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Rick was sat on the couch holding Johanna in his arms and staring at her intently.

"You are just so cute aren't you?" He smiled.

Kate walked into the room and smiled at him She stood at the bottom of the stairs just watching Rick talk to their daughter.

"Guess who we're going to see today." He said. "We're going to see Uncle Ryan and Esposito. Aunt Lanie might be there as well because she just can't stay away." He smiled.

Johanna opened her eyes and looked at him.

"There's the beautiful I love." Rick said.

"She can't talk back you know?" Kate said as she announced her presence.

"Yes, I know that." He looked up at her. "Where's the little guy?" He asked. "You didn't sell him to Lanie already did you?"

She rolled her eyes at him. "Alexis said she wanted to spend some quality time with him."

"Should I be worried she wants to spend so much time with him?"

Kate laughed and sat next to him. "No. She's enjoying being a sister."

They had been home for three weeks and had settled into a routine. Since Kate was still recovering they had held off on going to the precinct for a visit, but decided that today they were going go in since she had gotten most of her strength back. Rick had been running around for the first week making sure that Kate was well rested and everything was done around the loft. During the second week Lanie and Esposito had come for a visit, with Lanie stealing each of the babies for a cuddle and Rick telling Esposito the joys he had discovered in fatherhood again. Ryan and Jenny had come to see them afterwards.

"So who do you think she looks like?" Rick asked. "Because I can't see either of us in her."

"You just aren't looking hard enough." She said leaning closer. "She looks like me."

"Are you sure?" Rick asked.

"Then again she does look like Ryan a little bit."

"That wasn't funny." He said. "What do you think Jo? Mommy isn't funny is she?"

"Trying to turn her against me already I see."

Johanna continued to stare at Kate totally forgetting about Rick. Kate smiled at this.

"See she knows who to stick up for."

"No she just recognizes your voice. She's going to be a daddy's girl aren't you princess."

"You know she is going to be so confused with all these names you keep calling her."

"It's not my fault." Rick said. "I can't help it."

"I'm sure you can."

"So how are you feeling today?" Rick asked her.

"Better than the last couple of weeks."

"You still up for going for a visit?"

"As much as I love staying her I need to get out even if it is for a couple of hours."

Rick chuckled slightly. "I remember when Alexis was born, I didn't dare leave the house in case she got an infection or caught something."

"Well I think I know who's going to be the worried parent." She said standing up. "I'm going to go see if Alexis wants to come with us."

An hour later Kate, Rick ad Alexis were walking through the elevator doors with Rick pushing the twins in their pushchair. Ryan sat with his feet propped up on his desk and Esposito was leaning back in his chair. They were both tossing a ball between the space and laughing.

"Nice to see things are still active around here." Kate said.

Ryan had just caught the ball and turned to the direction of Kate's voice. "Beckett!" He said smiling. "What are you doing here?"

"You guys take the term while the cat's away the mice will play to a while new meaning." She laughed.

"What can we say the murderers take vacation time too."

"I see."

"But enough talk where's our little recruits?" He stood up and walked towards Rick.

"Finally sleeping so don't wake them up." Kate said.

"Talk about a strict parent."

"Hey when you have kids you'll understand."

"Wow pulling out that talk already? I thought you would have lasted longer."

"What can I say looking after one overgrown child for the last couple of years took its toll."

"Don't blame me." Rick said. "Alexis managed just fine before."

"Hey don't bring me into this." Alexis said from where she was standing.

Montgomery who heard the conversation from his office walked out and smiled. "Couldn't stay away huh Beckett?"

"Well I don't want to give these guys a reason to just mess around for the next couple of months. Call it a surprise inspection." She said the last part to Ryan and Esposito.

"So there's going to be more visits?" Ryan asked.

"You can count on it." She smirked at the worried look on his face.

"So Alexis how's the arm healing?" Esposito asked.

"Doctor's say I can have the cast off next week but not to put too much pressure on it."

"That's great." He said smiling.

"Yeah I'll be glad to get this thing off."

They all laughed and heard the elevator signal its arrival on the floor they turned to see Lanie grinning and walking out the elevator.

"Hey there Beckett what are you doing here?" She said.

"As if you don't already know." She said laughing and turning to look at Esposito.

"What?" He said innocently. "She wanted to know if you came in." He said shrugging.

"So how are my gorgeous niece and nephew?" She asked unable to contain her excitement.

"I'm fine thanks Lanie." Kate said sarcastically.

"Oh we all know you are." Lanie said waving her off. "So how are they?" She asked again.

"They've been missing you terribly." She chuckled. "Is that what you want to hear?"

"Yes." She stated. "Do they need feeding?" Lanie asked eager to hold them again.

Kate checked her watch. "Well they were fed this morning but I'm sure it's getting close to them needing something again."

"Oh great." Lanie said smiling widely. "So who do I get?"

"Well I was going to wait until they-" She was cut off by Rick.

"Sorry Kate too late looks like someone's up already." He grinned and picked Malcolm up.

"Obviously someone takes after his dad." Kate said watching him.

Lanie stood patiently and Kate laughed at her. "You can't just kidnap my children you know?"

"Kidnap is such a strong word." Lanie said. "I prefer the term borrowing."

"Because that's better."

"Well I give them back don't I?"

"Not by choice."

"It's not my fault." Lanie said.

"Man I've never seen her like this before." Esposito said.

"It happens." Ryan said. "I remember when me and Jenny went to visit her cousin who had just had a kid. It took her weeks to get over her, you had better get used to her like this."

Esposito watched as Lanie took Malcolm from Rick and walked into the break room with him and a bottle. Only one thing was going through his mind at that point, if Lanie got her way he would be joining Rick in fatherhood next.