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Ch: 5

I couldn't help but feel tense around Malfoy—Draco… especially after his unusually kind gesture to escort Terry Radcliff with me to Madam Hooch. I would've thought that He'd ignore the Ravenclaw First Year and left him to his own divices. I'm not stupid. I know Radcliff was waiting for me. But for what reason, I had no idea. Something told me to be wary of the boy.

I woke and stretched, glancing at my table to see my letter and rose were still in place. I smiled, thinking back to coming back to the common room.


I walked into the dormitory, truly wanting to simply grab a shower and go to bed. It was right then, I saw it. Another letter! I jumped across the room and smelled the delicious food and my stomach growled. I felt touched, smiling and opened the letter.

Dearest Hermione,

It makes my blood burn seeing you angry. But I cannot allow you not to eat. You will need your strength in your upcoming studies and duties. Even if it's to argue with people.

Hermione, I wish I could reveal myself to you. I want to, do not think I don't. But I know that your scorn for me is stronger than any love you may feel for me. So I leave you with this rose, in hopes that when I do reveal myself to you, that you will accept me as I accept you. I will reveal this though:

Bloodlines mean nothing to me. Know I'll never scorn you for your muggle parentage.

-Emerald Rose

That left me with a fair clue. That eliminated almost half of Hogwarts all together! I sat down immediately to eat, my hunger overshadowing any other thought I had. When I finished, I inhaled the roses scent, smiling.

"A rose Hermione? A rose is a symbol of love. Weaslbee trying to make up with you?"

Aaand leave it to Draco to spoil the moment.

"No. On the contrary Draco, I've got an admirer. And I'd appreciate it if you don't insult my friends." I stood, waving my wand to clean the dishes and took the rose with me… into the shower… and with me into my dreams for the night.

*End Flashback*

I stretched again and kissed the petals. "Good morning Emerald Rose." The flower shivered slightly and bloomed more.

I smiled, placing it in a vase of water and skipped to my wardrobe and pulled out my robes for the day. I hummed as I walked out of my room and into my bathroom, the shower magically turning itself on and adjusting to the temperature to my liking. I love Hogwarts!

I stripped out of my night clothes and I stepped into the water.

I wonder who my mysterious admirer is… I mean, the majority of Purebloods are in Slytherin House. My eyes snapped open.



Emerald Green.


Holy shit, my admirer is from Slytherin House!

I dropped my shampoo and screamed as it fell on my foot. "DAMNIT!"

The door flew open, "Hermione! Are you—OH! I—I'm sorry, I swear I—I…" I whipped around and saw Draco Malfoy. His jaw was slacked, staring at me up and down. I blushed, folding my arms over my boobs.


He took off like a bat out of hell and I stooped to pick up my shampoo. Damn it! Why did Malfoy have to see me? I swear… if he makes one wise crack, gloves are off!

I washed off and dressed, charming my hair to lie in smooth it and started to braid it. No more bushy curls. No. I want a change. This is a good way to do it. When I peeked out the bathroom door, I saw that the common rooms were deserted. Good.

I walked out and headed for the Great Hall. I kept glancing over my shoulder, half expecting Malfoy to make an appearance. He never did. I took a breath as I sat down at the Gryffindor table, unrolling my new schedule to read off what I had this year.

Potions Mastery for Excelling Students- Professor Slughorn- Gryffindor and Slytherin M/T/W/Th/F

Potions Mastery for Excelling Students- Professor Slughorn- Gryffindor and Slytherin M/T/W/Th/F

Charms: Polishing the Craft- Professor Flitwick- Gryffindor and Ravenclaw T/Th

Advanced Magical Creatures- Professor Hagrid- Gryffindor/Slytherin/Ravenclaw T/Th

Advanced Magical Creatures- Professor Hagrid- Gryffindor/Slytherin/Ravenclaw T/Th

Defense Against the Dark Arts Advanced- Professor Wintercorn- Gryffindor and Hufflepuff: M/W/F



Teacher-Aid: Library M/T/W/Th/F

Transfiguration: Transformation of the Wizard- Headmistress McGonagall-Gryffindor M/W/F

Private Flying- Madam Hooch M/W/F

I smiled, rolling up my schedule and tucked it into my book satchel. I'm going to have fun this year! Though, as usual, I had double potions with the Slytherin House. My heart thudded as I reached to my braid, feeling the emerald rose sitting there. Perhaps my admirer will see and know he wont have to be afraid.

