Breaking the Kitsune

(A/N: This is an idea I came up with while writing Both Sides of the Kunai. After prompting from my friend Dark Dragen, I wrote it and just now decided to post it because frankly, we don't see enough of these kinds of fics. I've only ever found one and it was a snippet of a Naruto fic on AFF that I happened to run across while surfing for decent Naruto fics. I hope you enjoy it, but if smut/BDSM offends you, don't read it.)

Naruto had finally had enough. For the first few years of his life, he had been constantly abused and beaten up by the villagers of Konoha, all because of the hairy nine-tailed bastard sealed into his navel. At last he had decided he was going to do something about it. Settling down at the foot of a tree, Naruto closed his eyes and slipped into his mindscape.

The Kyūbi no Kitsune was sitting in its cage when it heard footsteps on the other side of the barred door. Raising its head, it saw its vessel walking in its direction. "And what do you want, kit?" sneered the Kyūbi at its vessel.

Naruto smirked at it before stating, "You know, this is my mindscape. Which means I can do anything I want to in here. Even…" he waved his hand, and the Kyūbi felt its body change shape.

After a second, the Kyūbi looked down and found that it now had a female body complete with a curvaceous figure, 32C breasts and a trim, tight ass. She was also completely shaven, with not a single hair below her neck. Outraged, the Kyūbi pounded on the bars with her fists, "How dare you do this to me? Change me back at once!"

"No." Naruto stated coolly, before he raised his arms and made a few handsigns. The bars parted just enough for Kyūbi to slip out.

She grinned as she stepped past the bars, "You'll regret that, whelp." She rushed at Naruto and tried to strike him down, but he blocked with one arm. She drew back, swinging around to perform another attack. He blocked that as well. For a few seconds she furiously struck at him time and time again, with him blocking every strike. Finally he seemed to have had enough. He caught hold of one of her arms and twisted it behind her back, forcing her to turn around.

"Look into the cage for the reason you can't touch me, my girl." Naruto breathed into her ear which, she belatedly noticed, was still that of a fox. She also had a single tail; she could feel it brushing against his leg. She gazed into the cage, noticing for the first time that there was a fox-shaped cloud of blood-red chakra inside. "Did you really believe I was that stupid, my vixen?"

Kyūbi struggled to break out of Naruto's grip, but only succeeded in twisting around so that her ample chest was pressed up against his. "Let me go…" she said, in a voice of cold fury.

"Nope," said Naruto, with a grin so predatory it sent a chill down her spine.

"I said, let me go!" The Kyūbi struggled in another vain attempt to break Naruto's grip, but couldn't free herself.

Naruto gently walked her backwards, until the backs of her calves hit something and she fell over. Naruto reacted in an instant, flipping her over onto her back and pulling her wrists behind her. Kyūbi felt cold metal touch both of her wrists, followed by two loud clicks. Her blood ran cold as she realized that her vessel had cuffed her hands behind her back, and she was now almost defenceless.

Naruto smirked at Kyūbi as he tugged her off the bed by the hair and settled her into a kneeling position in front of him. Kyūbi gave him a look which was halfway between fear and fury. More fear. Her helplessness was something she had never experienced before, being the most powerful of the tailed beasts. Now, deprived of her massive chakra reserves and trapped in the mindscape of a being that wanted revenge for the pain she had caused him through the years, her current situation brought the Kyūbi nothing but fear.

Naruto smirked down at her as he forced her to open her mouth. "Now, bite me and you will be sorry. Understood?" The Kyūbi responded by biting the finger he placed in her mouth. Naruto jerked it back angrily, using some of his chakra to heal the injury. "Fine," he growled, "If that's how you want it, that's how it's going to be."

He waved one hand out to one side, and Kyūbi glanced in that direction just in time to see a wooden horse appear. Not the kind of wooden horse used in gymnastics, but the kind of one with a metal strip along the edge and manacles for a victim's feet to be locked into. Two chains hung from the ceiling, and Kyūbi's sense of fear increased considerably. She knew what her vessel was about to do and cursed herself for having bitten him. Now she was going to be disciplined.

Naruto dragged her up by the hair and pulled her on her knees over towards the horse. Lifting her up, he set her down on the horse's edge. She winced as she felt the metal strip dig into the sensitive flesh between her legs. Naruto locked her feet into the shackles on the base of the horse, before unlocking her wrists from the cuffs and pulling them up above her head. Kyūbi struggled again, but was helpless to stop him chaining her wrists up, stopping her from lowering her arms to her sides. The whole ensemble was completed when Naruto walked away for a second and came back holding something that resembled a rubber ball with a strap running through the centre.

"Open wide!" said Naruto. Kyūbi shook her head, trying to stop him, but Naruto simply grabbed one of her nipples and twisted sharply. The unfamiliar sensation of pain caused the Kyūbi to gasp, and Naruto quickly shoved the ball into her mouth and buckled the straps behind her head.

