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-Point of View: Tohru-

Yuki began coming to see me more often. I still didn't speak to him. But he spoke to me.

Every day.

All though it did start to become annoying, it also made me happy. People still trusted me enough to pour their hearts out to me, fearless of what my reaction may be. People still loved me enough to come and see how I was doing. People still understood me enough to not get pissed at my silence.

However, that did not, by any means, convince me to let any sound exit my mouth. I was content being silent.

But was everyone else?

No! I couldn't do this! I couldn't give up just because of the trouble it caused them. The hardships it might have been bringing to my friends, my family…

Damnit. The longer I refused to speak, the easier it became to keep that up. The longer I remained quiet, the less people tried to break the silence. As I stayed in the hospital, everything fell into routine.

Tsuki, a nurse with hair that was the same color as the moon, would come and check on me just after I pressed the red button to let the staff know I was awake. And because when I pressed the button I had to make a sound, I would just clap a few times, and they apprehended my signal. After Tsuki looked over my cuts, bruises and casts, she would walk out and leave me alone for one hour, at the most. Then, she would peek in and conduct another examination of me to make sure I was ready for visitors.

The visitors were, overall, the same every day. Hana and Uo were often the first ones. Hatsuharu, Ayame, Kisa, Rin, Momiji, Ritsu, Kagura Kureno, and even Hiro would come. Whenever Hatori came, he would just ask me 'yes' or 'no' questions about my physical well-being. He wouldn't ask me anything about Kyo – unlike other people, who kept on looking for the okay from me to beat the crap out of him, to which I refused every time – because he had already been in a similar position. Eventually, Shigure began to come see me after his stab wound had been fixed. He tried to tell me that Akito wasn't always as abhorrent and murderous as she had been that day. He tried to tell me about him, and how he wanted to come and visit, but he wasn't sure if I was ready. Oh, he was right on the money.

Every single day, the rat was my final visitor.

Every single day, we would – actually, Yuki would – talk. He confessed his breakup with Machi. He said that he had just stopped being interested in her. They didn't hang out with each other any longer, and they just couldn't do it anymore.

Yuki told me what all of the other students were learning about in school. He also explained how everyone, even his fan club, missed me.

"They can't wait for you to recover," he said one day. It had been two and a half weeks since I had originally been admitted to the hospital.

I opened my mouth to say something, but quickly shut it once I realized this. Even in the twilight, I could see the hope in those familiar, violet eyes appear and vanish within the same amount of time.

Sorry, Yuki, I thought.

"So the nurse mentioned to Shigure that your physical recovery is almost complete," the rat changed the subject. His voice was filled with mixed emotions: happy, disappointed, hopeful, among others.

I smiled and glanced out the window. The pink and orange sky made the town look like a picture perfect painting. What was left of the sun over the horizon illuminated the panorama. The citizens walked around and seemed as if they were ants as they did so. All of the cars that drove down the spiderweb of roads looked just a little bit larger. In the distance was a forest. There were two places in which there were no trees. The larger gap was, I knew, the main Sohma property. Where the smaller one was located was where the house that I lived in. The house I shared with Shigure, Yuki, and –

Suddenly, I couldn't look any longer. I snapped my head away from the window, causing pain in my neck. Cringing, I lifted my good hand up to the back of my neck, rolling it and rubbing my hand on my skin.

"Oh, Miss Honda," Yuki chuckled. "Take note of this: do not whip away like that; you'll get whiplash like that."

At his comment I couldn't help but grin. I could feel a giggle rising in my throat, but I swallowed hard to keep it down.

"You know," he began softly, so much so that my ears were forced to strain just so they could hear, "You will be coming home in about one week…"

After he trailed off, I made a motion with my hands, requesting that he continued. Nodding, he kept speaking.

"As I was saying, you'll be returning home in appromixately one week. What do you plan to do about Kyo?" Damnit. Yuki had been one of the only people to restrain themselves from mentioning that name. I winced at the sound of it, as pleasant as it sounded.

