Chapter 1- No Place to Go

The Sun was setting, melding into the land. A group was setting up camp before the light of the sun fully disappeared. Inuyasha was awake to watching the flame of the camp fire spark and rise into the now darkened sky. He looked around and watched as his friends slept. This would be the last time he would think of them as such though. The Sun arose on the traveling friends and they arose with it.

"Inuyasha, were you up all night?" A young girl asked.

"Hun" The half-demon grunted. The girl's eyes narrowed in warning but Inuyasha ignored it. He stood and started to walk way.

"INUYASHA SIT" The girl yelled and just like all the other times he went crashing into the ground. The other group members shook the head in disappointment. The hanyou never seemed to learn his place.

In the eyes of other people it would appear that he was the pack leader, but he was not the leader. Kagome claimed herself as leader since she had power over the hanyou. After a while the other members slowly started to get bolder and also started to treat him like a pet instead of half-demon he was. When he didn't do as he was told he would be sat as a lesson that he was to obey with no exception. There were rules for everything he could not sleep in the trees, he could not go anywhere without them, and he was not allowed to talk unless spoken to.

"Now let's try this again. Were you up all night?" The hanyou stood slowly as spoke.

"Yes I did." His head was bowed in a gesture of submission.

"Now that's better. Good work you deserve a treat." Kagome reached in her bag and pulled out a cup of ramen. She placed some water over the fire and waited for it to boil. When it was read she poured it in the ramen cup and wait. She smiled at Inuyasha and handed him the now cooked ramen.

"Thank you." He grabbed the cup and started eating. Kagome watched disgusted as he wolfed the noodles down.

"God, do you have to act like such a dog that was disgusting?" She exclaimed as he finished his meal.

"I'm sorry, I was just so hungry" he said quietly looking at the ground.

"Well don't do it again or you know what will happen. Do you understand?"

"Hai, I understand."

"Good now let's get going we have a lot to do." She said with a jerk of her head.

As they traveled Kagome and the other humans Sango and Miroku got even bolder; forcing Inuyasha to do everything while they did nothing. Inuyasha was working on a hut when a familiar scent hit his nose. He looked up just as Koga reached Kagome's side.

"Hello there beautiful. Where is the mutt face?" He asked pulling Kagome to him. She giggled lightly and turned her head to look at the wolf demon holding her.

"He's right over there doing as he is told." She said point over at the half-demon who had stopped working at the arrival of Koga "Right Inuyasha!" She yelled as she turned back to Inuyasha. Koga stared at the half-demon as the hanyou started to work again shocked. He had not started yelling and there was no fire in the golden eyes any more.

"Yes, just as you asked." He said not looking up.

"That's a good boy." Kagome turned in Koga's arms and smiled brightly. "He will no longer cause you any trouble Koga." Koga frowned at this, why was she acting as though Inuyasha was nothing but an average dog? "Koga kiss me." She said softly. Inuyasha's head snapped up in Kagome's direction just as Koga's lips touched hers. Inuyasha felt pain course through his body. No that was supposed to be him. As they kiss Inuyasha eyes burned with his new resolve. He would leave tonight and no one would be able to stop him.

Inuyasha waited for everyone to fall sleep before he left. When he heard their breathing soften he knew now was his moment of escape. He ran into the forest and did not stop for he knew if he did Koga would be able to track him. He took different paths going one way then going back and going another. When he was a good distance way he sat and thought about where he could go. There was no answer of course, no one would want him but he decided to go to the west for he knew Koga would not go into his brother's territory for fear of breaking the treaty they had.


SERENITY: To my readers thank you for liking my stories and all the reviews I got. I hope that you all will like this one. Sorry for making Sango and Miroku bad but I think they deserve it for never stopping Kagome from sitting Inuyasha for the most stupid reasons.