"Mmmmmf!" complained the Kyūbi through the gag as Naruto walked away from her, quickly coming back holding a long object she recognized as a whip. Her blood-red eyes widened and she shook her head frantically, trying to plead with Naruto through the gag not to strike her.

Naruto simply sniggered, walking around behind her and drawing back his arm. Kyūbi bowed her head, bracing herself for the pain that was to come. "All this is your fault, Kyūbi. This is for all the shit you've put me through over the years. How many years was it? About… fifteen years? I'd say about two strikes a year should do it for a first time."

He patted her back once and squeezed her ass, before drawing back the whip and bringing it down.

Kyūbi only heard the whistling of the whip moving through the air before a red-hot streak of pain lanced across her backside. She threw her head back and screeched into the gag. Naruto didn't hesitate; he brought the whip down again.

Twenty-eight more times the whip came down, until Kyūbi had thirty livid red strips across her ass and lower back. Naruto walked around to her front, and unbuckled the gag, pulling it from between her teeth. "Now, are you going to be a good girl, or will I have to punish you some more?" Kyūbi raised her head enough to look into his eyes, before her mouth curled into an enraged snarl, "Fuck you, whelp. When I get free I'm going to kill you slowly and painfully."

Naruto stepped back, a glitter of displeasure in his eyes. "Very well. You leave me with no option. Another twenty lashes. This time I think I'll leave the gag off so I can hear you scream."

Five minutes later, the Kyūbi was sobbing with pain and her backside was adorned with another twenty stripes. Naruto then surprised her by untying her wrists and ankles and lifting her off the horse. Kyūbi didn't resist when he placed her on her knees, or when he cuffed her wrists behind her back again, but when Naruto undid his flies and pulled out his cock, she realized what he wanted her to do and shied away. Naruto pulled her back upright by the hair. "You are going to suck me off, bitch. And if you even think about biting, you will regret it." Kyūbi nodded hesitantly before slowly opening her mouth and poking out her tongue. Giving Naruto's cockhead a quick lick, she shied away at the taste. Naruto lost his temper, he grabbed hold of her hair in his other hand and rammed his cock into her mouth. Kyūbi's muffled moans of complaint at this almost made Naruto blow his load straight away; the vibration felt fantastic.

Kyūbi was crying again, though her sobs were muffled by the obstruction in her mouth. As Naruto began to thrust in and out of her mouth, Kyūbi whimpered and hoped that he would be done soon.

As he was still a virgin, it didn't take Naruto long to blow his load for the first time. After only a couple of minutes of thrusting into Kyūbi's mouth he came. Kyūbi coughed and gagged as she tried not to choke, only for Naruto to grab her by the hair again, "Swallow it all, bitch." Kyūbi made an effort to swallow it all.

Next, Naruto dragged her over to the bed again and forced her down on her stomach. After uncuffing her wrists, he pushed her onto the bed on her back and chained her wrists to the bed frame. Kyūbi lay flat on her back, fidgeting occasionally but otherwise unable to move.

"Now," said Naruto, stripping down completely, "I'm going to fuck you, bitch."

Kyūbi couldn't help herself; she began begging Naruto not to harm her, "Please Naruto-kun, I…"

She was interrupted by a sound slap across the face from her vessel, "You will address me as Naruto-sama at all times, is that clear?"

She nodded meekly before continuing, "Please, Naruto-sama, I beg you not to take my innocence."

Naruto bent over the shaking female, her tail down between her legs flicking back and forth with nerves, "And why not?"

Kyūbi froze as she tried frantically to think of a reason why he shouldn't take her innocence from her. Naruto smirked, "Exactly. You have nothing to offer me that could persuade me not to take your innocence. As it is…" He climbed onto the bed and settled over Kyūbi. Kyūbi was now crying and pleading with him; sobbing as she tried to reason with him. Naruto silenced her with a kiss before thrusting his hips forwards.

Kyūbi's scream of pain at the breaking of her hymen was lost in the kiss Naruto was bestowing upon her. After a second, she was lost in the sensations emanating from her crotch. Naruto closed his eyes and bit back a soft groan; Kyūbi was unbelievably tight.

Kyūbi was biting her lip, trying not to give her new master the satisfaction of knowing that she was enjoying what he was doing to her. She couldn't help it though; the sensations were entirely new to her and she was enjoying them whether she wanted to or not. Naruto thrust into her with a steady pace, while he carefully massaged her breasts. He could tell she was getting close to the edge, by the occasional twitches in her arms and legs, the sweat running over her forehead and the fact that she was biting her lip with her eyes shut, trying to stifle her obvious moans. Naruto bent his head and, following his instincts, sealed his lips around her left nipple and gently squeezed it with his teeth. The new sensation proved too much for Kyūbi; she went into a screaming orgasm.

Naruto leaned back as Kyūbi spasmed madly for a full minute before calming down. "Enjoy that did you?" queried Naruto with a small smirk.

