July 1862, chapter one: On a bright early summers morning a first child was born to Matthew and Daniella.

they named him Robert and his twin sister was born 2 hours after him they named her rose.

As they grew they saw their father go to war and write letters and come back for visits.

As they grow they one day see their mother crying over a letter they wonder why their mother is crying and what the letter said to make her cry,

they choose to find their father and confront him but what they dont know is that he is dead and long gone.

As they grow they see some strange man from time to time around their mother they wonder who this strange man is and why he appears than disappears.

Years pass and they keep on seeing this unknown man always near their mom.

They keep getting more and more curious whenever they see him around their mother.

One day they go through some old papers.

They find in a chest in the attic they look over the papers and photos.

They see their mom with the man they see from time to time around her they then realize that the man is their father.

They want to get to know their father but don't know how so they try to write letters to him and leave them in very known places where he is seen.

They then find letters in the places where they left their letters and they read the letters from their father.

They keep writing letters and receive letters from their father.

they keep all the letters that they get from their father.

Pretty soon they put letters and little notes from their mother to their father.

He gets the notes and letters every time and saves them putting them in a book.

One day they find a book on a chair and look through the book they put the book on the bookshelf for their mom to see.

One day they write two letters and put them on a chair hoping their father finds them,

he finds them and writes back leaving them on their beds.

They find the letters reading them with smiles on their faces.

Each time they get a letter from their father they show the letters to their mother and aunt every time.

a couple weeks later they receive four letters and two books from their father showing different souvenirs and little letters and photos from each battlefield to keep in the family for generations to hide the books and letters in a wooden chest under the bed and lock it. the siblings keep the soldiers away from the bed and room making sure they don't see the chest