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P.S Hinata and everyone are about 19-20 years old.

It's been about four years since I left Konoha I sometimes wonder in my mind if people miss me, but it's very un-likely they all probably hate me because I killed one of their most beloved kunoichi's Haruno Sakura but I don't give a damn she can rot in hell for all I care. I don't really miss Konoha, but what I do miss is the one place that I loved my, mothers garden I really miss that place the most. I don't care for the people in the village, but that garden is what I cherish the most somtimes I question in my head if I could go back there, but that would be impossible, ever since I found out that the Juubi was sealed inside me my life has become really dangerous and tiring.

I remember when I used to be so quiet, shy, timid I hated myself for being that way, but now I'm different I changed I was able to make people fear me I was able to show people that I'm not powerless and fragile. I have met a lot of messed up people in the head during my training but it was worth it I am one of the most dangerous kunoichi's around all thanks to the Akatsuki and that one person I grew to hate but love. When I first met him I never talked to him, many girls worshipped like he was a God, but me I was different I never fell for that boy I always thought he was gloomy and frighting

I had a different boy in my heart, I admired him he was amazing unlike that raven haired boy. Him and golden haired boy where very different it's not like I hated the raven boy but I didn't like him either, I tried to talk to him once but he just ignored me and gave a nasty glare. I never understood why girls fell head over heels for him he was so cold-hearted and gave off a mean aura and I still don't understand why girls find him so irresistible. Once when we gaduated from the academy he did talk to me, but he just went to congratulate me I was quite surprised I never expected the Uchiha was to talk to me first I mean I thought he really hated me he always stared at me in class it was very uncomfortable.

However when the Uchiha betrayed the village I was infuriated why? well when that Uchiha left he caused the boy I loved and respected, so much heartache, but even though he pulled through I knew that the Uchiha was still hurting Naruto. I hated to see Naruto blue I loved his smile it was so enchanting, but when I saw him he looked so miserable I wanted to be able to hug him comfort him, but of course I am too shy to do those things, but one day I had gathered up all my courage to say my love to Naruto. It took me so many years to finally say it I was even more happy when he agreed. I felt like all my dreams where coming true, at first I thought he would say no because he hesitated, but then he agreed I felt like Kami answered my prayers.

We dated for maybe a 2 years in that time I was so happy being with him the man I loved Naruto even though we where only sixteen we where in love, or so I thought. It was our anniversary and I was supposed to go to his house, but when I arrived I saw him and Sakura kissing. After that day my life turned upside down I am not the same as I used to be scared of killing people but now I find it funny to see their stupid faces in agony to hear their screams. I have a strange liking seeing people in pain I love to watch as people get torn away from their families, I love to see people in love be broken away from each other to see them hurt and crying.

I want them to feel the pain I had to suffer. I want them to know how it hurts to be alone no one there to comfort them, I want them to feel the pain of being heartbroken. I have become very different through these four years I am only living for one purpose only and it is kill the ones I hate, and leave the one person I loved the most watch them in agony. It may sound cruel but it is my revenge on them for causing so much pain for me in my heart. I may spare some of their lives but their are people who I want to burn in hell. I used to think I had a family in Konoha but they where all just liars they never even gave a second thought about me I was always forgotten.

I never got praised for anything even when I tryed so hard. I was always compared to everybody and who I hated to be compared with was a stupid girl with pink hair. I used to think her of my best friend I would tell her everything I would talk to her everyday, she'd help me train and I wouldn't have to hide my secrets wiht her she used to be a true friend, but then one day she changed let's say she turned into a full fleged whore. The day I told her me and Naruto where dating she cut off all connections between us. I never talked her and she never talked to me, and to make her even more of a slut she goes and take Naruto away from me.

I knew Naruto still loved Sakura and I knew it was coming I just didn't want to believe it, but when I killed her I felt so satisfeid and I had no regrets I felt so alive when I was able to kill the girl I hated the most. I did not shed one tear for the bitch. I also hope that she is rotting in hell with the devil. When she told me that I couldn't kill her because I was her best friend I wanted to smash her face in but instead I did somthing more enjoyable I cut of her stupid head so she would shut her stupid, nausiating, voice. Her voice irritaded me it was worse than hearing nails agianst a chalk board.I never understood why she was always the to get praised, and be the one congratuladted. All she did was sit around, and do nothing, but yet she would get all the attention at all to me she was useless it was better if she was dead.

I really loved Naruto and maybe I still do, but what I really loved about him was his couage and strength although people said Naruto was just an annoyance I thought of him more of a hero, even though people brought him down he always got back up. He was the light when I was in darkness, he was my Prince. I dreamed that one day me and Naruto would live together happily, with our children enjoying life, but when I saw him kiss Sakura I felt like my whole world crashed into a giant black hole. I was hurt obviously, but I wanted revenge I was sick and tired of people thinking they can just lie to me and I won't notice at all or I would just forgive them I needed to show them that I was strong I wanted to see them crash and burn.

On the day I left Konoha I had so many emotions bursting out at first I would cry but then suddenly I would burst into flames and get so angry, maybe I was just releasing the emotions I bottled up inside. I wouldn't say I am happy now, but it would be better than staying in Konoha that's for sure. However I have to work my butt off training, but it is helping me grow stronger and stronger by the day.

"Hinata-chan~." I heard while I was about to bite into my onigiri.

