A/N: Just finished Demon's Covenant and this is my way of musing like the shameless fangirl I am. 8D

Disclaimer: The Demon's Lexicon series belongs to Sarah Rees Brennan.

Alan wasn't lying when he said that his lame leg had practically become part of him.

But he wouldn't trade anything for those five minutes when his leg was whole and he was in the midst of it all fighting with a the hilt of a dagger gripped tightly in one hand and the grip of his handgun digging grooves in his palms.

He is a pacifist. But in those moments where the adrenaline is undeniable and the crowd around him pulses with blood, excitement, danger he can lie to himself and pretend that it is all just a game or a dance. He just has to punch in the right sequences or step the right steps to accomplish his goal. He can pretend he is back on the football field again and he is running down the field to score that final goal. He knows why he hadn't wanted Nick to fix his leg before this, but he can still taste the lingering colors and the lack of pain dancing across his tongue.

Honesty is almost undeniably sweet.