Breaking the Kitsune

Chapter Three: The Kit and the Kitten

(A/N: I think this is turning more into a romance than a lemon story. Or at least it will now. This chapter is going to be the Naruto/Yugito part of the trilogy, and just so you know, the chapter title is a reference to the Naruto/Yugito story The Kit and the Kitten by XxLichKingxX. A truly excellent story, which I fully recommend you read. Oh and thanks go to I'MNOTCRAZY1. His review telling me the way that somebody really breaks (pleasure but no release) is what kick-started this chapter and allowed me to get it out so fast.)

Two weeks later.

Nibi moaned. She was strapped to a cross, her legs tied apart and her wrists bound above her head while vibrators rumbled inside her pussy and ass. A blindfold and gag completed her outfit.

They were inside Naruto's mindscape since he had much more control over it. In front of Nibi, Naruto and Yugito were playing with Kyūbi while the two-tailed woman was forced to hang there and listen to the sound of her fellow bijuu's moans.

Nibi panted as she got closer and closer to the edge… but then the sensation was cruelly ripped away from her as the customized vibrators Naruto had come up with just stopped.

Nibi had been suffering under these vibrators for hours while Naruto and Yugito enjoyed Kyūbi. After at least three hours, Nibi was sobbing desperately and trying to rub her thighs together, desperate for relief. After five, all she could think about was cumming.

Soft footsteps on either side of her caused her ears to swivel in two different directions, before a soft voice whispered into her right ear, "How are you holding up, Nibi-chan?"

Another voice spoke into Nibi's other ear, causing chills to go down Nibi's spine, "Properly… frustrated… yet?"

Nibi felt a finger run up the side of her crotch. Impulsively she thrust her hips forwards, frantically trying to hump the single digit, desperate to cum.

"Oh ho, she's feeling very desperate now, isn't she?" Yugito's voice remarked from Nibi's right side.

"Indeed," Naruto's voice replied from her left side.

Nibi felt hands reach up to the sides of her head, unbuckling the ball gag. As soon as it left her mouth she started to plead, "'!"

Yugito moved close to Nibi and breathed into her ear, "Anything? Even become my slave?"

Nibi nodded frantically, twisting her head around to give her jinchūriki a pleading look through the blindfold, "I'll do anything, please just let me cum!"

Next second, Nibi felt a hand stroke her hair gently, "Good girl." At the same time, she felt somebody start untying her hands.

As soon as Nibi's legs were free she raised her hands to untie the blindfold, got her bearings, and pounced.

Naruto and Yugito watched in relative surprise as Nibi tackled Kyūbi to the ground, straddled her head and began to lap at her crotch. "Wow," Naruto commented, "I think we really, really, wound her up."

Yugito nodded, "Yeah, I'd say we did."

Naruto looked at the two bijuu for a moment before turning to Yugito, "Say, Yugito…" He was cut off as his fellow jinchūriki launched herself onto him and started trying to snog him senseless.

"Huh?" he said lamely, as his fellow jinchūriki broke away from him.

She tugged at his waistband in a frenzy, and Naruto realized that the girl was finally succumbing to feelings she'd been repressing since they first met, "Naruto, I want you to take me now."

"But… but…?"

"I know I'm not your first, you told me what you did to the Kyūbi the first day you started turning the tables on her, but I decided over the last couple of weeks that you were the one I wanted to be my first."

She finally managed to drag Naruto's boxers down far enough for his log to spring out, then she lunged forwards. Naruto almost went into spasms at the sensation; Kyūbi's throat had been tight and warm but Yugito's was far superior. The girl's throat muscles rippled along his length as she tried to swallow him completely.

Even though Naruto had had sex with Kyūbi countless times since the first day he had started breaking her, those encounters were always a little non-consensual, and at least semi-consensual just before Yugito arrived. Now, having sex with a fully willing partner proved itself to be a completely different experience. Naruto climaxed after only five minutes.

Yugito drew back and licked her lips to clean up the last remnants of Naruto's cum before winking slyly at him, "Quick finisher, eh?"

"No," mumbled Naruto with a blush on his face, "You're just much better than Kyūbi."