As I turned my head I saw a man wearing a black cloak with red clouds that decorated the cloak, he also wore a mask that looked like an orange lollipop.

"Oh, Hello Tobi-san." I greeted to the lollipoped masked man.

"Hinata-chan how bout we play a game? Ne." Tobi suggested.

"What kind of game?." I questioned seeming semi-excited because when you play with Tobi he can get carried away at times.

"Well, we are going to play...eto..." It looked like he was trying his hardest to pick a game it was sorta cute.

"He He." I giggled slightly.

"What's so funny Hina-chan?" He answered seeming a bit embarresed.

"Well, you looked so cute." I replied.

"Honto! Hinata-chan? You are also cute." Tobi said flinging his arms around.

"Why thank you Tobi-san." I was happy that Tobi called me cute I'm not sure why, but it just made me feel good.

"Well, Hinata-chan I think I will play with you later, I am going to play with Deidara-sama." He waved goodbye running towads Deidara.

I really liked Tobi he was different than all the other Akatsuki memebers they where all very stern and uptight. He always lightned the mood, but there where these times where Tobi would have a total personality change, he would be all happy all of the sudden then he would turn all serious and mean sounding. Though I loved Tobi I still feared him a little bit.

After Tobi left to go find Deidara, I sat back on the chair I was sitting and finishing my onigiri. I finally finished eating my onigiri when I suddenly felt a presence. I went outside to see if there was anyone outside because, I know that the unkown presence wouldn't be able to enter the Akatsuki hideout,but when I was outside there was no one to be seen. I looked around more but no sign, I activated my byakugan just to make sure It wasn't a enemy. I heard a slight shing (A/N I don't know what a kunai sound like when it's being thrown.) I quickly doged the kunai but then I realised it had an explosive seal. I was able to escape from the explosion barely but I didn't get hurt.

I looked into the smoke and I saw a figure, once the smoke was almost clear enough to see through, I saw a man he wore a black and orage jacket and pants over top was a large white coat with red flames on the bottom, the coat reached up to his ankles, his hair was golden blond, and he had these deep blue eyes, but for some reason he looked really familiar

"Who are you, and why are you here." I demanded to the young man getting ready to battle him.

"I can ask you the same question!" The man responded.

"You didn't answer my question who the hell are you and what are you doing here!" I repeated, this time I was getting really pissed off.

"I am the Hokage of Konoha, and I am here to retrive Sasuke Uchiha." The man answered proudly.

"Let me ask you a question." I requested.

"What is you're question?" He replied.

"How is that stupid Naruto Uzumaki? Is he dead." I sneered, but I mentaly slapped myself in the forehead I promised never to think or talk about that stupid person.

"Why do you want to know? I thought you hated him." I was suprised of how the man replied I thought only Konoha 11 knew I despised him.

"How would you know I hated him?" I wondered hopeing he would give me an answer.

"Well, because I am Naruto." I stared at the man my mind went blank for a few seconds then suddenly I felt the anger crawling up my body.

I knew I was gonna go beserk now, but if I killed him I wouldn't be able to make him suffer so I should just toy with him.

"Well, well, well I'm quite suprised you made it as the Hokage." I replied seeming a bit cocky.

"That's right, but I have a question for you and you did not answer, who are you?" I looked at Naruto and laughed inside he really is stupid, but who am I to b caling stupid I didn't even realise that Naruto was righ infront of my face.

"Find out for yourself." I decided I should play with Naruto-kun and see what he thinks of my new abilities and show him who is powerful.

I activated my Byakugan once again and used one of my new techniques Faiādoragon no jutsu.I was able to learn this technique from Sasuke it didn't take me long since Sasuke taught it to me. I was able to catch Naruto off gaurd and burn him a bit but not enough to damage. (A/N to lazy to be discriptive of the battle so we are just going to skip.)

Naruto was getting tired already, and I was getting bored this was way too easy. I was able to catch Naruto so I took out my Katana and placed it against Naruto's neck so he wouldn't be able to escape.

"And they call you the best ninja in your village eh?" Naruto looked pathetic, getting beaten by the girl he felt sorry for "Heh, you know if you can't get past me you will never be able to bring back Sasuke." I laughed.

"Don't worry I'll show you who's the best ninja!" Suddenly Naruto poofed up into smoke I then reliased it was a shadow clone. How could I have not noticed I cursed inside my head.

I turned around to see where he went but no one was there. Then suddenly I was pushed agianst a tree, I felt something cold agianst my neck it was a kunai I looked up and I saw the blue eyed, blonde shinobi pressing up against me making sure this time I wouldn't escape. I was vaunerable now how could I have let this happen I shouldn't have let my confidence take over.

"Well, well, well I guess you arn't so great yourself." Naruto boasted.

"Shut up!" I yelled a bit embarrassed.

"I'm tired of playing games I want to know who are you!" Naruto asked sternly

"You should know who I am Naruto-kun." As I emphazied the suffix.

"Should I know you." Naruto answered getting a bit impatient.

"If you let me go I'll tell you." I asked trying to see if he would let me go.

"Not a chance." He was smart to say that, but I wished he would've let me go because I was in a very uncomfortable postition.

"Then if I tell you will you let me go?" I was hoping he would say yes.

"Maybe." In my mind I was thankful he said that.

"My name is...Hinata."

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