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He held my hand, tugging me lightly down the hall. As he walked, Yuki frequently glanced back and smiled at me. I smiled back, but without as much enthusiasum. Suddenly, he stopped.

"Is anything wrong, Miss Honda?" Miss Honda – Yuki Sohma always called me that. It became the slightest bit annoying after a while, but I never told him. In fact, I had become so accustomed to it that it didn't even bother me.

"No, everything's great, Yuki," I replied. His violet eyes stared into my blue ones for just a moment as he ran his pale hand through my brown hair. I inhaled sharply. That was what my mother used to do. Before her accident a few years ago, anyway.

Yuki had taken me in when I needed it most. This was my way of repaying him – he loved me, so I loved him back. At least, that's what I thought. Truthfully, at that time, it wasn't like that. It wasn't a form of repayment. After he told me he loved me, I felt I loved him back.

His gray hair swayed as he led me through the hallway of our house. We walked down the familiar hallways. Today, we were going to the garden. The two of us had just barely taken one step out the door when I heard a crash. The ground shook slightly.

"Oh, no!" I shrieked, my eyes widening. "It's an earthquake! We've got to warn Kyo!" Shigure was invited to join Yuki's brother, Ayame, and Hatori for a drink or two. As I freaked out, Yuki just stood there and stared inside the house.

"That stupid cat is the earthquake," he said with annoyance. As if on cue, the orange-haired boy sped down the steps. Joy filled my being as he filled my vision. I felt warmth rushing to my cheeks.

"Kyo!" I shouted. "Are you all right? I heard the crash and it sounded like it hurt! What happened? Did the bookshelf crash? Did you fall? Are you -"

"I'm fine, Tohru," Kyo interrupted. "Stop worrying."

"I can't believe you're so vain to immediately think she's worrying about you," Yuki sneered.

"Damn rat!" Kyo lunged at him.

Not again… "Stop it, please!" I wrapped my arms around my orange-haired friend. A puff of smoke signaled the transformation. Looking down, I saw that I was holding Kyo in his cat form. "Sorry! Sorry! I am so sorry!"

"Haven't we gone over this before? You don't have to keep apologizing for everything, you know," Kyo said, his orange ears perked up.

"Oh, right," I whispered. His little feline body felt nice, nestled in my arms. Even though I could feel Yuki glaring at Kyo, I couldn't help it.

Until he changed back, that is.

The second Kyo changed from an orange cat to a naked teenager, Yuki grabbed my hand and sharply pulled me out the door. I tried my best to pull my eyes from the house, from Kyo. Let me tell you, it was hard. But I loved Yuki. I had to try.

"Is something wrong, Miss Honda?" Yuki asked again. I glanced at him, worried that I would blush madly and give myself away. Shaking my head, I followed him to our secret base.

I went through the actions in a daze. My thoughts kept returning to Kyo. Yuki stared at me the whole time we were there. I couldn't blame him.

What was happening to me?

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