Kyūbi bowed her head as best she could, still tightly bound to the bed, "No, Naruto-sama."

Naruto's grin widened, "You will."

Kyūbi gulped audibly at Naruto's words. She closed her eyes and silently wished the day would just end. However she knew that inside Naruto's mind, there was really no such thing as time. Needless to say, she was going to be trapped in this nightmare for hours yet.

Naruto didn't waste time; he climbed back on top of Kyūbi and thrust into her again. Kyūbi bit her lip again as the sensations started again. This time she came to orgasm a lot faster than before, but this time Naruto came too, unable to withstand the clenching sensation around his cock any more.

Kyūbi turned her head to look at him, her face sweaty and surrounded by wisps of red hair, "Are… are you done…?"

Naruto smirked, as he undid the chains from her wrists and ankles and helped her to her feet. Then he began to carry her to the horse. Kyūbi's eyes widened when she saw where she was going, she thrashed around in a bid to escape and accidentally kneed her master in the crotch.

Naruto's expression went stony as Kyūbi realized her mistake. Quick as she could, she dropped to her knees and begged his forgiveness. Naruto simply grabbed her by the hair and dragged her back to the bed. Throwing her over the end of the bed, he grabbed the chains and cuffed her wrists, then her ankles, leaving her bent over the end of the bed. Then he walked away and came back with the ball gag he had used earlier. Kyūbi contemplated refusing to open her mouth, but decided that her new Master was furious enough and wisely opened her mouth. Naruto shoved the gag in and buckled it tightly behind her head. Then he walked around behind her, and pressed a finger to her puckered hole.

Kyūbi's head shot up at the foreign sensation, and quickly turned her head to beg Naruto through the gag not to fuck her ass. She may have been a virgin in all ways up until a little while ago, but even she knew that sodomy hurt like blazes.

Naruto pushed his finger through the tight ring of muscle, ignoring Kyūbi's muffled pleas with him to stop. He gave a slight twist, before withdrawing his finger. Kyūbi relaxed, only for her head to shoot up again as she felt something larger press against her asshole.

Naruto pressed his cock against her asshole and pushed forwards. Kyūbi's muffled moans of "No… no…" through the gag were drowned in a rising scream of pain.

The ring of muscle quickly gave way in the face of Naruto's determination, and he rapidly sank into the tightest, hottest orifice he had yet fucked on the kitsune woman. Kyūbi was now crying silently into the gag, her body racked by the occasional sob as she was violated.

Naruto himself was in heaven; Kyūbi's ass was incredibly tight and hot, and the occasional spasm as her sphincter tried to close again just made the sensation even better. It only took a few strokes for him to surrender to the feeling and fill her ass with semen. Slowly, he pulled out and walked around to Kyūbi's face. Gently removing the gag, he pointed his cum-covered cock at her mouth, "Suck."

Kyūbi obeyed; she carefully took his cock between her lips and sucked him clean. Finally, Naruto began to undo the chains. Once he was done, Kyūbi dropped to her knees in front of him and pressed her forehead to the floor, "Please, master, please do not hurt me any more."

Naruto smiled, before helping her up and walking her over to a chair. Setting her down in the chair, he said, "You did well today, pet. Admittedly you could have done better than to kick me in the crotch, but as you're still learning how to be my slave I will forgive you."

Kyūbi stared up at him from the chair as he quickly checked a clock on the wall which showed the time outside his mindscape. He realized he had to get going or he would miss his training with the pervy sage. He glanced down at Kyūbi, who peered up at him. "I trust that you can behave while I am out of my mindscape?"

Kyūbi nodded, "Y-yes master. I will behave."

Naruto smiled, "Good. You can sleep on the bed, if you want to. Goodbye, Kyūbi." He planted one last kiss on her cheek before leaving his mindscape. Kyūbi got up from the chair, walked over to the bed, and lay down upon it. In less than a second, she was fast asleep.

Naruto opened his eyes and got out of the meditative position. A small smile spread across his face as he walked away from the tree. He had dominated the Kyūbi, and was ready to start the process of breaking her and turning her into his obedient sex slave. "Maybe…" he thought as he wandered off towards another training ground, "Maybe I could find a way to materialize her in the actual world, keeping her chakra sealed up in me of course. Then I wouldn't have to go into my mind every time I want to get my rocks off. Plus she could join in if I ever decide to get a girlfriend…" He wiped the blood from his nose at this last thought as he walked onto the training field and shouted, "Hey, pervy sage! Where are you?"

(A/N: Sorry the ending was a little abrupt, but I can't really think what else to say. Do you people think I should write any more to it detailing Naruto's breaking of Kyūbi? And if I do turn this into a mini-series, who should I make his girlfriend? Anyway, for those of you among my lovely readers who are wondering when Kunai is going to update, I have about 7-8k words written and I'm hoping to get about 10-12k before I post, so it shouldn't take that much longer. This is Leonineus saying GOODNIGHT!)