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Maruman: German

John walked out of the room to give Jack and Ianto some time to recover from the shock and getting dressed. When he came back into the living room he brought a bottle from Ianto's Whiskey collection and three glasses with him. They settled down on the sofa and stared at each other. It was Jack, of course, to get over the slight embarrassment that hang in the room like mist first.

"Didn't expect you here, Doctor" he said, raising his glass in John's direction.

"Cardiff is a kind of pit stop, remember?" The Doctor answered. Looking over to his flatmate who still looked confused. Did he know whom he shared bed with? Probably not and probably he was not into men at all. Thinking about the effect 51st century pheromones did have on at least two third of the humanoid life forms in space and about one third of the others including Gelth and some fishlooking species in the outer arms of the galaxy.

"Would anyone care to explain what's going on?" Ianto asked a bit angrily. It drove him crazy that he knew so little about his lover and now it turned out that even his flatmate was familiar with Jack. "Seems to be dating the whole planet…" Ianto frowned at this thought.

"Remember me talking about finding the right doctor before I left last year?" Jack started "That's him, that's The Doctor." "What are you doing here, Doctor? I mean in this flat? Little blue box grown too small for you?" he asked in John's direction.

"TARDIS needs some refurbishment since The Master cannibalized it. It's not a nice place to live in at the moment. She is healing and that means an awful lot of rift energy drifting through her. Absorbed too much of it once, not keen on doing it again. Although it was well worth it at that time as you know…"

"Hold on. Rift energy? Jack what's going on? Tell me!" Ianto now was really angry. A state Jack quite enjoyed normally but with The Doctor around it wouldn't be much fun. His old friend was just too prudish.

"He is a time traveller, like me, Ianto." "Well not quite like him…" John wanted to interrupt but Jack cut him short. "I was travelling with him for a while and last year, when I went away, I was looking for him. Hoping he could fix my immortality. It happened when I last saw him and I thought he could do something about it."

"How comes you tell humans about who you really are, Jack Harkness?" The Doctor asked suspiciously. "In the past you tended to blend in."

"The 21st century is when everything changes. People are more aware of things nowadays, Doctor. Besides, Ianto is not just a random human. He is part of my team. I guess he is very good in keeping secrets when you didn't work out whom he is working for although you seem to spend a lot of time together." A hint of jealousy covered Jacks eyes just for a second.

"Hold on" Ianto said "The Doctor, TARDIS, time traveller. This is not THE Doctor, Jack, is he? The number one enemy of Torchwood one?"

"Jep, that would be me" the Doctor answered "but how would you know about Torchwood? Jack what's going on?"

"That's what we are, Doctor. Torchwood. I rebuilt the institution after the battle of Canary Wharf. Now we are fighting the real enemies, you're not on the list, if you don't mind." Jack winked an eye at his old friend. "And Ianto is on the team. He worked for Torchwood one, too, back in London."

"I just came across you when I was classifying old files in the archives a few weeks ago." Ianto now explained how he would know about The Doctor although Jack never had mentioned him in combination with Torchwood's work.

"I'm not sure I can let you play around with alien technology, Jack. The fate of the human race in the hands of a con man?" The Doctor looked worried.

"You still don't trust me Doctor, do you? After all we've been through together you still believe I haven't changed since 1942? We saved the world together not just once and you still think I would endanger the planet?" Jack was used to being confronted with his dubious past but he somehow didn't want Ianto to think badly about him. There was so much he didn't have told his team yet. His friend wasn't an exception although he was much closer to him than anybody else.

"Jack," Ianto said in a firm voice "I really don't know if I want to know what he is talking about. But I would appreciate it if you could, for once, be less secretive about you and explain it in more detail than usual. But not now and not here. I'd recommend meeting with the team. This seems to be of an interest to us all. I'm going to bed – alone." he said with a sharp look on Jack before he would make just the slightest attempt to follow him. "CU at the Hub tomorrow."

Ianto was hurt. He just had had the feeling he was getting to know his friend, his love and now yet another hint of dark secrets came to the surface. He felt betrayed by his old and his new friend even though he of course knew it was just a funny coincidence. But still...

Ianto didn't sleep much that night and for the first time since he had let John into his life he felt lonely again.

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"I saved his girlfriend - sorry companion – from a barrage balloon hanging over London in the middle of a German air-raid in World War II. That's how we met.