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Ch: 1

I glanced around Platform 9 ¾, feeling an odd sense of giddiness as I prepared to board the train for my final year, at last, of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Of course, I never dreamed when I was in first year, that I would be returning a year late to complete my studies. But after the horrendous war against Lord Voldemort, I shuttered at his name still, new Headmistress Professor McGonagall offered all seventh year students an extra year to complete their courses.

Harry, Ron, and I jumped at the chance, and our seventh year records would be erased. Granted it means we'll have to repeat the whole year, but at least we have a chance of really making something of ourselves! Harry still wanted to become and Auror like his father before him, and Ron was looking into Ministry work like his father and brothers. Me… I couldn't be sure. Perhaps I would go on into the world and explore all sorts of new and undiscovered magic! Or maybe become a healer at St. Mungos Hospital… or maybe work with be apart of the Department of Magical Creatures in the Ministry of Magic.

Crooshanks mrrowed loudly at me and I looked at my over fed, orange fur ball of a cat whom was stuffed in a cage. "Hush! We'll be boarding soon."

My cat purred loudly in annoyance but other than that stopped meowing. Hmph, fat cat.

"Have a good year, Hermione," my mother told me, kissing my cheek. "Be sure to brush your teeth before you go to bed and don't forget to floss!"

"Mother!" I teased, poking her in the ribs. My parents, the ever vigilant dentists, just smiled and hugged me.

"We're so proud of you, Hermione. We know you'll make something great of yourself. Just send an owl ever couple of weeks, okay?"

"I will papa," I hugged him tightly. Or rather, he hugged me. I never did get the tall genes of the family. Though, being 5'4" wasn't so bad.

I heaved my trunk up the steps behind me and waved briefly before heading for a compartment. An owl screeched suddenly overhead and everyone turned to look. I blinked, a letter with the Hogwarts official seal dropped in my hand, McGonagall's neat scrawl on the front addressing the letter to me.

Hermione Granger,

In light of your recent academic and student record, I am pleased to award you the Badge of Head Girl of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Enclosed are a list of duties you will be expected to adhere to.

The Head Dorm is located on fifth floor corridor. "The vine unlocks the door."


-Professor M. McGonagall

Headmistress to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

I stared at the golden badge in my hand. "Move ya oaf!" a small student shoved past me. Croshanks meowed loudly in annoyance and I moved numbly around, trying to find a compartment. I was Head Girl… oh sweet God in Heaven! I couldn't believe it! I officially pulled out the badge and stroked my thumb over the crest.

It was the Hogwarts Crest, a lion sat on a ruby gem, a sapphire sat around the Raven's neck, an amethyst on the badger's side, and an emerald that a serpent curled around. The images shifted and moved, dipping their heads to me. I could tell each gem was real, and I could feel the magic humming inside this badge. Beneath it, on a banner, neatly inscribed my name as Head Girl.

The badge wasn't a pin, like the prefects were. No, mine was on a chain of some sort. For what reason, I couldn't be sure. The chain was adjustable and I swiftly put it on, letting the crest hang in the hollow of my neck.

"'Mione!" a familiar, female voice jolted me out of my trance. I jumped up and hugged Ginny Weasly.


"Oh my God! You're Head Girl!" she squealed, jumping up and down happily. "This is so exciting! Have you told Ron yet?"

"I just got it a few seconds ago."

Than when we finally calmed down, I looked at Ginny. "Gin… how are you really? How are your folks…?"

Immediately, the mood darkened. Ginny had lost her brother, Fred, in the war against Voldemort. Without his twin, Fred was pretty much just hanging around their joke shop. Ron had taken to hanging around with him, as did Charlie. It seemed to be the place where the Weaslys mourned their lost relative.

"We're all holding up. Mum's been knitting like crazy lately. She's already made Fleur her new winter dress, and some booties for the baby. Ah yes, Fleur Delacor Weasly and Bill Weasly were expecting their first baby soon. I bet Mrs. Weasly was all in a tizzy about it.

"That's wonderful!" I tried to lighten the mood again.

"Yeah… wonderful."

