Sesshoumaru growled soothingly to his mate-to-be, comforting her worries. "We shall be leaving in the morning, it is time to rest for now." He announced, inclining his head in their direction. The gang looked at each other but got up and one after the other, hugged and said good-bye to Kagome. There were some tears, but eventually, Kagome and Sesshoumaru were alone with Kaede and Shippou. Sesshoumaru let Kagome turn around in his arms to face him.

"Stay with me tonight?" She asked meekly. He smirked and nodded. Kagome frowned. "But don't get any ideas." She said. Kaede chuckled behind her and Shippou yawned. Both of them shuffled into Kaede's room to sleep. Sessshoumaru kissed Kagome's cheekbone before letting her go. She smiled at him and gesture to the small cot in the farthest corner, where a straw panel hid most of what was essentially her 'room'. "Let me get changed and then we can sleep." He nodded as she ducked behind the screen.

While she was gone, Sesshoumaru removed the top layer of his haori, undid his sash and put everything neatly in a corner of the small hut. Kagome eventually poked her head around the screen with a blush and gestured for him to come over. He joined her behind the screen and admired her form encased in a long shirt that only came down to mid-thigh. She made a mouth watering picture. He let her lay down on her side first then came in behind her with his back to the wall, and took her around to waist. She eeped as he pulled her back flush against his front and growled low. He could feel her body heat up and could imagine the blush staining her cheeks. He chuckled.

Kagome swatted his arm but giggled anyway. "Silly..." She said but broke off with a huge yawn. "G'night." She called sleepily and fell asleep almost instantly.

He kissed her ear. "Good night."