Miley is caught or is Mitchie?

Mitchie's POV:

Oh my gosh, Miley caught me...or better yet I caught her. I spoke to her as she gave me a sly look. "What are you smiling about, you're the one who CHEATED on Shane and you dating him." "Oh poor Mitchie, you can be so, so, so, dumb!" "ME! ME?" I said the first one being shocked while the other being a question. "Yeah you, cause you're going to keep your mouth shut, and if you don't-" "If I don't then what?" She leaned her forehead to me and grinned in a way, "If you don't, I will spread a TOTALLY false but what seems too good to be true, but also low and mean, rumor to everyone including brown and Shane, which can make you BANNED!...from Camp Rock, PERMANTELY!" My eyes widened then they squinted. "Don't think I have the power, I'm Miley Cyrus for crying out loud!"

She was right, she WAS RIGHT! She's freaking Miley Cyrus. I backed away and then I nodded. As I turn, it only took 2 steps till Miley said, "Your new secret." I bowed my head, 'my new secret', just like the old one that made the first time worst, and this one...could make the second last one.

Caitlyn's POV:

I was reading Perez Hilton on my laptop and I saw a new article. It says, "SHANE 'N' MILEY - Still going strong!" I was disgusted, it was a picture of Shane, looking fine, and Miley. A dress that partly revealed her boobs. I WAS, like i said before, disgusted. Then all of a sudden the door banged wide open and a crying Mitchie was there.

I went over to her and she was crying still. I held her and asked her what was wrong. All the sobs the shivered out was, 'shane' 'miley' 'some guy' 'bed'. When she calmed down she told me everything that she saw with Miley.

I couldn't believe it, well she was Miley, but still. After awhile, Mitchie calmed down and decided to go to sleep. When she did, I turned around to face the window and there was...

MILEY! She had a angry look at her face, then she had a sly look on her face and moved right out of the frame. I ran out to chase her and panted, "M-M-MILEY! W-wh-at ar-re yo-you doi-oing

her-re?" "Oh just taking a walk, in gossip land. Mitchie spilled, after 5 minutes, and now that she told you, she's finished. BYE!" Miley ran off to fast for me to catch up to her. I decided to stay but I cried, Mitchie was about to receive her WORST news...yet.


Mitchie was waking up. It was time. "How are you feeling." "Little better." 'You sure, because i HAVE to tell you something." "Ok...spill" "Last night when you told me about Miley and after you fell asleep, Miley was at our cabin listening to us talk and she ran off. I caught up to her but she still ran off and saying was you last time being here."

I could see the anger in Mitchie and frightens me. Then she started looking like my emotion. I couldn't believe how fast I said that. "I can't believe this, Miley is going to wreck my camp rock life." "It's not over we can still stop her."

"HOW? I'm Shane's ex, she's MILEY FREAKING Cyrus!" "Well you never know!" "You know what, it could be best." I couldn't believe she said that. "How? This is the camp that awoken you, got you Shane, and so, so, so much more!" "But Shane is going to be here, Miley as well, next thing you know, it's Miley Gray." That name sounded so sad. "Look...when I have an idea, it'll be the best." "Sorry Caitlyn, but I think it's game over." I was angry, but I understood.

Mitchie and I went to the Mess Hall for breakfast. I had eggs and bacon while Mitchie barely bit into her toast. Then she told me she had to go all of a sudden, she ran out so fast out the doors. I didn't know why until she saw Shane and Miley giving breakfast kisses and feeding each others and whispering to each other. That could been the reason. It was so wrong, so I looked away. Then Baron and Lola joined me. They both saw Shane and Miley and had sad looks on their faces. "What was Shane thinking?" Lola said. "Yeah...Miley? Really?" Baron agreed. I shook my head and looked at my eggs and took more bites.

The sad part is that me and Mitchie were in the same Shane...and Miley.

We both went there and we saw Shane tongue-wrestling with Miley who was grabbing his butt and squeezing it. I was...'OMG' while Mitchie had tiny tears welding up in her eyes. We joined Peggy and Ella at the corner and talked. "Mitchie don't take that at all." Mitchie still looked down till Shane spoke.

"All right who's ready to dance!" Everybody whooed and cheered. I didn't, for Mitchie. Alright everybody grab a partner, doesn't matter on gender. "I'll be yours." Miley said as she sneaked her hand into Shane's hand who did a slight smile, as if he wasn't...satisfied. I was confused. But then I asked Mitchie to be my partner which she agreed. We all made a circle around Shane and Miley. Shane put on the new song, Enrique and Nicole's Heartbeat (listen to this song while reading this chapter. Set the mood.) Miley started putting her hands on Shane's shoulder and moved them down and down. Then Shane flipped her and Miley did the same kind of move as before. Then Shane flipped her again and Shane and Miley's eyes were facing each other at the line before the chorus and when the chorus came, the lips were almost closing in. In. Mitchie ran.

I saw Mitchie ran, I couldn't see her face, just an empty gap to the left of me. Then Shane looked at me and put his sad face on, while I gave him daggers. He accepted them and continued dancing with Miley. I couldn't believe that he would just do that.


It was Dinner time and Mitchie wasn't there. I was getting nervous. Then I saw Shane and Miley holding hands with each other and Shane getting Miley her dinner. They both walked into a room which always mysterious to us and locked until Shane opened it. You could see a glow and faint music playing. Miley was acting shocked and hugged Shane and then she put that "i know what to do" look and dragged Shane in there. I decided to search for Mitchie once I heard the door being shut and locked. I walked out of the Mess Hall. Until I heard people talking. 'Could you believe that?' I heard someone said. Then another. "Yeah, I thought she changed...well i guess she's the same." This was not good. They couldn't be talking about- 'Yeah that Mitchie, where in the right mind does she have to do that.' NO! I jumped up that person and asked. When they told me, my eyes widened even wider than before. Th-That couldn't be true. But then again this was all the work of Miley.

I had to go tell Mitchie. I ran straight there to our cabin. Only to see Mitchie there lying on her bed. "Mitchie?" She looked at me. "Yeah?" I took a deep breath. "Mitchie, there's another thing I got to tell you." She nodded and I proceeded with the truth. She was shocked and started swearing about Miley. Saying how much of a mean girl she was. I, for one, was ANGRY. Then I went there to accompany her as she started to sob. I went there to hug her. Then she decided to go to the bathroom. It took her 3 minutes to come out.

And then she had even more tears coming out. I shot up. "Mitchie you still can't go through this. It's not over yet. We got time, we-" "That's not why I'm crying." "Then why what's wrong?" The answer even awoken my eyes even more on what she said. She said,

"I'm pregnant."


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