Apparently Ginny hasn't fully accepted Fleur just yet. I glanced at her hand and gasped. "Ginny! Did Harry," Ginny flashed a true smile and held out her left hand.

"He did this morning!"

On her finger sat a gorgeous white diamond in a white gold band. I squealed and hugged her tightly. "I'm so happy for you!" I danced around. "Have you told your mum?"

"No not yet. Harry and I are waiting till our first break and all of us get together to make the formal announcement."

I blinked, "How's Ron taking it?"

"He doesn't know."

I groaned, "Ginny…"

"Whaaat? You won't tell him, will you Hermione? He'll flip if he finds out I didn't!"

"You mean Harry didn't ask his permission?"

Ginny's ears turned red and glared at me. "He asked papa, but he doesn't need to ask my brothers! He'd never get a full yes out of all of them if he did!"

I rubbed my temples. "Alright, alright. I won't tell, I swear."

"Thank you Hermione!" she leapt into my lap and hugged me. Ginny had truly grown into a wonderful, beautiful, young woman. Gone was her frizzy red hair and bucked crooked teeth and petite body… replaced with ample curves, wavy hair, and a brilliant smile. Yep, Harry would have to be blind not to notice. And I'm glad he did.

I smiled tightly and hugged her again. Soon, Harry followed and kissed her cheek. "Hello love, have a good holiday?"

"I certainly did, thank you. Hermione was just telling me the great news! She's Head Girl!"

"No bloody way! Congrats 'Mione! Any news on who the Head Boy is?"

"Nope… nothing yet. I'll be sure to find out when I head over to the Prefects car."

We lapsed into silence and Ginny swiftly removed her engagement ring and put it on a chain around her neck, and tucked it into her shirt. Soon, Ron appeared, looking broody but he had a little color in his cheeks. After the war, Ron and I just… didn't have that magic. We ended things fairly abruptly. Or rather, I did with him. I just… he wanted something more with me and I just didn't feel that way about him.

It was expected of us I suppose. The two best friends who always bickered to end up together, but that's all we were. Friends. I could tell Ron still hadn't forgiven me for it.



Silence. Okay, this is getting really awkward! Soon, the train whistle blew, signaling that all last minute passengers to get on board… they depart in five minutes. Ron sat in front of me, still glaring and still watching. "Head Girl huh? Congrats."

"Thanks… I guess."


The whistle blew again and I shifted over to my letter, pulling out the list of requirements and duties that McGonagall was expecting of me.

Duties Expected of the Heads of Hogwarts

Heads are expected to patrol all corridors routinely by either schedule set by Heads or together

Heads are expected to adhere fairly to Hogwarts rules and to adhere to proper consequences for any student who breaks them.

Heads are expected to give and take away House points fairly and equally.

Heads are expected to meet with Prefects regularly and adjust patrols when need be.

Heads are expected to have their badges at all times in case of confrontation.

Heads are expected to help keep peace among the Hogwarts Houses.

Heads are expected to meet with the Headmistress once a month for updates on extra curricular activities and to schedule school events.

Special Privileges of Heads of Hogwarts

Heads are allowed an 11:00 PM curfew on weeknights starting Sunday Night. Curfew is lifted on Friday and Saturday nights.

Heads are aloud private bathrooms located on same floor corridor. Girls behind the Mermaid painting, Boys behind the Gallant Knight.

Heads are aloud a five-minute tardy extension in case of emergency.

Heads are aloud privileges into Hogsmead on weekends, provided you submit notice of absence to Headmistress ahead of schedule. Headmistress will send notice when she receives the notice and if she approves.

Any infraction or abuse of these privileges will result in immediate consequence.


M. McGonagall

Headmistress of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Wow! I mean… wow! I nearly fainted from all the practical freedom she was giving us! I prayed to God in Heaven that I'd have a decent partner for Head Boy.

"Chocolates! Sweets! Hot Chocolate!" a familiar voice called and a familiar squeak of wheels caught my attention. Mrs. Sweetling pushed her cart down and opened the door. She smiled brightly, recognizing us. "Anything off the trolley dears?"

"We'll have four of everything," Harry told her, offering her a large sum of Galleons. She smiled and began pulling off sweets from her trolley and exchanged it for the money.

