AN: Coming in at 236 words, not including the author's note, here is Lorne's revenge. Enjoy!


"Lieutenant Laura Cadman, front and center!"

"Yes, Sir!"

"Truth or dare?"


"Truth or dare?"

Laura debated her choices. Truth and she'd have to answer a possibly humiliating question, dare and she'd have to do something extremely humiliating. She knew what she should pick, but knowing her own reputation she knew what she had to pick.

"Dare, Sir."

Smiling, Evan handed her a small card with the dare and a place for a signature written on it.

"Lemme know when it's done."

"Yes, Sir." Laura said dejectedly.



"What?" He demanded as he turned towards the door, looking at the speaker. "I have important work to do an-" He was cut off as Laura walked over to him and kissed him, on the lips.

She pulled away a few seconds later, not surprised that his face was one of complete horrification.

"Sign this, please." She requested as she laid the card and a pen on the table in front of him.

Still in a daze, McKay did as she requested. He was still staring at her in shock when she disappeared out the lab door.


Evan smiled when he saw the index card on his desk. He knew Cadman wouldn't have been able to refuse the dare, and he'd used that to his advantage.

Next came the easy part, asking Zelenka to play the security video from the lab all over Atlantis.