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Chapter 1:

Location: Tokyo

"That girl is a total witch!" Raye cried out as she and Serena walked through the park.

"Raye!" Serena gasped. "She's still my daughter…"

"Future daughter, Sere. I mean, come on, you and I both know that you would raise your daughter to be more respectful than that… And you would also discipline her better!"

Serena sighed. "Raye, if Darien reacted the way he did to one spanking for breaking my mom's expensive china, then I really doubt he would let me discipline Rini properly."

"Who cares what he wants!" Raye shouted. "You are Rini's mother; not him!" Serena just sighed again. "How exactly did he react anyways?"



"Daddyyy!" Rini whined as she ran into Darien's apartment and jumped into his arms.

"What's wrong, sweetie?" Darien asked.

"Mommy, hit me." Rini wailed. Darien's turned around to face Serena, who had come in after Rini.

"You hit her?" Darien asked angrily, gently pushing Rini off his lap and rising to look Serena in the eye, or rather look down on Serena.

"I spanked her." Serena replied calmly.

"What difference does it make?"

"A spanking is a normal punishment for children. And she deserved it! She broke very expensive and very precious china!" Serena was starting to loss patience with Darien…

"So let me get this straight; you hit Rini because she broke some stupid china, the belonged to some stupid person, you are a…" Darien never got to finish his sentence because Serena slapped him across the face, hard. Darien stumbled backwards.

"How dare you." Serena whispered quietly, her eyes flashing silver. "How dare you, talk about my mother like that! That china was one of the only things I have left to remember her by!" Serena shrieked before leaving the apartment without another word.

End of Flashback

"What did you mean by '…one of the only things I have left to remember her by'? You're mom's at home, right?" Raye asked once Serena had finished telling her about what happened with Darien. Serena sighed and sat on one of the many benches in the park. She motioned her Raye to sit down next to her…

"Raye, Irene and Ken are just my foster parents… My real dad was a solider who was killed in the line of duty and my mother was murdered, right in front of me by a man who she refused to marry after my dad died…" Serena started to choke up and Raye pulled her into a tight hug and stroked her hair. "My dad's name was Louis Harvey and my mom was Chantal Harvey."

"So that would make you Serena Harvey, right?" Serena nodded. "One question, is Sammy your real little brother?"

"No, Sammy the real child of Ken and Irene… Which brings me to another point, Rini tricked my foster parents into believing that I did all sorts of horrible things and…"

"And by tricked them you mean hypnotized them?" Raye cut in. Serena nodded and continued.

"And, they kicked me out of the house… And now I have no place to go… I can't go toDarien's and I can't go to any of the girls, since they don't really like me and are on Rini's side and…"

"You'll be staying at the temple with me,Chadand Grandpa." Raye said.

"I don't want to intrude; I can spend the night at a hotel."

"No! Absolutely not,Chadsees you as a little sister and Grandpa see you as a second Granddaughter; they would kill me and possibly you to if you don't stay with us."

"Thanks, Raye."

"No prob, do we need to go back to your house to get your things?" Raye asked. Serena shook her head.

"Ken and Irene are giving Rini my room and all my stuff… But I managed to grab a few of my most treasured possessions…"Raye nodded and the two walked off towards the temple, hand in hand…

After Serena had explained her situation to Grandfather Hino he quickly ushered her inside the temple and set her up in Raye's room. Serena ate dinner with Grandfather Hino Chad, who kept offering to beat up Darien and Raye, who kept encouraging Serena to accept Chad's offer. After dinner and a bunch of games Raye, Chad, Serena and Grandfather Hino all went to sleep…

Serena's Dream:

"Hello, my daughter." Queen Serenity said as she appeared in front of Serena, who was now dressed in her Princess Serenity attire.

"Mother? Why are you here?"

"The time has come, Serenity for everyone to be fully awakened." Queen Serenity replied before disappearing.

End of Serena's Dream

Serena woke with a start and pondered over her mother's word for a while. It eventually dawned on her what mother had meant and what she needed to do. Serena quickly fished an almost completed red dress, a needle and some thread and spent the night putting the finishing touches on her latest creation…

The next morning Serena helped Rei with her chores. "Raye, I need to talk to you." Serena said as they were sweeping the temple steps.

"I'm all ears."

"Last night mother came to me…"

"You mean Queen Serenity?" Serena nodded.

"…and she told me I have to go awaken the others."


"Yes. Rei, I'm leaving for Marshton. My train is leaving at six tonight…"

"You're leaving me?" Raye crocked.

"Raye, I'll only be a three hour train ride away if you ever need anything. But I have to do this, not only for mother, but also, I need time away from Rini andDarien." Serena took a deep breath before continuing. "I know that there haven't been any yomas lately but just incase, I'm going to give you some of my old powers and make you a representative of the moon…" Serena looked around, seeing no one she transformed into her princess form. "Oh, Selene, grant Raye Hino, Sailor Mars, Princess Ananke of Mars the blessing of the Moon. She shall bring honor to you and act as the representative of the Moon in my, Serena Harvey-Tsukino, Sailor Moon, Princess Serenity's place. Strengthen the bond between us and make our powers one!" A bright white light passed over Raye and Serena. Raye could feel Serena's powers coursing through her veins. When the light disappeared Serena said "Raye, only use my powers in the face of an emergency, because it will drain me and possibly you to if you use it to much." Raye nodded and the two headed off to tell Grandfather Hino and Chad about Serena's departure.

Raye and Serena hugged one last time, both teens had tears running down their cheeks. "I'll miss you, Meatball Head." Raye said.

"I'll miss you too, Pyro." Raye and Serena both heard the whistle indicating that the train would be leaving soon. "Remember to give the letter toDarien." Serena instructed as she boarded the train.

"I will." Rye responded. A few minutes later the train pulled out of the station and Serena took one last look at Raye, Chad and Grandfather Hino who were waving at her and at the city she once protected. "Things are going to be different now." Serena thought to herself…