Mattie liked Ronnie. He loved him, but much more than 'friends'. He was attracted to him. Sure, he was a bit of a pig and kind of chubby, but he didn't care. He thought his pudgy-ness was adorable. His brown eyes were often clouded in thought, which Mattie adored. He liked a man that would think a lot.

Earlier that day, Ronnie told that he had loved him. Usually, it was frowned upon in the work place, but Castle didn't seem to care. It was Valentine's Day! It was supposed to be a day of love.

The two were busy doing a large case involving hacking and espionage – it eventually led into a murder.

Mattie paced. "Hmm…" he groaned. "Something isn't right! It doesn't add up!"

Ronnie placed his hand on his shoulder. "Hush," he whispered. "I don't like it when you're distraught, sweetie."

"I'm sorry, Ronnie. I'm a bit flustered. This case is odd…"

"I know it's odd, but it's our job. I'm sure we'll solve it, eventually." His voice sounded grim but mellow. Like he wasn't sure whether they were or not.

"Hey. I love you. I'm sure we'll solve it." Mattie leaned into Ronnie's face, kissing and hugging him. Despite Ron's tough exterior, his kisses were as gentle as butterflies sitting on marshmallows while they lick candy floss.

"You two can go home now," Castle stated. He wasn't being a homophobe, was he? Mattie thought. "And I don't mean it offensively. I saw you pacing, Matt."

"Okay. Thanks, Castle." Mattie let go. "See you tomorrow?"

"See you tomorrow." Ronnie smiled, winking his partner goodbye.

A/N: So, the end! They do solve the case. To be honest, I don't see George Castle as being a homophobe! Obviously, the actor Bill Patterson used to work with Ben Daniels, who is gay in real life.