I shrugged. I didn't know what I would do when I came back to the house. Originally, I planned to cross that bridge when I came to it. Perhaps I'll have to reevaluate that little dream.

It was pretty simple why:

I loved him. I was in love with him again, and I didn't want to ruin that like I did last time. Well…like both of us did last time.

But I still loved him.

-Point of View: Akito-

I was an idiot. I was a burden. I was nothing. I was everything. Nobody liked me. Everybody had to act like it.

I tried to kill her. I lost control over all of the damn Zodiac members, myself included, and it was messing with my head.

Why did he still love me, though?

Those were the thoughts running through my mind as I lay on the floor beside him. I turned onto my side, thankful the blanket was covering me just in case that stupid pervert woke up. My fingers ran through his black strands of hair. Then I quickly removed them from his head and stared at them.

They are the fingers that made my fists. They made my fists that I punched her and everyone else with. They helped me push away those who tried to help me, even though in Shigure's case, he always wins either way.

They are the fingers that pushed her down that hill. They are the fingers that clenched the knife that she and Shigure were stabbed with.

Which brings up the question I asked before: Why did he still love me? Although I didn't mean to, if that knife had been just an inch over, he would not have been lying next to me as he was now. In fact I repeatedly abused him, not only physically, but verbally as well. Why did he always choose to come back to me and to have these moments where we forget all of that shit and just love each other? We both knew every time that I wouldn't change.

But I had to. I could feel everything slipping away. My family, my dignity, my control, even my sanity were disappearing before my evil, glaring eyes. There was only one thing that would make one thing – even just a single bliss that I could hold on to, besides Shigure – return to me.

Carefully, trying not to make a sound, I eased out from under the yellow-green blanket. The cool spring air blew through the open windows onto my body, which was not clad in anything. After tiptoeing across the room, I pulled out a dark blue sweater and black pants. I knew the colors because they were the only clothes in my posession that were not damn men's kimonos. I pulled on the clothes as swiftly and as quietly as I possibly could.

Apparently, I wasn't quiet enough.

-Point of View: Shigure-

"On your way to the hospital, I see," I muttered as she pulled on her clothing. She didn't have anywhere else she would want to go that would make her so fidgety in the middle of the night.

I heard her curse under her breath as she walked, not being as conscious of the noise she made, towards the door.

"I have one question for you," I yawned, propping myself up on my elbows and stared at her, in my opinion, beautiful figure in the dark light of the night.

"What, Shigure?" Akito growled at me.

"How exactly do you plan to travel to visit dear little injured Tohru?" I ask, smirking in the dark.

In response, she walked over to where I lay under a blanket and tore it away from my body. With practically no light in the room, she couldn't see any of...that. I quickly slipped on a pair of boxers and stood up, several inches taller than her.

"Drive," she commanded.

"Let me remind you: it is the middle of the night. Visiting hours ended hours ago," I explained. Don't get me wrong, I wanted to see Tohru as much as anyone. I wanted Akito to see Tohru even more. Well, I wanted Kyo to as well, but that was far less likely. However, Tohru needed her rest. She was emotionally wrecked at the moment, and sleep deprivation wouldn't help at all.

"Fine." Akito crossed her arms, obviously trying to keep herself from breaking into a tantrum at two in the morning. "In the morning."

I bent down to the point where my lips were centimeters from her left ear. "Yes, my love," I swooned, breathing into her ear.

Although I could feel her desire, she wasn't in a good mood anymore – and I mean that. "Let me just go to sleep. I don't want to see her tomorrow and bitch at her because I'm cranky."

I let out a chuckle as she settled under her blanket. Sitting down next to her body, I watched her as she fell asleep. It took her a while, but I just watched her silently.

As I took in the sight of Akito's sleeping form, I reminded myself why I was in love with her. I thought about why I didn't leave her, no matter how many times she demeaned people over and over again just for her own selfish reasons.

