Sasori opened his eyes and peered out of the cave that he and the blonde had spent the night in. His eyes widened as he noticed that the ground was entirely white. He could swear that it had been some shade of brown/green when he went to bed. Where did all this snow come from?

Deidara groaned next to him, rubbed his eyes, and then sat up. He peered at his partner, and then followed his gaze out of the cave.

The blonde squealed in delight, "SNOW, UN!"

Sasori looked back over to his partner. Why was he so excited over the cold, wet substance? All it did was make people uncomfortable and cause a mess.

Deidara stood from his place and bustled over to the edge of the cave, staring happily out into the white abyss, "Danna, look! It snowed last night!"

"I see that," Sasori droned as he stood and walked over to stand next to the young bomber, "What's so exciting about it?"

"You do know what day it is, right?" Deidara's blue eyes wandered to his left where Sasori stood.

The puppeteer shook head, but didn't take his eyes off of the white substance. He could feel those blue eyes staring at him, so he turned to meet their gaze. For a moment he found himself caught up in the way they shone in the light off the snow.

"What?" He asked, mildly distracted by the soft pink color Deidara's lips were turning in the cold air.

Deidara looked down into those brown eyes he often found himself caught up in. He was almost surprised at how curious Sasori sounded.

"…Today's Christmas, un."

Sasori turned back to the snow calmly. He honestly did know the date; he'd been planning for it for months. But for now, he didn't want Deidara to know that. That explained why the snow was so exciting to Deidara, though. He always talked about how he wanted a white Christmas, since he never got to see one when he was younger.

Without a word, Sasori stepped out into the snow. He walked a few feet out into the mid-calf height snow and looked around. He bent over briefly and scooped some snow into his hands. He looked at it before quickly squishing it into a circle.

Deidara watched, not sure what to think of what his partner's doings. Suddenly Sasori turned around. Before Deidara could react, he got hit in the face with a small ball of snow.

"Danna!" Deidara whined, wiping the water from his face and smiling.

Sasori smiled over at his partner, and reached for more snow. Deidara rushed out into the snow, ignoring the cold that nipped at his exposed toes and ankles. He grabbed a ball of snow on the run and threw it at his partner. Sasori ducked and then threw the ball of snow in his hands.

Deidara jumped gracefully over the flying snow and dove for his partner. His arms wrapped around the red head's neck as their chests connected and they fell into the snow together. Laughter echoed through the forest as the rolled around with each other, shoving snow in the other's face.

It was a rare occasion for either to be so happy. But they hadn't had any alone time in awhile, and it was Christmas. Even Sasori could admit that this was a time of year to be happy and to enjoy yourself. And he knew that Deidara didn't have good memories of his childhood Christmases, and he wanted to make this one special for his beloved blonde.

Finally the two stopped moving and laid next to each other in the snow. The silence was rather comforting. Deidara turned his head so that he was looking at his partner. Sasori mimicked his actions and laced his fingers with those of the blonde. They smiled at each other for a few moments.

Finally, Deidara sighed, "We should probably head back. Pein-sama will be mad if we're late, un."

Sasori nodded in agreement and the two artists stood. They walked back into the cave and began to pack their things. A small shiver shook Deidara's body. Sasori glanced over at his partner in a curious manner. The bomber shook his head a little and pulled his cloak over his body. It was dry and provided some warmth to his soaking wet frame.

Usually when it came to winter time, Sasori would tease Deidara about how cold it was and how he simply couldn't feel it in his puppet body. This year, however, Deidara would be the one teasing. Well, he ishould/i be, but he doesn't know that yet.

As they shoved their items into the bags and began to set off again, Deidara could swear he saw a small chill take over Sasori's body. But, he ignored it and they continued on their way home. If you could call the Akatsuki base "home" that is.

After a few hours, and a few coughs and sneezes on Deidara's part, the doors of the base came into view. They walked inside, still soaking wet and freezing. As they headed through the base, Deidara began to feel a little glum. The base was dark and barren and gave off no signs of the holiday that Deidara so desperately wanted to hold close to his heart.

Sasori glanced at Deidara and couldn't hold back a small smile. Deidara didn't notice. He was staring at his feet all the way through the base. He went to talk to Pein while Sasori went back to their room with their things.

"Everything went according to plan, Leader-sama." Deidara spoke, hoping to get out of the intimidating office as soon as he could.

The leader nodded and dismissed Deidara. He exited the room with a quiet 'Merry Christmas, un', but he wasn't sure Pein had heard him. Or maybe he was simple ignoring the blonde. Either way, his wishing of happiness went unanswered.

Once Deidara reached his room, he paused. He could hear rustling from the inside. He couldn't fathom what on earth his partner could be doing, so he simply opened the door. Deidara gasped at what he saw on the other side.

"D-Danna, un?"

Sasori looked up from his doings and smiled. He stood next to a small tree. There was a small amount of tinsel wrapped lamely around the tree and a few wrapped presents underneath it. It had a few strings of lights wrapped around it, illuminating it from the rest of the boring room.

