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Title: Forever after

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Swiftly the air spun into a whirlwind, bringing in warm air and a storm to wash away the death of winter. Rain slowly fell down from the sky, coating the ground in a soft colourful light of soft white as the snow began to melt with the water.

Small cottages lined up down the lane, more ran down other streets and then more in the center of the town, each getting bigger and bigger and more packed with larger families or with more servants that belong to the family. At one particular household, a young servant stood at the back door of the lowest level, staring at the rain.

This young servant, a young man of the age sixteen with flowing bright orange hair, fiery chocolate brown eyes, and a small slinger build meant for running and dodging rather then standing and fighting with the brutes of the city. This young man was name Ichigo, his last name was gone before his parents were able to give him it, but he took on the name of the household he worked for, Kuchiki.

Ichigo often enjoyed staring out at the rain when others were packed up in their beds, dreaming of a brighter tomorrow and hope that one day the young lord would find a love. Ichigo knew that the man who took him in had a eye on someone in particular, but kept it to himself as it wasn't his secret to tell, but he hoped that the man he grew up with would soon take the one he longed for, he didn't deserve to be alone as he was now.

Taking a deep breath, Ichigo let the lingering earthy aroma fill his senses, letting him remember a tine when everything was simple, when he and the lord would play together, when the old lord and his wife were still breathing the world's scents and finding their adventures, taking Byakuya; the young lord, him and Byakuya's younger sisters, Hisana and Rukia. Sadly old Lord Kuchiki, Lady Kuchiki and young lady Hisana died in an a tragic accident, leaving Byakuya to become the lord at the tender age of eight, Rukia the lady of the estate at four and Ichigo the youngest servant at six.

While Ichigo didn't care if he was to be put to work, he could see that it pained the two he grew up with, having to order him around and making him do the more tasking work as the others were either too old to move the heavier items of the house or were women who tended the garden and cooked. Ichigo shrugged when he was ordered to something and did it with out complain and did the task until it was done.

Ichigo let his head snap out of thought as he heard movement to his left. He saw in the late evening light Byakuya standing in the doorway of his room. Ichigo nodded at his childhood friend, receiving one in return, a mutual greeting they've had since boy-hood. Ichigo turned back to the rain, feeling the warmth coming from the splashes against his skin, wishing to run out in it as he did when he was a child, he heard Byakuya step in and come to his side. While he said nothing, Ichigo knew that Byakuya wished to speak what he had on his mind.

"Tell me what is on your mind my friend" Ichigo spoke softly, light alto voice ran past his lips like silk would flesh. Byakuya held back a shiver from that smooth silky voice of his best friend.

"I've planned on leaving this house for the next few passing seasons, leaving only a few who wish to stay, I'm asking if you want to come with" Byakuya asked. Ichigo turned to him and stared at him, a place away from this city of sin and shame, that's what it has come to be since so many have died in the passed years. Placing a hand on his chin, Ichigo thought about it and sighed, he had a feeling that where ever they were going, an adventure was going to happen. Smiling slightly, Ichigo looked at Byakuya.

"I'll go Byakuya, what do I need to pack?" He asked, leaning against the wall while balancing on his heals.

"Just the most important, clothes will be there so no need to pack that much clothing, just a week's worth will do" Byakuya said happily. Byakuya would of been upset if Ichigo didn't want to go, but he was glad that his best friend was wishing to go. Ichigo nodded and started to look around before turning once again to Byakuya.

"When do we leave?" he asked. Byakuya looked up from his thoughts, not that this was new to Ichigo as he knew that Byakuya was thinking about HIM.

"In the first light of tomorrow" he said before leaving Ichigo to pack. Ichigo sighed before turning to the bag he pulled out just seconds before and then went to a photo album he had. Opening the book he saw a younger version of himself and Byakuya, one that was when they were introduced, Ichigo being two and Byakuya benign four. They were stuck together like glue ever since like two brothers.

The next photo held one of Ichigo being held by Lady Kuchiki when he fell off the rafter and scared himself, she was so clam and loving, dark black hair swirled as she calmed him down, even as going far as to sing to him until he was fully calm by sleep, his nerves had worn themselves out. The picture was when he had finally calmed down with the sleep.

Smiling Ichigo closed the book and placed it into the bag carefully, covering it with a cloth so no one would see it and continued to pack up.

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