Hey guys its Scorpionking12 with a new chapter of Naruto of the divine flames I am updating early cause I got 12 reviews 23 favorites 20 alerts and 1 community or C2 as its called and the Harem has been made a little bit bigger cause I can now the girls for the Harem are as follows

Fem. Sasuke named Sukina uchiha

Fem. Haku

Younger Anko

Younger Kurenai

Karai from ninja turtles

Rika from digimon season 3

Ino yamanaka


Lightning Final fantasy 13

Tifa final fantasy 7

And maybe Hinata not sure cause I have not read a lot of Hinata naruto fics and I might later but for now the girls before her name are the ones

It has been about two days since the council meeting and Naruto had found out about his heritage he was bug eyed when he found out about the clans he came from and their bloodlines and sad that his dad and mom died the day he was born but also happy that they were famous and did want him unlike what some of the villagers said about him and his parents.

Naruto was on his way to his secret girlfriends house now his girlfriend was a secret for two reasons one she pretended to be a guy so the civilian council could not turn her into breeding stock and two the villagers would think she was in a genjutsu and kill Naruto to try and break her out of it it was her idea to pretend they were rivals and also the only way they could be close in public.

Naruto had reached his destination the Uchiha distract yes his secret girlfriend was Sasuke Uchiha otherwise known as Sukina Uchiha she was a beauty to behold she had long soft silky black hair with a little blue tint to it she was shorter than her male genjutsu and she had a face that would make an angel mad with envy her breasts were at least B cup bordering C cup she had unmarked skin accept for the tramp stamp with Property of Naruto Uzumaki on her backside that was also hidden by the Genjutsu she puts up everyday.

When he reached the door to her mansion and knocked it opened and he was pulled in real fast and pressed against the door after it shut and his lips were captured by her own. MMMPH was heard as they were tongue wrestling with each other when they opened their eyes Crystal blue met Charcoal black and they stared at each others eyes for about ten seconds before going back to kissing the life out of each other.

"I needed that" Sukina said as they separated for air.

"Me to but I need to tell you something My Kara-chan I have been told my ancestry as well as I have 2 bloodlines thought to have been extinct and they might put me in this thing called CRA which stands for Clan restoration act but the old man told me I don't have to start looking for girls until I am sixteen since we are to young to be parents and have sex but I will not let them join if you do not approve cause I love you and nothing will ever change that."

"OH naruto-kun I can't believe you want my permision to do this CRA thing it means that you really do love me I will allow it but you have to let me give to ok for the girl to join and I get to be your first everything got it mr. man." Sukina said with a glare at the end.

"Yes Dear Wow I feel like we are married"

"Shut up and go take a shower dinner will be ready in about thirty minutes and you stink your stuff is in the bedroom like always even though you only sleep here twice a month it was good of you to move some of your clothes over here".

"thanks Kara-chan"

When Naruto left for the shower Sukina started having perverted thoughts of what they would do when they turned sixteen they may be to young now but in three hopefully short years they would do the horizontal Hokey Pokey she giggled perveresly while blood trickled down her nose at the thought of that.

Naruto had gotten in the shower and was singing the song I'm singing in the rain while cleaning himself thouroly his girlfriend had told him that the first time they dated that he better be squeaky clean if he wanted her to date him.

He was about to finish when he heard a voice in his head "Hey kit it is me the kyubbi so stop looking around for the voice anyway I wanted to tell you that I am going to help you out since it is my fault you are treated this way and a man named Danzo's fault for me attacking the village he tried to control me with some mutated bloodlines the sharingan in his mokutan arm and his sharingan wrapped eye he is the one that looks like a mummy on the council of elders anyway I will help you learn a taijutsu style called Kaoken and also a sword style called dance of the scarlet flame it was a style used by my father the juubi when he was still a human now when you sleep is when we will train got it"

"Got it" said Naruto as he wrapped a towel around his waist and walked to the room across the hall where he shared every now and then with Sukina only they slept in night clothes they never slept nude at all even if they saw each other naked before but help back their urges so that when they were old enough they could use their pent up frustration and fuck like wild animals in heat.

When Naruto came down stares Sukina's jaw hit the floor why because Naruto was wearing an open Black t-shirt with a Red dragon on the back with dark blue eyes and a wicked smile that sent chills down her spine with the words AWESOME on it he was wearing black jeans with metal chains hanging from them and on his wrists were leather braclets with metal 6 inch spikes coming from them.

Naruto also had his real body showing not the genjutsu he had put up that made him short looking malnourished and all that now he was about 5 foot 9 instead of 4 foot 2 and his hair was longer and straight not shaggy like everyone thought it hung down like a rockers hair would and his arms had four dragons coiling around each the left side had a black a blue a red and a purple dragon on it and the right had a silver a golden a green and a yellow dragon on it his chest had three different tattoos a skull with a snake going out of its left eye socket with a dagger burried to the hilt in its skull right out the bottom of its mouth with blood dripping from its mouth and eye socket a dragon coiled around a demon on his left peck and an angel with golden wings on his right peck on his palms were both yin yang symbols only the left one was normal while the right one was reversed he now had golden eyes and was built like an athlete.

"Naruto-kun is that you" Sukina said while Salivating at the sight of her boyfriend.

"Yep heheeh" Naruto chuckled nervously at not showing his girlfriend his true body.

"You are so letting me sleep on your chest tonight after dinner and if your good when we turn sixteen maybe I will give you some Dessert okay" she said in the most seductive voice naruto had ever heard her use.

"Yes honey".

"Good now lets eat".

"In rice country a certain weapon had found a way to escape its fake master and was waiting for the right moment to leave while thinking "I will not let this vile creature kill any more innocents with me in his hands"

And thats a rap next time training summoning scroll wow and teams this is scorpionking12 signing off for now ja ne