Title- Jettison
Characters/Pairings- 4/RomanaII, shippy if you squint
Rating- K
Summary- Finally brought myself to watch Logopolis. It was heartbreaking. But you know what stood out to me? The jettison of Romana's room. My shipper self felt the need to take a look at that.

When he sees her room, just as she left it, it makes his hearts ache.

Ten minutes later, he jettisons the room. He could picked any room in the TARDIS to lighten their load, but he doesn't. He'd rather get that last reminder of Romanadvoratrelundar out of his sight. When Adric questions the action, he snaps at the boy. Maybe it was harsh. But he's not in the habit of bemoaning his lot, and he isn't going to start now. Even if seeing her go is the hardest thing he's done in the four-odd centuries since he officially left Gallifrey.

He's used to his human companions leaving; they have friends and lovers and families and lives outside his box. But he thought- Just this once, he thought...

He thought he'd found someone who would stay.

She wanted to.

He wanted her to.

She couldn't.

He doubts he'll ever see her again.