"Ooh! Bagels and cream cheese!" came a familiar voice, jumping into the seat beside me. Ginny.

"Mornin' Gin."

"Mornin' 'Mione. Sleep well with the Ferret?"

Sleep well with the Ferret? I blushed, having an image of Draco and I in bed. I blushed harder when I realized what I was thinking.

"Oh my God. No way. It's Malfoy? Seriously?"

"What? NO! I was just… thinking about someone else." I motioned to the rose in my hair.

"Oh… did you meet him?"

"No, not yet."

"Oh. Than you had a sexy dream about him then."


"What? It's nothing to be ashamed about Hermione. It's perfectly natural to have sex dreams about a guy you're attracted to."

"And who's that? A librarian?" came a grumpy voice… a very familiar grumpy voice.

"Sod off Ron. Get over it!" Harry sighed exasperatedly, sitting by Ginny.

"You're suppose to be my best mate!" Ron snapped.

"Shut up Ron! Merlin, you're being a two year old." I growled.

Ron glared at me, his brown eyes staring down at me. "You were the one who broke up with me! I have a right to be pissed off!"

"Yes. I broke up with you. FIVE MONTHS AGO!"

I snatched a piece of toast and shoved it into his mouth. "I missed dinner. I'm not missing breakfast because of your bloody pissy attitude!" I sat down again, immediately digging into eggs and bacon, not wanting to talk anymore. I'm starving. I just want to get in, eat, and leave.

Suddenly, a spell whizzed over my head and hit Ron, sending him sprawling. I turned to look and burst out laughing, seeing that someone had turned Ron's toast into a rubber toy!

He bit down angrily and out came, "MAMA!"

I screamed in laughter.

Harry and Ginny joined in with me while Harry removed the charm. "That's classic! That's great!" Ginny couldn't stop giggling.

I smiled, looking around and spotted an emerald rose hanging in mid air, an eery light surrounding it. I blinked, moving towards it. Once I touched the stem, the rose's petals extended into 'hands' of some sort and the petals formed into lips, kissing my hand. "For you, my love. I hope it made you feel better." I blinked, seeing facial features in the flower.

"It did, thankyou. May I know your name?"

"Emerald Rose."

"Yes… but may I have your name?"

"Emerald Rose."

Okay… "Very well. Thankyou." I kissed the petals and I felt a jolt of heat rush into my abdomen.

"I will allow you to get back to your meal." The rose shivered and the hands disappeared, returning to the rose shape. I added it to the rose in my hair, hoping my admirer would see. I flicked my wand, summoning my bag and headed for potions.

((Later that day))

"Alright Hermione. Deep breaths and hold your hand over your broom like you did in your first year. And say 'Up.'"


The broom flew into my hand.

"Very good. Now mount your broom like you did before. Hover for a moment, than lead forward slightly to touch back down."

"Yes Madam Hooch."

"Good. On my whistle; three-two," a shrill whistle and I lifted off the ground. My heart thudded in my chest as I hovered and set down again.

"Very good." Madam Hooch mounted her broom. "You've still have hold of your basics. Were you able to practice over the holiday?"

Contrary to popular belief, I'm not as afraid of flying as I was waaay back in third year with the hypogryphs. I had beseeched Madam Hooch for private lessons and bless her heart, she took pity on me and started giving me private lessons.

I smiled, "Of course." I had gotten permits from Professor McGonagall when I started taking private lessons. Of course,that meant that I practically lived at Hogwarts full time.

