If you want angsty Carlisle/Bella, you got it right here! hehe. :) 'Scuse the mistakes. I own nothing. Enjoy!

A chilled hand traced the contours of my face, lingering on my lips whilst my hands - warm and soft - pressed lightly against the left side of his chest; the place where his heart once beat. A shy, loving smile graced his lips and I couldn't help but reciprocate it with one of my own.


A musical soprano voice called from somewhere, anywhere, it could have been from the moon. The moment was broken as he looked toward the place the sound came from. He drew his bottom lip into his mouth and his brow furrowed deeply in confliction and when he turned back to face me, a look of pure agony was etched upon his features. I couldn't stand such a look on his face, one such as him should never have a need to experience this. He covered my hand that was still on his chest with his own hand and squeezed it tightly. He looked away to the general direction of the sound and back to me barely a fraction of a second later, indecision flickering across his milk and honey eyes.

I nodded in answer to his silent question, Go to her, and then I couldn't bring myself to look him in the eye. Keeping my hand on his chest, he drew me close to him and kissed my lips swiftly, leaving it tingling as he pulled away and I could have sworn that underneath my hand, I felt his heart breaking, synchronized with mine.

My hand slipped from his grasp and he walked toward the stairs where his wife was surely waiting. I watched as he left, wishing, hoping that he would stay. He did turn back to me, his shoulders slumped in defeat; no words were necessary, I knew exactly what he was trying to say: Goodbye Bella.