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There was just something about Mattie that he couldn't keep his eyes off. It was his face. He had the cutest little cheeks, the bluest eyes he had ever seen and his hair was so well groomed. He loved Mattie, as a best friend. However, there was something more. He loved him more than just a best friend. He found him… attractive. He gulped at the thought 'Ronnie loving Mattie'. He would be afraid of being looked down upon. "We're just partners," he thought.

"Sandwich?" Mattie asked.

"Yes, thank you," he grabbed it passionately. "I appreciate it."

"No problem, Ronnie," Mattie nodded. "Hey… it looks like you have something on your mind, what's wrong?"

"I have a mad urge… I think I've either gone mental or you're just adorable."

"Aww… thank you, Ronnie," Mattie chuckled. He pushed him against a wall. "Whoa. What was that for?" he asked.

"Mattie… I'm attracted to you." Mattie laughed and blushed. He couldn't believe it. A man loving him? However, he had a confession, too.

"Ronnie. I'm attracted to you too," he blushed. "We've been partners for a long time. I just don't know how to show my love for you. Every time Valentine's Day passes, like today, I wish I could be in love with someone. Ronnie, I'd love to take Alesha out to dinner, but she seems to be in love with Steel and Castle and Chandler are much too old. You're just right."

"Thank you, Mattie," Ronnie nodded. "I appreciate it. I think you're just perfect, too."

"Thank you," Mattie nodded. Ronnie leaned in for a kiss when George Castle walked in, jaw dropped.

"What in blazes?" he blinked.

"It was a dare," Mattie lied. George knew he was lying. Mattie would shift his gaze, shrug slightly and tap his feet. George knew it was much more than that.

"Have a nice Valentine's Day," George said in his good mood voice and winked while walking off.

"George didn't seem to mind," Mattie smiled.

"I knew he wouldn't," Ronnie nodded. The two resumed their work.

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