Even with all of her bad qualities, I always knew that it was just a ruse. And although she had practically become what she had pretended to be – I'm not talking about her male desguise, because I knew from experience that she was not turning into a boy – there was still a light in her.

That was why I loved her. That was why I had no intention of leaving her.

That was also why I was going to drive her to the hospital tomorrow to visit the girl she stabbed and pushed down a hill.

While thinking about our visit that would take place the next day, my mind couldn't help but wander continuously back to Kyo. He wouldn't be able to avoid her forever. She was coming home in a week. He needed to shape up if he ever wanted to even coexist with Tohru ever again.

-Poing of View: Kyo-

Damn rat.

Damn rat.

Damn that damn rat. I wanted to hurt him so badly. I didn't care how much he was helping Tohru. Well…I did, but…you know what I mean! I would've rather been in his place; I would have rather been the one able to be the last person to come to see her every day, the last one she smiled at – if she did at all.

I was on the brink of insanity, not knowing how she was! All I knew was that she wasn't speaking to anyone – not even her best friends! Was she healthy? Was she smiling? Were people treating her like they should?

Look at me. I should talk. I was the one who got her into this predicament. I was the one who made her silent.

Did anyone else realize it? I hurt Tohru. I scarred Tohru. I scarred her for life. Just by loving her, I turned her into the opposite of the bubbly, happy girl everyone knows and loves.

And I wanted to see her. Me, of all people! The boy that everyone was probably warning the hospital staff not to let through. How predictable is that?

But…did she want to see me? I mean, even with all the crap I did to her, didn't she call for me as the yankee and the psychic dragged me away?

"Kyo…" whispered Tohru. Her eyes were still shut tightly; her lips barely moved. As my name left her lips – the ones I really wanted to kiss at that moment and make everything better – she winced, as if just the mere thought of me put her in excruxiating pain.

I gazed upon her warmly. I knew I didn't have much time until either her friends would drag me away from her or the medics would arrive. Before I could be interrupted, I pressed my lip to hers softly. Her warm, blood-stained lips felt weak against mine.

I had kissed her for only a second before a pair of strong but slender hands wrenched me away from my love. It was obviously Uotani.

As she dragged me away, I said, just loud enough for Tohru to hear, "I'm so sorry, Tohru."

She heard me. I knew she did because her eyes snapped open to meet with mine briefly before closing shut once more as the paramedics entered the clearing.

When I looked into her eyes that day, I didn't see rage. I didn't see just pain in her deep, blue irises. I saw longing. I saw hesitance. I saw love.

I also still saw the pain; the pain of betrayal, the pain of lonliness, the pain of heartbreak.

Damnit, why couldn't I make up my goddamn mind? Did I want to go see her? Or was I going to leave her alone?

I wanted her, but at the same time, I didn't want to be around, in fear of hurting her again. I needed to be around, to touch her soft skin, to hear her selfless voice. However, I thrived on protecting her. I would be doing the opposite of that if I was around her.

Not only that, but I had to take what was happening at that time into consideration. She wasn't speaking. That was all I knew about her condition, besides her heart and why she wasn't speaking. Her pain was caused by me, and only me.

I didn't save her mother from being hit by that car.

I kept getting her hurt.

For the most part, it was my fault that Akito was bent on making her life hell.

On more than one occasion, I was the one who caused her physical pain.

I was the one who caused a substantial amount of her emotional pain.

I was the one who would have had to leave at one point, anyway. It was the cat's destiny to be barred from society at a certain age.

So why not just keep it the way it was supposed to be? Miserable life. No love. No happiness.

It would be better for her this way.

Geez, that's a lot of depressing stuff, am I right (with the exception of Yuki's POV, which wasn't written well, which was why I didn't keep it in)?

Also, sorry for keeping Yuki out of this. I just couldn't think of anything he could think that wasn't the same as what every single person was saying in this whole chapter. SORRY! I'LL TRY TO PUT MORE OF HIS MIND IN THE SEQUEL!

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