"Home at Last"

I open up my eyes, not knowing I had closed them. I found I was in the water again, but this time there were no walls surrounding me. It felt so open, and I felt so...free. I couldn't help it. I leap into the air again, rejoicing in my newfound freedom. I knew that the boy, Jesse, was watching me. Together, we had done the impossible, outnumbered the odds and I had grown wings.

A sense of sadness caught me off guard. Would I ever see him again? Maybe one day. But now it was time to return to my own family, like he to his.

With a splash, I dive back under the water, hearing excited clicks and squeals as I swim closer to my pod. They know I'm nearby, and suddenly I see another shape in the distance. I realize who it is instantly - my mother. I stop and she swims forward with grace and power. We nuzzle each other lovingly, happy to be back together.

I tell her of Jesse, how he set me free and that he says hello. After I greet more of my family members who I had missed greatly while confined, we begin to travel, the orange glow of a sunset guiding us to our next destination, away from endless circles and repetitive circus tricks.

I silently thank the boy who set me free - I will never forget him.

Salana ayun iasis.