I jumped onto my broom and lifted off the ground, putting my feet on the broomstick and held out my hands for balance. I shot off into the distance and circled around the wide training area and leaned forward to land. Madam Hooch clapped, grinning. "Very good Hermione! You should take into accout going into Broom Acrobatics!"

I smiled, Madam Hooch is a retired performer, and I've seen some of her performances through some old pictures and Pensive Memories.

"Maybe. I'm not that good yet."

"You will be though. That's wonderful Hermione. Alright, try flying through the goal hoops and do a figure-eight upwards.

I jumped into a sitting position and shot off to the Quidditch pitch. "WHOOO HOOOOO!"

I held out my arms, feeling exhilarated from flying. I zoomed around the pitch, arching up to reach the Figure Eight.

"HERMIONE! Not so high!"

I looped around to pull around to Madam Hooch. "Sorry, Professor."

"It's alright, just be careful." I smiled and circled around to land.

"That's enough for today Hermione. You're dismissed." I handed the broom to her and swept around. I spotted a flash of silver hair.

Oh no. No. No. No. NO. NOOO!

Malfoy of all people know! Not even Ginny knows about my love of flying!

I raced after him, growling. "MALFOY!"

"What?" I whipped around, spotting him reading a book. Wh- wh—

"What are you doing here?"

"Reading. What are you doing here?"

"F—Nothing…" I'm confused. I could've sworn Mafloy was watching me just now outside. Wasn't he?

He arched a brow and then looked at my hair. "Oh… another flower from shy lover boy?"

I blushed, touching them. "Yeah…"

"Then it must've been him making the performance in the Great Hall today."

"Must have. I—I don't know… I'm grateful he did though. I cant stand Ron's pathetic whining!"

He smirked. "I have to admit, the squeaky toy was a nice touch."

I smiled, "Yeah… almost makes me forget your peeping tom incident this morning!"

"HEY! I heard you scream and I thought someone was in there with you!"

"I can take care of myself thankyou! If you want to be civil dorm mates, knock next time!"

"No need to be pissy about it Ms. Prissy!"

My smile fell. "Jeeze Malfoy, cant take a joke, can you?"

"Unlike you, I have a fantastic sense of humor. You on the other hand, have a dull and bland on. It must be from hanging around the Pothead and Weasels."

I glared, biting my tongue. "And you have a sick one."

"Awe Hermione, I'm hurt! Simply because I enjoy the pain of your so called 'friends'—"

"Petrificus Totalus!"

I took great satisfaction in petrifying the ferret. "They are my friends. If we are going to be civil, than I suggest you learn to treat them with respect." I flicked my wand at him, freeing his head from the petrifying jinx.

"Wow… Hermione, this is kinda hot."

I blinked, startled. "Wh—"

"Who would've thought that Hermione Granger was into bondage?"

"I'm trying to make a point and this is about sex to you?"

"What? NO NO! OH Merlin! Did I say that outloud? Oh shit! Hermione, please under—"

"No. You understand Draco. If this is going to be about sex to you, than stay out of my way and I'll stay out of yours. I don't even want to know what's going through that bloody blonde head of yours!"

"Hermione, wait!"

I flicked my wand once and released him from his jinx, whipped around, and marched away without another word. Merlin he makes my blood boil! I sighed softly, leaning against a pillar. Why did he have to aggravate me so, just by being in the same area! I shook my head, trying to clear it and shoved my hands into my pockets.

"Something wrong Dearest?" I jumped sky high, whipping around. I heard him! His voice!

"Where are you?"

"In your hair, Dearest. The rose."


I pulled the blossom from my hair, and again the rose has formed into a face.

"Is something wrong, Hermione?"

"Just… Draco Malfoy. He can be a bloomin' idiot sometimes."

"I agree wholeheartedly."

I smiled, "I'm alright, really. I'm just alittle flustered, guess." The rose shifted its leave into hands and touched my finger, wrapping it's fingers around mine.

