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Names For The Characters in the Past

Samantha (Sam, obviously)

Freddie is still Freddie (I didn't want to have to use Fredward the whole time)

Catherine [(Carly) because Carly didn't sound old-fashioned enough]

Sampson (Spencer because I didn't want him to sound too much like Sam by using Samuel)

FYI: The webshow DOES NOT exist. They didn't have computers in the 1700s.

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Sam POV~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

It's 1776. In a village outside Boston.

I am Samantha Puckett. Your average blonde, blue-eyed, Patriot girl.

I am sixteen years old.

I suppose I should have been married by now, but I'd kill before I let someone do that to me.

I remember the old days like they were just yesterday.

Freddie, Catherine, and I playing in the field by the village.

We were all so naïve.

So young.

Without a clue about the tension between us and Britain.

I remember going into Boston when daddy wanted to trade.

Everything was great up until the massacre.

My father was killed that day.

It was spread up and down throughout the colonies.

The story of the brave citizens who were unjustly slain by the brute soldiers.

That was six years ago. I was only ten.

Now I'm here. At Bunker Hill. Preparing to march into battle.

How did this happen? You may ask, as there is no way anyone would let a woman fight.

I'll start at the beginning.

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