The red head stepped up to his blonde partner and planted a light, chaste kiss on his lips, "Merry Christmas, Dei."

Deidara looked at his partner, a shocked and happy smile covering his face. Sasori led him over to the tree where he handed a few boxes to the blonde. Deidara inspected them to find that they were ornaments.

The two chatted idly as the decorated the small tree Sasori had somehow snuck into their room. They hung ornaments and rewrapped the tinsel so that it looked a little better. When they were done, Deidara stepped back to admire their handiwork.

"It's beautiful, yeah. But it's missing something…"

Sasori watched curiously as Deidara crossed the room and pulled a few wrapped boxes of his own out from his closet and placed those under the tree with the boxes Sasori had already positioned there. Sasori couldn't help but smile. It didn't surprise him at all that Deidara had snuck out to get him some sort of Christmas gifts.

Once everything was ready, the two sat next to each other on the floor in front of the tree. They began to exchange presents. Sasori started by handing Deidara the smallest package from under the tree.

Deidara took it with grace and began to unwrap it. In his hands was a small marionette of the red head. It was intricately made and exquisitely detailed. Deidara couldn't help but smile at his miniature danna.

"For when I'm gone," Sasori explained with a small smile on his lips.

Deidara sat the little puppet in his lap gently, putting it in a sitting position, and handed one of his presents to Sasori. Sasori looked at the pretty blue wrapping paper and the properly made green bow. He opened the present slowly. In his hands was a new set of his favorite tools.

"It's to make up for the ones I blew up before," Deidara smiled sheepishly.

Sasori laughed and anxiously handed Deidara his second present. He really wanted to see Deidara's reaction to this next gift. It lead perfectly into his third and final gift for the blonde, but there was no way Deidara would be able to see that from simply opening it.

"Scarves, un?" Deidara looked at him questioningly.

Sasori corrected, "iMatching/i scarves."

Deidara stared at him for a moment, "Danna, un. You don't get cold. And I get the idea you're not doing this for some sort of fashion statement."

"Just wait, Dei. It'll make sense in a moment."

Deidara hesitantly shook it off and handed Sasori another box. Sasori opened it to find a little book of hand-made coupons. They promised him things like "an hour of silence" and "no clay explosions for the whole day". Sasori chuckled quietly at this gift. It was perfect.

"Thank you," He leaned over and kissed Deidara gently before commenting, "Your lips are so soft."

Deidara stared at him, a little taken aback by his comment, "You can't feel my lips… un."

"Au contraire," Sasori leant back and pulled his cloak open, lifting his shirt up enough to reveal his whole chest, "I can feel it perfectly."

Deidara gaped. Sasori was… human?


"Yes, Dei, you see correctly. I'm human again. I've been experimenting with a reversal potion for awhile, and it seems that I've finally come up with the right one. I can feel again, Dei. I can feel."

Tears welled up in Deidara's eyes. He'd wished for this day for so long. He knew that his partner loved him. But he more thought it was simply because Sasori told himself that he loved the blonde. He never actually felt the feeling of love. And now he could. Now he could feel when Deidara ran his fingers through that red hair. He could feel their lips as they kissed. He could feel everything.

Sasori reached up and wiped the tears as they began to fall. He wasn't worried about those tears; he knew they were out of happiness. He was happy, too. He felt full and complete to be able to be with his partner for real. He found that he loved Deidara even more than he had before. He simply wanted to gather the blonde in his arms and never let go.

So he did just that.

He pulled Deidara close to his chest and wrapped his arms around him. He ran his fingers through that blonde hair he loved so much. He felt how soft and silky it was. He could feel Deidara's hot breath on his neck, and his wet tears as they continued to fall.

He had begun to regret turning himself into a puppet as soon as he realized he loved Deidara. Yes, he could always faintly feel his young partner, but he always wanted more. Deidara ideserved/i more.

He deserved to have someone who could love him properly.

He deserved to have someone who could feel how much he loved him.

He deserved to have a Christmas that was memorable for all the right reasons.

He deserved so much and Sasori felt that, this Christmas, he was taking strides towards being everything his loved one truly deserved.

"Danna, un?"

Sasori looked down at the happy boy who had pulled away from his chest. He then followed the blonde's finger that pointed to the ceiling. Hanging above them was a sprig of mistletoe that he could swear he hadn't hung. It must've been Deidara's doing.

Deidara leaned in as Sasori looked down and kissed his partner. It was twice as good for him, knowing his partner could finally feel it the way it was meant to be felt.

They pulled apart after a moment, and Deidara snuggled into the crook of Sasori's neck.

"Thank you, Danna. Thank you so much. This is everything I ever wanted!"

Sasori could feel the tears on his neck again, "It's what you deserved, Dei. You have me now. You're not going to be hurt anymore. You're not going to have to hate holidays. You can be happy. We can be happy together,"

The tears on his neck increased. In his mind, Sasori considered this a victory. He'd given Deidara everything he could ever want. He'd made him forget his hatred of holidays in general. He'd done all he could and it had paid off.

His only problem? How was he going to top this next year?