Chapter 10- The Child

Inuyasha woke to the sounds of whimpering and was up and out of bed in a matter of seconds. He went to the small crib that lay at the foot of the bed; what he found shocked him. His baby was a puppy an actual looking puppy. Sesshomaru came out of the bathroom and walked over to his mate wrapping his arms around his shocked figure.

"Sesshomaru what is this?" Inuyasha asked confused.

"It's because he was born full demon." Sesshomaru answered

"But how; I'm a half-demon?"

"It only happens once between a pair like us and any siblings he has from here on though; will all be part demon and part human. No one knows really why this happens." Sesshomaru explained

"So how do I feed him?" Inuyasha asked. Sesshomaru wanted to chuckle but he knew Inuyasha would think he was laughing at him and so decided to answer him seriously.

"It's easy love." Sesshomaru picked up the tiny pup and it shifted into its human form. Sesshomaru handed the pup to his mate and Inuyasha smiled. He sat back down on the bed and brought the boy to his chest and flinched as the pup bit down drinking from Inuyasha's nipple.

"What shall we name him Sesshomaru?"

"Akira," Sesshomaru said softly before continuing "but we must present our son to the counsel first before officially naming him." Inuyasha nodded; looking down at his pup he worried if he would be accepted or not. After the birth of their pup all the lords gathered at the palace and Inuyasha was on edge. He never let the pup out of his sight in fear that the child would be taken from him. Once Inuyasha was healed from the birthing of his son Sesshomaru gathered the lords into one room before guiding his mate and son into the room.

"Lord Sesshomaru" Sesshomaru's eyes feel upon the lord in the middle waiting for the demon to continue "We were told you were mated, but we were not told that you had taken a half-breed as your mate." Inuyasha let a growl slip from his lips but Sesshomaru remained silent.

"My Lord he is not a suitable mate for you." Another spoke glaring at Inuyasha. "He is a disgrace to your clan; he is the reason your great father was killed."

Another demon spoke, "We do not accept this mating and so we do not accept the child and it will remain nameless." Pain raced through Inuyasha as his demon instincts took over and he held his son closer to his body. Letting out a vicious growl at the council, Inuyasha walked backwards, and once at the door he turned and ran from the room. Sesshomaru on the other hand did not move, only staring at the counsel impassively.

"My mate has given me a strong heir. He was the one to help bring an end to Naraku. He's more deserving than any of the females you have tried to force me mate. I will hear no argument or discussion on this matter. He is my mate and Akira is my heir and you will see them as such." Sesshomaru turned, walked out of the room before following after his brother's scent.

Inuyasha stopped when he came to a clearing in the forest close to the castle. He looked down at his son, and the pup looked back.

"Don't worry my pup. I will let no harm come to you. We will leave this place until you grow strong enough that no one will challenge your title." Inuyasha looked back at the palace. Drawing his sword he swung ridding the area of his scent and his trail before disappearing.

Sesshomaru ran along the slashes that he knew Inuyasha's sword had made; only when he reached the end of trail there was no sight of Inuyasha. Sesshomaru growled and tried to reach out to his mate through their marks. With no luck he decided to find another way to find his mate and their son.

After 10 summers Sesshomaru had been unable to find Inuyasha and it frustrated him. He was in constant pain, but of course he would never show this weakness to anyone. He wandered if his mate would ever return to him

During this time Inuyasha was training his son. It started low at first but just as Inuyasha had learned fast his son did the same. Now Inuyasha watched in satisfaction as his son brought down another enemy; they had, had a lot of random demons trying to attack their small home.

"Akira." Inuyasha called out. The boy turned and smiled as his mother approached "You have learned well my son. I think you're ready to return home." A frown crossed the young boy's face.

"Do you think father will like me?" Akira asked Inuyasha smiled a little.

"Yes. He was the one who give you the name Akira. And I bet he'll be pleased at how strong you have become." Akira smiled at that. "But I must warn you" Inuyasha started seriously. "You'll have to pull on your mask when in the presence of your father; because he will most likely be surrounded by other demons. Do you understand?"

"Yes mother; I understand." Akira said confidently his face no longer hold the child innocence that was there a moment ago.

'He's so much like his father when he's like this' Inuyasha thought and he smiled proudly at Akira.

"Make sure you have everything packed for we leave in the morning." Akira nodded. "Oh and one other thing" Inuyasha watched as he caught his son's attention once more. "When alone with me you don't have to keep that mask on." He turned then and jumped into the nearest tree. Akira smiled as he watched his mother go before went to pack his stuff.

Just as Inuyasha had said he and Akira set off in the morning. Both of them were nervous about the reunion. Inuyasha was nervous about how Sesshomaru would act toward him; especially after he had disappeared with their only child. Akira on the other hand was nervous about whether his father would like him or not. As they continued to run Inuyasha watched as Akira place his stoic mask on and realized that the Western Castle was already coming into view. Inuyasha had told his son stories of the castle and was pleased to see that his son had remembered what Inuyasha had described. Inuyasha slowed his paced and Akira fell into step. Inuyasha pull a hood over his head to cover his noticeable ears and stopped as they reached the gate.

"Who are you?" A guard yelled down from his post. "And what do you want?"

"I have information about Sesshomaru's mate and would like to speak with him on the subject." Inuyasha yelled up completely ignoring the first question. Inuyasha watched amused as the gates opened swiftly. He walked through the gate and Akira fallowed quickly. They were led into the castle to a large room and were told to wait.

"I hear you have information about my mate." A cold voice stated "How do you know my mate?" The cold voice asked this time.

"Really Sesshomaru I would think you were better than this." Inuyasha scoffed "Use that nose of your and you will know how I know your mate."