Yugito nodded approvingly at the compliment before sliding off her own panties and straddling Naruto, guiding his still-rigid pole to her drenched slit.

Naruto couldn't help but groan when he slid into Yugito; she was so tight and hot and gripped him like a silky vice. The girl on top of him was moaning in her musical voice; Naruto felt so large inside her but it felt so good!

Yugito sitting on top of his pole was all very well, but Naruto wanted more; he grabbed hold of his fellow jinchūriki's arms and flipped her over so that he was on top.

Yugito was briefly shocked when Naruto rolled her underneath him, but then she started moaning without end as he pounded into her.

Nibi had finally gone into a massive series of orgasms for about twenty minutes when Kyūbi had started licking her, so she was currently lying on top of her fellow bijuu in a boneless heap while she listened to the sound of their jinchūriki going at it. She was slightly startled when she was suddenly lifted off Kyūbi and the kitsune woman slid out from underneath her and crawled over towards Naruto and Yugito. Realizing what she was planning, the Nibi grinned and followed.


Yugito wasn't expecting two pairs of lips to seal themselves over her nipples and suck hard, so that in combination with the feeling of Naruto's log pounding in and out of her slit like a jackhammer instantly sent her into a screeching orgasm.

"Oh… oh my god… oh god that feels so good!" she wailed, clutching at Naruto's neck to drag him down into a kiss as bolts of pleasure continued to pulse across her body.

Naruto rolled off Yugito and lay on the floor of his mindscape, panting as Kyūbi and Nibi moved away to kneel side by side in front of them.

Yugito leaned over and kissed him passionately, "I like you, Naruto-kun."

Naruto returned the kiss, cupping Yugito's cheek in his hand, "I like you too, Yugito-chan."

"Yugito-chan?" Yugito thought to herself, "I like it."


Jiraiya had decided to walk by Naruto's apartment and see if he was up for some training; he hadn't seen his godson for a fortnight since he was too busy hanging out with the new girl he was staying with. As Jiraiya walked up to the door to knock he heard a soft moan from inside.

"Ooh, super-pervert senses tingling!" Jiraiya thought gleefully, "Maybe the gaki has scored?"

He crept around to the other side of the apartment, where he knew there was a window that looked into the living room, and peeked around the frame. What he saw almost made his head explode.

Naruto and the girl he now stayed with; Yugito, Jiraiya remembered Tsunade telling him that was her name; were sitting next to each other on the couch in the middle of a heated make-out session and wearing less than full clothing. Not only that, but there were two other women kneeling on the floor in front of the two jinchūriki; one with blood-red hair holding Naruto's pole in her hand, and one with blue-black hair fingering the girl. "I don't believe this!" thought Jiraiya, too transfixed to reach for his notebook, "The gaki's not only netted three girls at once, but he's bigger than me! I must congratulate him at once!"

Ignoring the little voice in his head that was his common sense which was screaming for him not to enter the apartment, he hurried around to the front of the apartment and opened the front door, "Gaki, I want a word!"

"GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE ERO-SENNIN!" Naruto bellowed back as Jiraiya drank in the sight in front of him; the girl Yugito pulling her shirt closed over her relatively generous bosom, Naruto hiking up his boxer shorts and the two women on their knees staring at him before there were suddenly two puffs of chakra smoke and the sound of two Transformation Jutsu dropping.

Jiraiya's jaw thudded to the floor as he stared at the two kneeling women, whose Transformation Jutsu had just dropped. The one with the blue-black hair had been revealed to have two blue-black cat-tails; small cat ears perched on top of her long hair and slanted feline eyes. The other had slit pupils, two fox ears sticking up through her red hair… and nine red fox tails.

"Oh boy," muttered Naruto as he looked from the two bijuu to his sensei, "Ok, ero-sennin, this looks bad I know but hear me out."

Jiraiya snapped back to attention and stared at his godson, "Get dressed and get your ass moving, you're coming to see the Hokage, both of you."

Naruto sighed, dispelling Kyūbi and nodding to Yugito as she dispelled Nibi. Without speaking, both of them quickly dressed and followed Jiraiya out of the apartment.