"Have a good year!" she replied cheerfully. "And may you make it your best!"

As soon as she appeared, she was gone. Sweet old Mrs. Sweetling… I remember her coming up the train first year. 'Anything off the trolley dears?'

"What are you smirking at?" Ron suddenly snapped.

"I was just thinking back to First year!" I snapped back. "Sue me for smiling!"

"That isn't a smile, 'Mione. That's a smirk."


"Don't look so smug about your new status!"

I scoffed, "As if! You're still my friends. I won't abandon you."

"Sure you won't," I heard him mutter.

"Well if you're going to have a stick up your ass about it, I'll just leave!" I stood and slammed the door to the compartment, my body shaking with anger and hurt. Bloody hell! I guess Ron is still angry about the breakup. Hmph.

I walked up the train, checking my watch and finding it was almost time to brief the Prefects to their duties. My heart twisted into knots, wondering who would be Head Boy. Would he work with me? Or against me? Dear God, if it wasn't Ron, than who is it?

Could it be Dean? Or Gregory Milch of Hufflepuff? Or maybe Soren Troony from Ravenclaw…

I rapped twice on the compartment door and stepped inside.







Draco Malfoy.

I glanced out the window to the gathering dusky clouds. "Have I pissed you off somehow?" I asked them silently. Son of a bitch!

Around his neck, like a police badge, hung his Head Boy badge.

"Why am I not surprised?" a Prefect with Hufflepuff colors spoke up. "You two are the top in your class after all."

"Because I'm a Slytherin, pure blood, MALFOY! She's a bloody Mudblood!"

I glared coolly at him, "If you don't shut up and act civilly, Malfoy, I'll throw you out of this meeting."

"Is that a fact? You cant, Granger! You may have Head Girl title, but there is no way that you have enough power to throw me out."

I was hoping to scare him. Damn ferret needs to stop with the 'Mudblood' crack.

The other prefects shifted in their seats and I glanced at each of them.

"Well, we'll be beginning by planning out your routes. Each House prefect pair patrols for one week. Your patrols will be posted in your House Common Rooms, and will begin at Eight o'clock sharp."

I glanced at Malfoy, who was watching me intensely. I continued to list down the rules and regulations that would be expected of them and the main routes that they would take on their patrols.

I took a breath and finally turned to Malfoy. "Anything to add?"

"Nope. You covered it all."

"Good." I nodded to each Prefect. "I look forward to working with you all." Except you, I thought, directed at Malfoy. Damn pain in my arse!

I turned, my robes flowing behind me and I marched out of the compartment. "Hold it Granger." A hand grabbed my shoulder.

Damn it!

"Merlin Malfoy! Now what?"

He suddenly let go, "Tou-chy. We've got a compartment to ourselves, let's go. I doubt you want to be around Weaslbee and Scarhead." I glared at him, his silvery eyes were distant, but his mouth was mocking. I smacked his hand away.

"Don't touch me. Lead the way."

He blinked, surprised, and I only rolled my eyes. He crooked a long, elegant finger at me and I followed without complaint.

I should've been going back to the compartment where Harry and Ginny were waiting, but I was in no mood to deal with Ron's grumpiness. We stopped at an elegant looking doorway with frosted glass with gold lettering, 'Heads.'

I stepped inside and looked around, finding it very elegant indeed. The seats were very plush and seemed to be made out of satin instead of cotton. There was a table with hot assorted drinks and two china cups, 'Head Girl' with a lioness on the front, and 'Head Boy' with a serpent.

"How kind of Professor McGonagall," I accidentally mentioned, sitting down.

"Teacher's pet."

I shot a glare at him and pulled out my wand, flicking a non-verbal charm at my cup and pouring some coffee for myself, two sugars and a cream. Flicking my wand again, the steaming cup settled comfortably in my hand. I noticed that Malfoy was still at the door.

"You can come in, you know."

Immediately, he came in and sat down. "So what Weasel got up your ass?"

I glared again, "Ron is just being moody, not that it's any of your business."

"I always knew Weaselbee was a woman!"