"Give it time, Dearest One… even a bloomin' half wit like Malfoy will figure out his stupidity."

I smiled, and giggled. "Oh I don't know, he can be fairly stupid."

"But I know he can be quite the charmer. That's got to count for something."

"Oh sure… he's a real charmer." I rolled my eyes.

"He can be if you give him a chance." I looked at the Emerald Rose.

"The only one I want to give a chance to is you. I don't know why you're so afraid of my reaction…"

"You will understand when we finally meet, face to face."

"When?" I pleaded.


"That's not an answer!" I pouted.

"It will have to do for right now. Keep your chin high, Dearest." And with that… the rose had returned to a rose. I sighed, my heart aching for his voice already. I put the rose in my hair and turned to go down the hall, just wanting to walk… hopefully to clear my head.


I'm so tired… my anger is finally spent from all the extra chores and patrol work. Gods… first Malfoy sees me naked in the shower, then I have a fight with Ron, than Malfoy pisses me off! Ugh! I'm looking foreward to a nice… long… relaxing nights sleep.

I quickly showered and changed into my night robes, slipping into bed. I stopped. Something smelled… different. I looked at my roses, all being accounted for. Something was wrong. I sat up suddenly and looked around, my dorm very dark. I reached for my wand and suddenly a hand shot out and grasped my wrist, another touching my neck… and darkness.

Hmm… what delicious sleep. I've had this dream before. I walked along the halls of an extensive library, overshadowed by a thick grove of trees. The grass was cool and damp around my toes, but I could tell it never rained here. The moon hung overhead and I felt at peace.

I hummed softly, closing my eyes and breathed in the smell of books. Suddenly, the scene changed. I was standing in a warmly lit room, a pair of hands wrapping around my waist.

"Don't be afraid," a masculine voice whispered delicately in my ear. He held out a hand, showing an emerald green rose.

"This is a dream… you're not here."

"Not physically, but this is a dream we can share… that we both will remember."

"Emerald Rose…" I breathed, shivering.

"Sì il mio caro," he kissed my neck.

Italian! He spoke Italian!

I shivered slightly and turned to him. Half his face was hidden by an emerald green mask, his shaggy blonde hair framing his face.

"I wish we could be together physically. I would sweep you off your feet, show you how much I truly love you. I fell hard for you, Hermione."

"Who are you?"

"Sono la Rosa verde smeraldo," he answered.

Again, Italian. 'I am the Emerald Rose.'

I sighed, "You aren't going to tell my your real name, are you?"

"No… not yet."

"Will you?"


I smiled, "That's good enough for now I suppose."

He smiled, lacing my fingers with his and kissing the back of my hand. I blushed lightly, smiling. Music began playing in the background and I hummed softly as we swept around the floor, dancing together

"You are very graceful."

"I've learned over the holidays."

He smiled brilliantly, flashing perfect white teeth at me. When the song slowed to the ending, he pressed his perfect, velvet soft lips to mine.

I relaxed fully, kissing him back, wrapping my arms around his neck. I wanted this. I wanted him. More than anything I've ever wanted in my life! Our lips moved together and his tongue gently brushed my lip. Yes! Yes, you can come in, I granted him access and moaned, reveling in his taste.

He growled slightly, nipping at my lips and ducking to kiss my neck. "Merlin Hermione… you're playing with fire."

"My colors are red and gold, Emerald Rose… I love fire!"

He hissed softly, "Then I will be your emerald flame." He waved a hand over my body and my clothing changed to a green silk night gown. "Oooh… Hermione… you look so beautiful with my colors on you."

I shivered. His colors. I was wearing his colors! I felt his teeth nip at the spot between my neck and shoulder and I jolted slightly, moaning. "Rose…" I threaded my fingers in his hair, my back hitting the wall.

"I want you Il mio amore," I shivered, feeling something hard poking me in my stomach.

I moaned, kissing him deeply, tugging his shirt from his pants.

Gong… gong…

No… no!

Gong… gong…

And suddenly, he was gone.

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