!"

He was filled with a sudden sense of excitement. His first kid! He was finally about to make a major difference in the life of some young mind, helping them overcome their problems and become a successful human being!

He waited a moment, making sure to look as professional as possible before the door opened and in walked... well the oddest looking kid he'd ever seen.

The child's eyes were a misty purple, his hair was a stiff and black, curling up in an odd quiff. He had no nose, no ears and his skin was a grass green. He had a red top, black pants and boots and black gloves with only two fingers and a thumb. He was also pretty short.

Dib didn't know how to feel upon looking at the child, but his heart did go out to the poor little thing, it was obvious what he was sent here for, probably being picked on for his highly unusual appearance.

"Hi there," Dib smiled as the kid shut the door and took a seat, "I'm Dib, what's your name."

"I am the MIGHTY Zim!" The small child replied loudly, shaking a fist, "And I did not wish to know your name, human, because you're just as pathetic as every other human in this stinking human-trap you call a skool!"

... this was not what he'd spent seven years in university for. BUT, he could adapt, each kid was a unique case, right? "Well, I think you should know my name, I'm going to be your counsellor from now on after all."

"Zim needs no pathetic counsellor," The child replied, "I am a perfectly normal human worm baby, so just let me go so I can go back to learning about your pathetic human world."

"You like to call things pathetic a lot, don't you?" Dib replied slowly with a raised eyebrow, "Why?"

"Why do YOU ask so many questions," Zim replied with a harsh tone.

"Because I'm your counsellor," The older man replied simply, "And my job is to help you overcome whatever is troubling you. On that note, why were you sent here?"

Zim paused for a moment, looking as if he didn't want to answer the question before crossing his arms and looking away, "I was sent here for fighting."

"Ah," Dib nodded, his suspicions being confirmed, "Did some older kid pick on you?"

"No," Zim replied suddenly, catching Dib off guard with his answer, "I picked on him. I had identified him as the strongest, the toughest, therefore he was the alpha of the skool pack. I thought if I defeated him I could RULE over this place."

Dib was... a little shocked at this answer. What kid thought like this? Well, he was pretty freakish looking, so he guessed his parents must have installed some strange thoughts into his head to keep him going. "I see."

"Yes!" Zim grinned, "See! You get it! That stupid Mrs Bitters didn't get it! But now I am feared amongst these children, they see me as the strongest!"

"Is that important to you?" Dib asked quietly, "To be seen as the strongest?"

"Of course it is," Zim snapped back like his companion was some kind of idiot, "It is the law of nature, the strongest is the best and most equipped to rule over the others."

"Why do you want to rule?" The older man asked again, letting Zim practically walk into his questions.

It seemed the young boy was all too eager to answer, "Because I am ZIM!" He said this so loudly that Dib almost felt like telling him to shut up, but that wouldn't be very helpful to the poor, obviously quite confused and lost young man.

"I see," Dib mused slowly, "Well, I don't think it's good to fight people just because you feel superior to them," That's what video games were for, "I think this goes deeper than just wanting to feel better than other people."

"No," the young boy replied quickly and with a frown, "I just want to rule with an iron fist over you pathetic people."

"Do you really?" Dib couldn't help but press, "Zim I think this is deeper than that. You don't have to pick fights to prove yourself, there are other ways of impressing people if that's what you want."

"Really?" Zim suddenly seemed very intrigued by this and he leaned forward, "Tell me! Tell Zim of these other ways!"

Minor victory for Dib! He was progressing quickly with his very first case! He couldn't help a grin appearing on his face, "Well, you could try and express yourself through art, or a hobby."

"Yes!" Zim threw his arms up, "Zim will dominate the world through ART! No one will ever best Zim in the realm of this art you speak off! Then every human will bow before my might!"

"No, that's not what I meant," Dib replied quickly, "I meant you can express your feelings through art."

"Feelings? Zim only has one feeling, human," The young boy replied, standing on his chair, "And that is to CONQUER ALL LIFE."

The bell suddenly rang and Zim hopped off his chair, walking towards the door, however, Dib stood up, "Zim, wait, I want you to come back again."

"What for?" Zim replied, looking to Dib with a deep frown, "You've already told me everything I need to know."

"I think we should keep talking," the older man said simply, walking around his desk and noticing, again, just how very tiny Zim was. Even for his age group he was on the short side, "I'm going to sign you up to spend one dinner break every week talking to me."

"WHAT?" Zim turned around and growled loudly, "WHY SHOULD I FILTHY HUMAN!"

Why did he keep calling people filthy humans? Whatever, he could figure that one out later, "Because if you don't you'll have to see the headmaster." Dib replied with a frown, "And you really don't want that to happen."

"... fine," Zim spat out with a growl, "It won't matter much anyway when you're all enslaved to my will!"

As he slammed the door Dib sighed. There was certainly something much deeper than just aggression issues with that kid, but Dib couldn't think what. He leaned back onto his desk, wondering what exactly he'd just gotten himself into here...

Hey guys, Invader Sid here. This was written up in like, one hour and was just off the top of my head, and I know it shows. Probably a ton of mistakes and whatnot.

Anyway, if this garners enough interest I'll keep writing it along with my other new story, if not, well consider it a oneshot. Just thought I'd put more content out there to raise my profile up again.

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