Watching wasn't enough anymore.


He was into the "personal contact" stage now. He couldn't help it anymore, she was so intriguing. He would pick fights with his brother - Half brother He growled to himself - on purpose just so he could see her. Of course, he would taunt her until she got that spark into her eyes, the one she always got when she was ready to use whatever object close to try and hurt him with. She is so arousing when riled up. Then she would get this look into her eyes, the determined one. The most beautiful one. He thought. The one where she was getting ready to put her life on the line at the last possible moment for her loved ones. She usually does this right before she shoots an arrow at my head. He snorted, creeping through the trees silently. It's the one look full of pure love and devotion for her friends, the look she gives to her enemies only, her fiercest look. And I am the enemy, usually. Sesshoumaru sighed.

He looked up at the sky with solemn gold eyes. Kagome...