Tsunade stared at the two blondes standing opposite her incredulously, "Let me get this straight, Naruto. You turned the Kyūbi no Kitsune, the damned Nine-Tailed Fox, into an obedient sex slave? And not only that, you helped her," she nodded at Yugito, "subjugate her own bijuu and turn her into the same thing?"

She slumped back into her chair and shook her head, "What the hell is wrong with you, gaki? Do you have any idea how badly that could have gone wrong?"

Naruto shook his head, "It couldn't go wrong. I worked it out; the easiest way to beat the Kyūbi was separate it from its chakra and make it have a form that I could easily manipulate. That's what I did, I made sure she got out of her cage but made sure she left her chakra behind, then grabbed her and held her still so I could show her that she was powerless against me in that form."

"And the whole sex slave thing?"

Naruto blushed, "I was hacked off and hanging around with ero-sennin is contagious, that's not a good combination."

Tsunade turned her glower on Jiraiya, who cowered, "Don't blame me for this!"

Tsunade shook her head before turning to Yugito, "Why didn't you tell me right away you were a jinchūriki as well?"

Yugito shrugged, "I assumed Raikage-sama had told you. That is after all the reason he sent me here; I was abused heavily back in Kumo for the fact that I had the Nibi sealed in me and since I didn't have the protection Kumo's other jinchūriki had since he was Raikage-sama's brother…"

Tsunade nodded, "And how did you manage to subjugate your bijuu?"

Yugito blushed, "Well, that was really thanks to Naruto-kun more than anything…"

The pair launched into the story of how Naruto had found out that Yugito was a jinchūriki and had threatened to subjugate Nibi for insulting him. Then he had shown them the almost-broken Kyūbi and explained what he had done. After they had dealt with Kyūbi, they started on Nibi and had been working on her steadily for the past two weeks.

Once they were finished, there was a brief pause before Jiraiya burst into tears, "I'm so proud of you, my godson! Turning the Kyūbi into a slave, I'm so proud! Here," he reached into a pocket and pulled out a scroll and several odd three-pointed kunai, "This was the second jutsu belonging to the Yondaime Hokage, the Hiraishin. I think you might be capable of using it, I never was. Be careful, this is the jutsu that gave the Yellow Flash that name, and it has the potential to go disastrously wrong."

Naruto accepted the gifts and pocketed them before turning back to Tsunade, "Ok baa-chan, do you need us for anything else?"

Tsunade growled and flung a paperweight at the boy, who ducked, "No. Now get outta here."

As the pair left, Tsunade and Jiraiya heard Naruto comment, "Well that went better than expected. And I got a new jutsu out of the deal."


Back in the apartment, Naruto set the scroll and kunai down on a side table to be looked at later, "Now, where were we?"

Yugito made a hand seal, "Bijuu Clone!"

As Nibi appeared, the blonde girl smirked and winked at Naruto, "I have an idea…"

Naruto's response was to imitate her and then gently take her hands and kiss her, "Oh yes, how could I forget?"


A year and a half later.

Naruto Uzumaki, now Namikaze stood at the end of an aisle in a smart suit, waiting. Finally, the doors at the other end opened and Yugito entered, resplendent in a white dress and escorted by a tall dark-skinned man wearing the robes of the Raikage.

After Tsunade and Jiraiya found out that Naruto and Yugito had turned their bijuu into obedient sex slaves, the two jinchūriki had dated for a year before Naruto finally decided that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Yugito and proposed to her at midnight on New Years' Eve. She had accepted on the spot.

Now, six months later, they stood in a large hall which had been laid out with flowers and decorations while Tsunade stood beside Naruto, smiling pleasantly in full Hokage garb.

On Naruto's other side stood Kakashi, who had accepted Naruto's request that he be his best man. They had also sent invitations to Yugito's old friends back in Kumo, who had come to Konoha especially for the wedding. The Raikage had accepted when Yugito asked him if he could be the one to give her away, while his brother sat in the front row resisting the urge to rap in celebration on pain of horrible, unspeakable death from both Naruto and Yugito. The pair had become a highly efficient team in the last eighteen months, best illustrated when Iwa had received information that Naruto had been publicly announced as the heir to the Yondaime Hokage.

