6.07 Family Matters drabble, with input from 6.04 Weekend at Bobby's

Will The Circle Be Unbroken

"I'm not mad, Bobby."

"You're not? Because I am. It was stupid and reckless. You were right, I was being selfish."

"Wanting your soul back isn't selfish. You didn't know."

"You're right. You were right about Sam too and did I listen? No! I had ten years to figure this out and yet one was enough to about drive me batty."

"Bobby, this isn't helping."

"Right again. But I can't help thinking, we had the bastard. We coulda got anything we wanted out of him and yet all we got was one miserable soul."

"Instead of two?"

"Yeah…instead of two."

The End


November 2010

All standard disclaimers apply.

These drabbles are insane! This was supposed to be the conversation to lynchpin a new story but then I checked the word count and it was exactly 100 words with absolutely no tweaking…So, maybe it was meant to stay a drabble? With my constant time constraints…maybe it's for the best.

It is an interesting thought…if they'd only known; it is all in how you word it, Crowley taught them that. What other leverage are they going to find on the demon?

Now, are my comments as long as this drabble? Yep, they certainly are.

Thanks for reading, take care, B.J.