Raven: Oh, dear, we've been gone for a very long time.

Otose: Why, yes, yes we have.

Raven: I was hoping you'd say something a little more helpful, Otose.

Otose: Like what? Uh, let's get on with the story?

Raven: Exactly!

Together: Let's get on with our story!


Natalie P.O.V.

I was so tired, it had been a hectic day, full of running from Forbes and helping Jane escape the so-called "wrath" of Robert. And the day wasn't even over yet! It was just barely twelve o'clock and Jane and I were already in trouble with Robert. I thought back on our day.


"Jane! Where are you?" I called out to my best friend, trying to see where she was. "I need to tell you something!" Earlier I had talked to Roger, who had said that he may have a clue as to how we could get home. He had told me that he could only tell if Janet and I were together as he tried to explain.

I heard a muffled reply coming from some bushed nearby the path I was on. I ran over to them and parted the top branches, only to see Janet hiding in them. I shook my head and pulled her up.

"Thanks, I thought I might get stuck in there," she brushed herself off and straightened the dress that we both had to wear if we wanted to fit in. "What'd you need?"

"First, I'd kind of like to know why you were in a bush to begin with?" she looked at me for a few seconds, then sighed. I crossed my arms at her and stared her down.

"I was doing some work in the hospital when Robert told me I had to help hold a man down for an amputation, I didn't stick around for that and got out of there as fast as I could." I nodded and she continued on. "It's one thing to talk about amputating your friend's bruised leg, but it's a completely different story when you really have to witness it." She shuddered at the thought.

"Oh well, I have some exciting news!" We both started jumping up and down excitedly.

"What is it? What is it?" I stopped jumping up and down and tried to turn more serious.

"Roger told me that he might have found a clue on how to get us home!" We both jumped up and down some more, then stopped to hug. "Not that I don't like it here, but I miss home. I miss air-conditioning, chocolate bars, and my family."

"I do too," She responded. "It's great that he may know how to get us home now, but if he does, I'm going to miss everyone here." She gestured to the camp in the distance.

"Especially Robert?" she smacked my arm and I wince, even though it didn't really hurt.

"Shut up, Jean," She mumbled. "No one asked you, anyway," she stuck her tongue out at me and I pounced on her, we rolled around in the dirt for a minute or so until we heard Robert's voice boom at us.

"Ladies! What on this great Earth are you doing?" it sounded so unlike him that we just had to laugh at it, we both sat up and laughed until our sides hurt, his face turning red all the while. "Stop laughing! Young ladies do not behave this way anywhere, and especially not in this camp!" He yelled at us as we sat in the dirt. "Now, please get up and go clean up and do your jobs." He stormed off in a huff, and that just sent us back to the ground laughing. Eventually, we did get up and go to clean up, but we stayed there for quite a bit until we saw Forbes coming down the path.

"Jane," I poked her trying to get her attention. "Jane, I think that's Forbes over there," I watched him a little longer, and he spotted Janet and I. "Janet, I think it's time to run," She nodded frantically, grabbed my hand and broke into a run.

We stopped at the mess hall where we saw the men gathering in a circle around two men. Mulcahy and Thomas. Things must have finally come to a head between them.

I heard Mulcahy yell and Thomas, "Come on, boy! Hit me! I know you want to!" Thomas just stood and shook his head at him. "Hit me! Hit me!" It was finally the last straw for Mulcahy, he hit Thomas and our friend fell to the ground.

"Thomas!" Janet and I called out his name and tried to push our way through the crowd that was slowly dispersing. We rushed over and knelt by his side, Janet picked up his head and put it in her lap while I brought out my first aid kit and tried to staunch the blood flow coming from his nose. He waved both of us away, though, and tried to get up on his own. At first he was a little shaky, but he succeeded in standing.

"Thank you for your concern, girls, but I'll be okay." We both nodded at him as he walked away. We heard a bell ring, and realized it was time for lunch. I shook my head and walked back to the barracks.


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