"Do you wish to die?" Sesshomaru asked "If you wish to insult me further I think it best you leave now." Inuyasha growled at this and threw off the hood he was wearing to cover his identity.

"Sesshomaru; since you refuse to use your nose; look at me." Inuyasha growled angry. "Do you see now? I am your mate stupid. And there" Inuyasha said pointing at his son who was doing a good job at acting like Sesshomaru at the moment "Is our son Akira." Inuyasha said panting. He had not been this mad at his mate in a long time.

Sesshomaru stepped out of the shadows his stoic mask firmly in place and looked between Inuyasha and Akira. He walked closer to Inuyasha so that he could take a closer look. Inuyasha's ears twitched with every step Sesshomaru took, and before he knew it Sesshomaru was standing right in front of him.

"Why have you come back?" Sesshomaru asked evenly. Inuyasha's body stiffened at the question and looked up at his mate in disbelief.

"What?" Inuyasha asked bewildered

"Do not make me repeat myself Inuyasha." Inuyasha gasped backing away from his powerful mate.

"I…" Inuyasha turned his head glaring at the far wall. He felt so betrayed at the moment; and his human emotions wanted to burst forth. "I wanted you to get to know your son." Inuyasha finally said still glaring at the wall he was looking at.

"Enough" Akira interrupted suddenly "I have no desire to talk with him any more mother. Let's go back to our home."

"But" Inuyasha started looking over at his son.

"No" Akira interrupted again "I do not wish to give him pleasure in getting to know me." Akira walked over to his mother gabbing Inuyasha's hand. He bowed to Sesshomaru and turned pulling Inuyasha along with him.

"Stop" Sesshomaru growled softly. "I see you have raised our son well Inuyasha." Inuyasha looked back smiling a little but he was still weary.

"What did you expect? I needed him to be able to take on the counsel. That's why I ran. My demon side did not want our son around them, so the best course of action was to take him away until he was old enough and strong enough to protect himself if I was not around." Inuyasha explained and Sesshomaru nodded in understanding.

"Fallow me." Sesshomaru ordered. Akira glared but did as the demon lord asked. Inuyasha smirked as his son still held onto hand. Sesshomaru stopped in front of a door and opened it gesturing to enter. Akira dropped Inuyasha's hand before walking in; Inuyasha stared at his mate for a second before following after his pup. Sesshomaru closed the door behind him before pulling his mate flush against him and breathing in his scent.

"Sesshomaru" Inuyasha gasped but was silenced by a pair of lips. Sesshomaru licked at his mate's lips and relished in the way his brother submitted to him. Pulling way Sesshomaru's mask was gone and Inuyasha could tell his mate had missed him. "I missed you too" Inuyasha chuckled.

Sesshomaru looked up at his son than who was now glaring whole heartily and a smirked crossed his lips.

"Welcome home" Sesshomaru whispered in Inuyasha's ear "I am pleased at how you handled yourself in that room." Sesshomaru said to his son. Akira scoffed looking away and Sesshomaru chuckled. "Welcome home Akira" The boy shot one last glare at his father before his face broke into a smile.

"I should go find a room now." Akira stated simply "I'm sure mother has much to explain to you." Akira bowed again and left in search of a nice room to call his own.

Inuyasha smiled as he heard the door close. He turned in his mate's arms and smiled.

"I am sorry about never telling you where we were, but I didn't want to take any chances." Sesshomaru smirked at his mate.

"I know; but you will still have to be punished for leaving me."

Sesshomaru watched in amusement as Inuyasha's eyes widened. Sesshomaru tossed Inuyasha on the bed and fallowed. He started with slow sensual kissed that made the half-demon melt under him. Sesshomaru pulled away only to latch on to Inuyasha's neck. Sesshomaru sucked and nipped at the skin pleased with his mate's reaction. Inuyasha tilted his head giving Sesshomaru more room to work with. How he had missed his Sesshomaru's touch. Sesshomaru slowly undid his brother's clothes torturing the boy who wanted more. After Inuyasha's clothes were removed, Sesshomaru set back to work. His mouth covers on of Inuyasha's nipples and sucked roughly. Inuyasha moaned loudly but just as the pleasure started it was gone. Inuyasha looked over at his mate as the demon grabbed something.

"What are you doing?" Sesshomaru ignored the question and tied his mate to the bed.

"As I said before; you will be punished for leaving me." Inuyasha whimpered scared of what Sesshomaru planned to do him.

Sesshomaru leaned over his mate and smirked. Slowly he brought his hand up and pinched his mate's nipple hard. Inuyasha cried out in pain looked down at his brother. Sesshomaru ignored his brother's hurt look and grabbed the other nipple just as hard. Inuyasha closed his eyes in pain and gasped. Sesshomaru turned Inuyasha's head giving him better accuse to the pale neck that held his mark. Sesshomaru stared at it for a moment before sinking his fangs into them again. Inuyasha screamed, tears rolling down his cheeks as pain flashed through his body. Sesshomaru pulled way and smiled at the darkened mark. He turned to look at his brother's face and was shocked to see tears. Sesshomaru frowned; had he hurt his mate that much to make him cry. Sesshomaru sighed and licked at his mark hoping to sooth his brother. Inuyasha whimpered as his brother's tongue licked at his mark.

"Sesshomaru" Inuyasha whispered. The demon looked over at him "I'm sorry I left you my mate. I promise to never leave like that again. So please… I just… want you to love me…hold me… make love to me." Sesshomaru sighed again before kissing his brother.

That night Sesshomaru made love to his mate many times and they both fell into an easy sleep.


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