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It was Jaden's move now. He stood there glaring at Rosh and gripping his light saber tightly.

Oh no! Laurena thought, I can't let this happen!
Just before Jaden made a swift strike, Laurena sent him a message:

Listen to what you're saying. You're…you're angry. Don't give into it! That leads to the dark side right?

I was wrong! Please, take me back to the Academy!

Promise to do the right thing, control your anger, and keep people safe…

Jaden stumbled backwards and shook his head. He glanced down at his light saber, and shut it off.
"I'm sorry Rosh, I almost let my anger get the best of me. Let's get outta here."

Rosh breathed, "Thank you Jaden."
Laurena felt a wave of relief come over her. So this was my dream's outcome. It's better than what I feared it would be.
But sadly this did not last, for all three had forgotten that Alora was watching this whole time.
"You Jedi are blandly predicable! Tavion thought that turning you would gain us an ally! But since you won't be turned, I guess it's up to me to clean up her mistake!"

Jaden stepped forward, "Stand down Alora! You were no match for me on Hoth, and now I am a Jedi Knight!"
Laurena's raised her eye brows in surprise! Had her brother really come so far, so quickly?
Alora found this amusing, "Tavion has taught me many things as well, you sanctimonious fool!"

Alora charged at Jaden, but Jaden immediately reacted by pushing Rosh out of the way and leaped at Alora.
The fight was swift and evenly matched, until Alora attacked the person Jaden was trying to protect…Rosh.

All at an instant, Rosh's arm was cut off, like an ax on wood.
"Rosh!" Jaden screamed.

And that's all it took to fuel Jaden. Now nothing could stop him for avenging his friend.
Eventually Alora fell by Jaden's blade.

At that moment, Jaden felt unstoppable… and when his mind sank back to reality he remembered his dying friend who he had to save.

"Rosh." He whispered as he tried to help his friend up.
All Rosh could do was moan as he was lifted from the ground.

Suddenly Laurena saw a man rush over to the boys. He must know who they are, Laurena thought, he screamed Rosh's name. And Jaden seems to trust him…

Laurena watched as Jaden handed Rosh over to this man.

"I'll be.." Rosh blacked out.
"Sith Spit! I need to get him to a bacta tank." The man cursed, "Go to Korriban and help Luke and the others. I'll be here as soon as I can."

Jaden began to leave, but then the man said something.
"Jaden, I sensed your struggle with the dark side." He said openly, "I'm glad you made the right choice."

"Thank you," Jaden said humbly, "But it was Rosh who made me see what the right choice was. Tell him that when he wakes up."

After Jaden said that, Laurena felt something…

Thank you Laure. I know you helped me too.

Laurena smiled to herself, You're welcome Jay. May the force be with you when you stop Tavion. I hope to see you again soon.

And she ran off to the hanger and escaped.

It was Jaden's move now. He stood there glaring at Rosh and griping his light saber tightly.

Before Laurena could do anything, Jaden struck!
That's it, Laurena thought, It's too late. He made his choice.

Rosh stumbled to the ground and Jaden closed in.
"Jaden no." Rosh pleaded, "Let go of your anger."

Jaden grabbed Rosh and held him above ground, "Why should I? You yourself said how powerful the dark side was!"
"I was wrong…"
"No, you are weak." Jaden trusted his light saber to Rosh's abdomen.
"Jaden NO!" and Rosh's body slipped off of Jaden's light saber and fell limp to the ground.

"Well done Jedi," Alora said drawing attention back to her, "You have become one of us."
"No!" Jaden snarled.

"Join us," Alora bated, "With Marka Ragnos as our master, we will defeat the Jedi and rule the galaxy."
"Join you?" Jaden mocked, "Why should I trade one master for another? The scepter of Ragnos is too powerful to be left in the hands of someone as weak as Tavion! If anything, it should belong to ME!"

Alora found this amusing, "Oh, you think so?"
"You on the other hand are useless. I should have killed you on Hoth!"

"They met before?" Laurena whispered, "I wonder how that went?"

"You won't get a second chance. Tavion has taught me much since then!"
Alora blasted Jaden with a large bolt of force lightning that was so powerful, Jaden was thrown back and his light saber was tossed to the side.

However, this didn't stop Jaden. He immediately leaped to his feet and retrieved his light saber.

The fight raged on, and Alora was losing steam faster than Jaden.

In one final swift slash, Jaden had finished Alora…

Jaden escaped without a word, while Laurena completely collapsed.
…She had just lost everything of family she had left.
The young girl broke into small sobs.

Then a man arrived.
With whatever strength Rosh had left Rosh was able to say, "K..Kyle?"
"Rosh…" The man gasped.

"I'm sorry…" Rosh moaned, "Jaden… has turned. You've lost… both your students."
Kyle rushed over to Rosh who was slowly losing strength.

"No," He said if a comforting tone, "You are a Jedi."
"Thank…you…" And at that moment, Rosh had died…

Kyle laid the body of his former student on the ground.
"But I've still lost Jaden. Where did he go?"
And then Kyle understood.
"I have to get to Korriban!"

And with that Kyle left.

Laurena rushed over to the lifeless body of Rosh Penin.
"Why?" She screamed, "Why do I always lose the person I try to protect? Jaden, dad, mom, …and now Rosh!"

She buried her face into his chest.
And there she staid…

After many hours that had gone by Laurena had not left to body of Rosh.
Then someone spoke.

"Who are you?"
It was that man Laurena had seen right before Rosh had died. What was his name? Kyle?
"Lau… Laurena." She said through her tears.
"Why are you here?"
"I was a prisoner… until… until Rosh…" but she couldn't continue.

"He set you free didn't he? I think I can see why."
"You resemble someone he and I both knew, an old student of mine. His name was-"
"Jaden Korr, I know." Laurena said bitterly, "I'm his sister…"

Her words fell like a dead weight in the air.

It was obvious Kyle was in shock, he had no idea Jaden had a family. He wasn't sure what to say…

"So I suppose you know what happen…" was all he could think of.
"Yes, I know I've lost my brother to the dark side. But why are you here?"
"I came to collect the body of my student. And then track down Jaden."

Laurean's eyes grew big. This was a chance to save her brother.

"Let me come with you!"
"No, it's too dangerous. Jaden has become mad with power. He could kill you instantly."
Laurena clenched her fists. "Don't tell me no! I understand my brother more than you will ever know! Give me a chance."

Kyle sighed, "I guess I don't have a choice. You're more stubborn than Jaden was."

And with that, they left.


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