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He knows everything

Jade West was never the person to open up. Not to just anybody. Or anyone at all for that matter.

But Beck Oliver was different. She didn't hide; she couldn't no matter how badly she wanted to.

He knew about her parents' divorce when she was only five. He knew that sometimes she recite one of their so called arguments word for word. He knew how she remembered the first time her dad had hit her mom. He knew that even though her parents are in separate house that doesn't make it any better.

She has a drug addicted mom and a dad that couldn't keep a job to save his own life. Beck knows that ever since she could remember Jade has always left irrelevant in her own home.

She didn't know what it was about him that made her always want to open up. Part of her wondered why couldn't she just keep her mouth shut? The other part didn't care.

Beck was, is and always will be her giant slice of heaven.

Jade was laying with Beck in his RV. They faced each other. She laid with her eyes closed, while Beck played in her hair; which she secretly loved.

"Will you stop that?" She growled.

"No." Even thought her eyes were closed she could just see him smiling.

"Quit it."


Jade opened her eyes in confusion.

"Whatcha thinkin bout?"

Ugh, he knew what she was thinking about and she hated it.

"All the different ways I will introduce a new kind of pain into your life if you don't stop that." Beck said still playing in her hair.

"Name one."

"Oh," she said giving one of those Jade like smirks. "You wouldn't want that." She closed her eyes.

"Pleeease just one?"

Oh he's asking for it. But wasn't really to Jade-like standard. Beck playing with her hair was denying her to dreamland.

"I could push out of the bed."

"That's it?

"I'll do it."

"You've done that already."

"Shut up."

"You never answered my question."

"And it is..." She said kind of getting interested.

"Whatcha thinkin bout?"

sorry I got me hopes up, she thought. "Will you stop talking like that?"

"If that's all it takes, so what are thinking about?"

"Shut your pie hole!"

"I bet you were thinkin' about me."

"Yeah right."

"You were thinking of how much you loooooove me."

Give it up already!

"Riiiiight." She hated how he could see right through her.

"You were thinking about me."

"No." She snapped as turned over.

He smirked.

"I saw you blushing."

"No, I'm not." She turned over to him.

"Come on, stop being so difficult."

"If I tell you will you shut up!"

"Well," he paused. "If it feels right."

"I have I ever told you t hat I hate you."

"It may have come up."

"Ugh, yeah."


"I was thinking about you, happy? Now leave me alone."

"What were you thinking about me?"

"Shut it."


"Love you."She said finally giving what he wanted. The words he's been trying to get her to say all night.

"Love you too, Jade." He said with satisfaction.

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