Chapter 9

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Chapter 9: Bond

"...We'll be splitting up like this: Trista you will be training with Elena, Hotaru with Marielle, Mina with Marina, Darien with Jason, Zach with Lita, Nate with Amy, Keith with Amara, Eric with Michelle and I with Raye. Listen to your instructors and this will be bearable," Serena said coolly, before asking Rei to follow her and walking off deeper into the park. Serena led Rei to a part of the park that housed the playground.

"Sere? Before we start, can I ask a question?" Rei asked. Serena grinned,

"You just did, but okay,"

"What about Rini?"

"What about her?"

"We'll you told everyone but her where to go…"

"Oh, she's either going with Jason and Darien or Elena and Trista. Actually, I expect that she'll go with Trista,"


"Because Darien probably doesn't want her around Jason,"

"It's ironic, Endymion and Jadeite were really close during the Sliver Millennium, but now they hate each other…"

"Jason is upset at Darien for being an idiot. I mean, the man doesn't even recognize Eric, his brother, or the generals. But I think that once everyone remembers fully the Silver Millennium, that they'll be like brothers again,"

"One last question,"


"What about Luna and Artemis,"

"We'll I figured I'd let them try to figure out where we are on their own. And if they do get here Solaria and Theia will deal with them,"

"Solaria and Theia?"

"Solaria is Elena's advisor cat and Theia is Hotaru's. Now, if that is all of your questions, I'd like to begin with what I have planned,"

"That's all,"

"Alright. Raye why don't we go sit on the swings,"

"Um…okay," Raye and Serena walked over to the swings and sat down,

"I don't really have anything to teach you," Serena confessed,

"But I'm going to remind you of a few things…Raye, do you remember what gives a Sailor Scout her power?"

"I think so," Raye said unsurely, "Doesn't our planet have to accept us and then doesn't the moon have to accept us," Serena smiled,

"Yep! I'm glad to see that you remembered. What do you remember about the history of the Sailor Scouts?"

"Err…nothing…" Raye said sheepishly,

"Alrighty then, I'll just have to give you a little history lesson. The entire Universe was born from Chaos. All of the planets are alive; they all have consciences and free will. Each Galaxy is somewhat like an Empire. All of planets in the Milky Way, for example, were part of the Silver Millennium, including Kinmoku,"

"Wait, so you were actually the Sovereign Princess of Sailor Star Fighter, Sailor Star Healer, Sailor Star Maker, and Princess Kikuyu?"

"Exactly. Anyways, the galaxies all had contact with each other, some more than others, for instance, we interacted a lot with the surrounding galaxies like the Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy, the Sagittarius Dwarf Elliptical Galaxy, the Ursa Major II Dwarf and the Large Magellanic Cloud. Our direct trade and communication went as far as NGC 5102 which is 11.09 million light years away. The only planet that wasn't part of the Silver Millennium was Earth, but they were also in contact with the other galaxies, just not as many as we were. The Moon wasn't always the capital of the Milky Way. Over the billions and billions and trillions and trillions of years different planets were the capital. And each of the other planets in their solar systems had their Sailor Scouts directly serve the Princess of the capital. For years the Scouts of our solar system didn't directly serve the Princess,"

"Is that why you can transform into Sailor Moon? Because the Moon did have a Sailor Scout for most the time,"

"Yep! Right again. Finally, the Sun became the capital and the Princess of the Sun became the Sovereign Princess. The inners, the outers and the senior scout officers were the same as they are now, but the leader of all Sailor Scouts was Sailor Moon. That time period was called the Golden Millennium and it was a prosperous time, but then the Princess of the Sun decided to take a vow of chastity and her line ended with her. For about a hundred years, a relatively small gap compared to some of the other gaps in between capitals, there was no capital. Then the Sun chose a new royal family and the Moon became the capital and thus the Silver Millennium began! Raye, do you know why the chief Sailor Scouts weren't also from the same planets despite the changing of the capital? Do you know why each time a new capital was founded the Sailor Scouts from that planet's solar system?"

"Because they were closer to the capital?" Raye guessed,

"Close. It was because of the Sailor Bond. The Sailor Bond is what gives the chief Sailor Scouts, or the Senshi, more power. The Sailor Bond is made up of three things, loyalty to the scout's personal planet, friendship with the other Senshi, and the relationship with the Princess. The scout with the strongest Sailor Bond is the strongest Senshi. Now, barring the fact that the leader of all Sailor Scouts and the Senior Scout Officers are chosen by the galaxy and given stronger power, you are the strongest Senshi, Raye,"

"Me? Seriously,"

"Yes. The most important part of the Sailor Bond is the relationship with the Princess and you are my best friend. Now, before the Silver Millennium, the Senshi with the strongest Sailor Bond was the Inner our Outer leader, depending on where they're from. But after Princess Eos took a vow of chastity the Sovereign Princess had to pick one of the Senshi to become Sovereign Princess if the Princess takes a vow of chastity, can't have children, or die before she has the chance to. And because the Sailor Bond is 65% relationship with the Princess, the most powerful Senshi is always named Regent. You were my Regent, Raye, and you still are,"

"What about Elena, your cousin?"

"It's funny actually, I broke tradition when I picked you to be Regent, since since the start of the Silver Millennium the Scout of the Sun had been Regent. But you were are and forever will be my best friend, so you're Regent, whether you like it or not," Serena said with a grin, "Tell me Raye do you think we will be able to defeat Thana and Marduck when the Sailor Bond connecting me with the other Senshi is so low? Beryl, Galaxia and all the others we've face will look like kindergarten compared to Thana and Marduck, who for Millenniums have been destroying galaxies and sucking them of their powers,"


"Yes. The Sailor Bond is too weak that is the point of the training to raise the Bond and go back to some semblance of the way we were in the Silver Millennium,"

"But what if you just told them about the Sailor Bond,"

"Nothing would change; it has to be genuine,"


"I think we're done for today," Serena said, "Let's go, the others are already waiting,"

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