When Iwa attacked, Yugito had previously gotten tips from Tenten on Team Gai about weapon scrolls, so she sealed a good number of the Hiraishin kunai into a scroll and launched them out into the Iwa ranks. The Iwa shinobi had started laughing over the fact that very few of the kunai hit anybody, apart from those veterans of the last shinobi war who had come into contact with the Yellow Flash and lived to tell the tale. Those veterans immediately started running, but that didn't save them when Naruto suddenly vanished in a flash of light and suddenly Iwa shinobi were dying all across the battlefield. Iwa had decided that grudges against the Leaf were too costly in terms of manpower and happily entered into a treaty with Konoha immediately afterwards.

Behind Yugito walked her two female friends from Kumo, Samui and Karui acting as maids of honour. Their third team-mate, Omoi, was sitting beside Killer Bee and acting as rap-preventer.

Yugito finally stopped in front of Tsunade and smiled at Naruto as the Raikage stepped away to stand nearby.

"Do you, Yugito Nii, take Naruto Namikaze as your husband?"

"I do."

"Do you, Naruto Namikaze, take Yugito Nii as your wife?"

"I do."

"Then, by the power vested in me as Hokage of Konohagakure no Sato, I pronounce you husband and wife!"

Yugito practically leapt into Naruto's arms and tried to kiss him senseless.

"Oi," said Tsunade after a few seconds, during which time Naruto and Yugito showed no signs of separating, "Wait until you get into the bedroom you two. I need to make another announcement."

As the two of them separated, Tsunade turned her attention to the assembled shinobi, "In light of recent events, I would like to also announce that I am stepping down as Hokage. I hereby pronounce Naruto Namikaze as my successor. May he always protect Konohagakure from her enemies as the Rokudaime Hokage!" She removed her hat and gently set it on Naruto's head.

Yugito jumped him again and Naruto tried to keep the hat on as everybody applauded. It was, truly, the best day of both their lives.

Kakashi, standing next to the Raikage, sweat-dropped. The huge man next to him was sobbing into a handkerchief. "Er, Raikage-sama?" he said, "With permission, may I ask how you can be such a muscle-bound behemoth capable of crushing a man's skull in one hand and able to match Tsunade-sama for strength without using any chakra, yet you cry when one of your shinobi is getting married?"

"It's just… so emotional!"

Kakashi sighed, patting the enormous man on the shoulder as he blew his nose.


Twelve years later.

Naruto was sitting in his office surrounded by shadow clones and working on some paper work when the door flew back and a small girl entered at high speed, followed more sedately by his wife. "TOU-SAN! I GRADUATED FROM THE ACADEMY! SEE?" She thumbed the Konoha hitai-ate tied around her forehead.

Naruto grinned, hefting the little girl onto his lap and smiling, "That's great, Barahana-chan! I'm so proud of you!"

He set her back on the floor and said, "Now go show Tsunade-baa-chan and Jiraiya-jii-san!" The little girl nodded and ran out of the room.

Yugito slipped into her husband's embrace and kissed him full on the lips. "What shall we do tonight then?"

"For now?" said Naruto, smirking as he directed a clone to seal the office before lifting Yugito into his arms bridal style and shunshining to his private rooms. Setting her on the bed, he muttered, "Bijuu Clone!" and lay down next to her as Kyūbi settled down on her other side, "I have an idea what we can do for now…"

Yugito gave a soft moan as she activated her own Bijuu Clone Jutsu before twitching as Naruto kissed her neck before leaning over to kiss the two bijuu. The four of them had made a mutual agreement that Kyūbi and Nibi were just as much lovers to Naruto and Yugito as they were to each other, so they had decided that, at least in private, that's what they would be to each other.

As Yugito started to succumb to her three most-loved people in the world pleasuring her, her last thought was that she couldn't believe she's been angry with the Raikage, the week she left Kumo and met the man of her dreams.

Naruto sat back as he watched Kyūbi and Nibi start pleasuring his beloved wife. He himself could not believe that he had come so far since that day just under fourteen years ago when he had started turning the Kyūbi into an obedient slave.

Smiling quietly to himself, he slipped back down onto the bed beside his wife and kissed her on the lips. He may have had a bad childhood, but now he was in his early thirties.

Naruto Namikaze was having the best time of his life.

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