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Today marks the day of the Annual Fox hunt but why do they do this to their hero because a man named Sarutobi Hiruzen Sandaime Hokage made the mistake of telling the whole populace of the village 12 years ago that the Kyubbi no kitsune was sealed into a young baby only 4 hours old. His name was Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze. The last two parts of his name were new to

his clans the original names were Yagami and Kusanagi the wielders of two of the divine flames one was the Fright flame the other was the Holy flame now the Yagami were originally Krueger but after they had one very evil clan head named Freddy they changed the name to Yagami than to Uzumaki later on. now tonight was very dangerous for young Naruto for tonight

would be his death and was out and about even though his Jiji the Hokage told him to stay in his Apartment but Naruto wanted to see the festival since he never went "Hey guys look I found the demon brat lets kill him to finish what the yondaime started" yelled a drunken villager who had spotted Naruto Naruto started running as fast as his little legs could

carry his 4 foot 3 body he was chased for hours until he ran into an alley way but found out it was a dead end and turned around but looked at the villagers and shinobi defiantly as if to say do your worst and that is exactly what they did they beat him kicked him cut him with knives swords even kitchen forks they beat him with crow bars pipes and even one villager beat him

with the kitchen sink after they had their "fun" they pinned him to the wall of the alleyway and gouged his eyes out and cut off all his fingers and they were done they were getting ready to leave when they felt an enormous KI fill the area when they looked around they saw that it was the Hokage who dropped his genjutsu to show that he was not as old as

everyone thought he looked he was buffer younger looking all thanks to taking good care of his body he did not even really smoke he made it look that way so he was in tip top condition to kick some villager ass.

"Sir Uzumaki is dead he has no vitals his pulse is not their anymore" said one of the hokages anbu that actually cared about Naruto it was a female cat masked anbu who was known as Neko she had purple hair that was long and wavy and was well taken care of.

The hokage got even madder at the fact that his adopted grandson was dead and that meant that the Kyubbi would return in three years since they did not transfer it to another host but just as he was about to go and Punish these assholes there was a huge pulse of Chakra than a very dark voice said "Nightmare Stare" Immediately every villager that was there with evil

intent started screaming and clawing at their eyes as if to get them out of their skull for they were seeing nightmares that were worse than death."Fright flame" was heard next and the people clawing at their eyes immediately dissentigrated in a burst of purple flames.

The hokage looked around until he saw Naruto looking at the ashes hatefully and then looked at him and smiled "Hey Jiji whats up I'm not in trouble am I"."No Naruto-kun your not in trouble in fact all this bullshit ends now".

with that they were off to the council chambers to start a meeting and to tell the council of Naruto's clan status since Sarutobi knew about it but thought it would be awhile before the young boy was killed and planned on telling him once he reached chunin or at least participated in the exams but now he was tired of the council trying to kill off a person who was basically

immortal since he had both clans bloodlines running through his veins and all they could do was harm him but now that his bloodlines were awoken he was going to make the council shit themselves when they hear of which bloodlines he has since they were around before the Rikkudo Sannin and are more powerful than the three great doujutsu since they are blessed by

both the goddesses Kami and Yami as well as their brother Shinigami.
(Inside council chambers 30 minutes later)

The Hokage Sarutobi Hiruzen had his anbu gather the Civilian council the Shinobi Council and the elders Danzo showed up on his own. (Cause he thinks he is important enough to do what he wants)"What have you called this meeting for Hiruzen". Danzo asked showing no respect for the Hokage thinking he is better than Hiruzen.

"That is Hokage-sama to you Danzo you arestarting to get on my nerves with yours and the Civilian councils lack of respect things are going to change around here this village is not a democracy it's a Dictatorship I am the pimp and you all are the whores or to put it nicer I am the law and you all are my bitches you are here to advise not tell me what to do if you think you can walk all over me than you are sadly mistaken

I will have you sent to Ibiki and you know he will say Christmas has come early so don't fuck with the professor of shinobi".The whole council was staring at Sarutobi with wide eyes they had just found out that he got his fire back from when he first started as hokage only he was not what they would call peaceful anymore well to his enemies."Now the reason I called you all here

is because we have two new bloodlines in the village".But before he could finish Danzo interrupted again wanting to know which bloodlines had come to exist in Konoha."Interupt again Danzo and you will be put in jail until I find your base and read all your research and have trialed and punished for crimes I might find.""Now for the bloodlines we have the Yagami fright

flame bloodline and the Kusanagi Holy flame bloodline."
"Are you serious we have Those Bloodlines that means the prophecy is coming true we need to help train this person and get them ready for the Return of the Tyranthians as well as Zaelus the Tormentor."

said Nara Shikaku."Oh we will train him and you all will die when you hear who is the descendant of these clans he is none other than the one you hunt every October tenth during your annual fox hunt."The councils gasped and one very brave or should I say very stupid Civilian stood up and yelled "He can't be their Descendant he is a demon and I will have him killed".

Not noticing he said that out loud until they all heard "You just broke the Thirds law as punishment you receive death Holy flame". What happened next would haunt everyone for the rest of their lives because the founders of both clans appeared and both looked pissed Kyo Kusanagi had his hand outstretched and even though he was dead and in spirit form he could still

use techniques and harm people on the living plane he also could be brought back to life but chose not to for the time being next to him was Iori first non evil member of the Yagami clan now know as the Uzumaki clan."We came here to tell you that Kami Yami and Shinigami are not pleased with you all and that they will be bringing us back to life in 4 years because our

descendant will need training in his bloodline he will be trained in his mindscape while he sleeps until we can come in four years but until than if you lift a finger against him when you die you will go straight to Shinigami-sama's stomach do you all understand."The councils nodded and then the spirits of both dissapeared in a flash of white light for Kyo and Red light for Iori.

In rice country a certain sword that is inside a certain snakes stomach started to vibrate and was saying in its sentient mind "My true master has finally awakened his bloodlines now I can find him and get away from this disgusting freak of nature.

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