"Why? Attracted Malfoy? I'll be sure to tell him that now that he's looking for another girlfriend."

He sputtered on a Berty Bott's jelly bean. "What? I thought you two were an item!"

"Broke up over the break. Glad to see you didn't deny being gay though Malfoy. It proves so many things," I stated boardly, stirring my coffee.

Suddenly, my coffee went flying and a very pissed off Slytherin was standing over me. "I'm going to say this once, Granger. Are you listening? I'm. Not. Gay. By any stretch. I like women. I love women. Or rather, women love me."

"You just stated that Ron is a woman. So therefore you're attracted to him."

He shuttered. "I'm attracted to beautiful women. If Weasly is indeed a woman, he's a fuck-ugly one than!"

I rolled my eyes and pulled out my wand, pointing it to my coffee and cleaning up the mess.

"Whatever Malfoy, I'm not in the mood. Do what you like."

There was silence as I poured myself another cup of coffee. "What is with you today?" he asked exasperatedly.

"Nothing of your concern," I told him.

"It is if we're going to work together."

"It wont effect anything."

"Will you stop being so clipped with me?"

I looked at him coolly, my brown eyes meeting his silver ones. "It wont effect our working relationship Draco Malfoy. I assure you."

"Are you so sure, Granger?"

I turned and glared annoyed at him. "Enough with the bloody damn questions! Shut the hell up and leave me alone!"

He flew back into his seat, eyes wide as if I were going to punch him again. I glared and turned back to the window, watching the scenery pass by, sipping my coffee. Malfoy suddenly got up and swept out of the compartment and I breathed a sigh of relief. Thank Merlin he's gone!

I stretched my legs out and crossed them at the ankles. I pulled out a muggle iPOD and scrolled through some songs, settling on one by a Celtic group. I had enchanted the piece of muggle work so that the power will never run out. But in turn, had turned it into a wooden feeling piece that seemed just… more magical. Soon, the flutes, drums and violins began soothing away my agitation.

I closed my eyes and imagined myself standing beside the lake at Hogwarts… snow just fallen on the ground. I'm just watching the sun rise… just simply watching as the navy blue, star-swirled sky was chased away by the breaking dawn. I felt my lips curl in a sense of wonder, the scene just seemed so clear!

I could sense someone beside me, taking my hand warmly in their palm. I furrowed my brow. Something was in my palm! Suddenly, the warmth disappeared and something replaced it. Something papery.

My daydream was shattered and I snapped my eyes open, turning and looking as a shadow disappeared from the compartment. "Wait!" I called. "I'm sorry, I didn't hear you come in."

The stranger didn't return. I glanced at the letter in my hand and blinked at the emerald green, elegant script.


I couldn't tell who's handwriting it was and there was no indication on whom it was from. I turned and opened the envelope, pulling out a piece of aged yellow parchment, again with the emerald green writing.

Dearest One,

The battle is won, and I can no longer hold myself back from coming to you. I have watched you for all the years we've learned at Hogwarts together. I stood in jealousy as Ronald Weasly took your in Courtship.

I know that things did not end well between the two of you. I stood in the shadows, always watching… ready to step in and protect you. But I could not protect you from his harmful words. Fear not, you earned your station as Head Girl.

I am proud!

I cannot reveal myself to you yet. I promise I will, Dearest One. Do not lose faith in me so soon.

Read the spell out loud at the bottom of my letter, and I leave a gift to you, Dearest One.

Smeraldo Rosa

I read the note several times, reading it over and over. If I were a sane person, I'd swear this came from some shy, average stalker. With a poet's heart. I stared at the spell, more like an incantation. I bit my lip, thinking it over. I had no idea who this came from, or what the spell would turn this into.

"One way to find out," I thought.

"Smeraldo Rosa."

Instantly, the letter turned into an emerald green rose.

Suddenly, I was filled with a feeling of longing. I brought the rose to my nose and inhaled the scent.

It didn't smell like a rose, but it smelled fresh, like a waterfall in springtime, or just at the end of winter. But at the same time, it had its own scent… like a sweet spice.

Emerald Rose… I await your next letter. I hope I meet you soon.

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