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The story takes place sometime during TW Season 2 after "the year that never was". Normally I try to keep to canon but in this case I had to alter it a bit. Don't wonder about The Doctor neither knowing Ianto nor knowing about Torchwood III around the corner and who runs it.

Ianto Jones feels lonesome after Lisa's death. He decides to take in a lodger to make his former intended family home a bit more lively. But there is something strange about the new tenant and especially about Jack's reaction to him…

The Ten(n)ant.

Ianto sight when he opened the door to his flat. This place was far too big for just one person. He had intended to live here with Lisa one day. He always had hoped to find a cure for her partly cyber-converted body. To make her human again. After her death he couldn't bring himself to sell the flat and move to a new place. Jack and the team had often tried to make him because they saw how the place tore him down. But thinking of Lisa and the future they could have had kept him to the flat.

It was Friday night and a whole lonesome weekend laid before him. Jack had given the team off and went to spend some time with a woman called Alice. Nobody knew who she was but Jack mentioned her once in a while. But thinking of Jack dating someone else didn't make Ianto feeling any better at all. Neither did to brood over the character of the relationship he kind of had with his boss.

After making a pot of tea – although he was a master in making coffee he never really could understand what people liked about it – he sat down on the sofa and tried to relax with some old Jazz records his dad had listened to in the early days when Ianto still got on with him well.

Suzie had told him once that her sister took in a lodger after her husbands death to keep the mortgage going and to have some company. "Could that be a solution?" Ianto asked himself quietly. The newspaper had rental ads in the Saturday's issue. As always Ianto had already picked up his weekend copy from the old man at the station who sold tomorrows issue on his way home. He flicked through the pages and read through some of the ads.

Male, 36, new to Cardiff is looking for a flat share or room as a lodger in central Cardiff for at least 6 months. Fully employed. Contact John S. under 0770 347 299 05.

Somehow Ianto got drawn to this short ad. Maybe he should have a go and see if John was a nice guy. Anything that kept him from being lonesome would do at the moment.

After just a few rings John picked up the phone.

"Hey, this is Ianto Jones speaking. I read your add and wanted to ask if you're still looking for a flat share. I got a spare bedroom. Ok, I'm in tonight, if you wanna just pop by. It's right at the bay. The new flats. Third entrance top floor. See you later."

"That was quick" Ianto thought. He looked round the ever tidy living room and got up to let some air into the spare bedroom. Now he was glad that he never had found the time to convert it into a baby's paradise in some sentimental and hopeful moment. He'd need to buy a bed and maybe a desk if he wanted to rent it out since the only thing in here where an old sofa, the laundry rack and the ironing board. He would have to find a new place for that but if he really found company that would be a quite small sacrifice.

Not too long after the call the doorbell rang and a skinny man with a wild grin introduced himself as John Smith. He was taller than Ianto and wore a brown suit with a tie that looked just a little bit cheeky and a long beige coat. Ianto raised his eyebrow just a bit and thought that the coat must be good sign. Somehow he found coats appealing.

John turned out to be quite nice, witty and smart and after checking the credits, Ianto and John agreed on the rent. John moved in the next day. He didn't bring along much – "bit of a travelling hermit" – John had said about himself.

They got on really well although John always kept being kind of a mystery to Ianto. After travelling a lot John was apparently now working as an astrophysicist at the University of Wales as a research fellow. But that was basically all Ianto knew about his new lodger. He was polite most of the time, kept a lot to himself and didn't ask about Ianto's job, what was quite relieving to the Welshmen. He never had any problems to keep his work for Torchwood secret but it wasn't exactly helpful if you wanted to lead a normal life with social contacts either. He even had to lie to his sister and her family and they were the only relatives he had left.

It was only a few months later when Ianto found out whom he really had let into his life…


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