A/N: Just a little story about my favorite Best Friend Forever, Lily and Remus. I'm not JK Rowling.

RavencwlaLupin11 presents:

A Remus and Lily Friendship Story

Chapter 1: Lily

"Lily, what are some of your favorite memories?" asked Remus.

Seven months pregnant, Lily was sitting uncomfortably in her living room with Remus John Lupin. "Most of them are happy memories, Remus. Let me give you one memory from every year we were in school." Lily answered. James was with Sirius somewhere, Lily mused. Remus came over once a month since her and James' hiding. Remus was her best friend.

"One of my favorites was when we first met, do you remember it?"


Year One

As nervous as any eleven year old could get, Lily Evans boarded the Hogwarts Express on September the First 1971. Walking down the loaded corridor in the train, she found an empty compartment and sat down, far away from the door as she could get. Staring out at the Platform, she saw older boys with peculiar badges on their chests. Some of the children were already wearing their robes. But their robes weren't the same as Lily's. Their robes had four different colors on them. Green and Silver with a serpent on the chest; Azure and Bronze with an eagle; Red and Gold with a lion; and Yellow and Black with a badger. The scarlet mane of the lion matched her vivid red hair perfectly.

Hearing the sliding door open, Lily turned her head and saw a weedy, skinny boy with a pallid face and scars all over it. His hair was a sandy brown and his eyes were the same gold as the lion.

"Do you mind if I sit here? Everywhere else is full."

"Not at all." She pointed to the seat across from her. "Have a seat."

"Okay." Sitting down he said, "I'm Remus Lupin."

"Lily Evans."

"Evans? That's not a wizard name."

"No, I am the first witch in my family."

"Right. I'm half and half. Mum is a muggle and Dad is a witch. Nasty bit of shock when she found out, eh?"

"Muggle?" Lily tilted her head, ever so slightly.

"Non-magic folk."

"Right." He smiled at her.

"First year?"

Blushing, Lily said, "Yes. I'm so nervous."

"Don't be. My dad said that you only put on a hat and it sorts you into a house."

"How many houses are there?"

"Four. Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin."

Just then the compartment slid open again and two dark haired boys smiled at the door. "Do you mind if we join you," asked the boy with dark hair to his shoulders.

Remus looked at Lily and they both shrugged. "Not at all."

"Good!" The boys cheered together.

Sitting down, Lily asked them, "Are you two brothers?"

"No." The boy with glasses said. "We're no relation. We just met on the platform and I told him we could find a compartment together."

"I'm Remus Lupin, and this is Lily Evans. You are?"

"James Potter," said the glasses boy.

"Sirius Black," said the other dark one.

"Black? Any relation to Orion Black?" Remus asked.

Sirius' mood darkened slightly. "Yes. He's my father."

"My condolences." said Remus.

Sirius smiled. He turned to James. "Where are you headed, if you could chose?"

"Gryffindor, where dwell the brave at heart! You?"

"Well, my whole family have been in Slytherin."

"Blimey, you seemed alright!" James said as he scooted away from Sirius.

"Maybe I'll break the tradition. I don't like my family much."

"How about you, Remus?"

"Either Ravenclaw or Gryffindor."

"Cool." Then Sirius turned to Lily.

"Say, Evans. How about you?"

"I don't know. I don't know the houses."

"You're muggle-born?"

"My parents aren't wizards if that's what you mean."

"Yeah. That's what I mean. Gryffindors are brave and have a lot of courage. Ravenclaws are witty and intelligent."

Sirius finished. "Hufflepuff's are loyal to the end and Slytherin's are cunning and sly."

"There wasn't a witch or wizard who didn't go bad that was in Slytherin." said James.

"Well, I don't want to go there. Ravenclaw sounds promising. I'm very loyal so Hufflepuff too. I don't know if I'm brave or not."

"Well, the Sorting Hat will be able to see if you are or aren't. He'll put you where he thinks you'll do best." Siad Sirius.

"Don't worry, Lily," Remus took Lily's hand. "You'll do well in any house you're put in. I can guarantee it."

"From that moment on, you and I were nearly inseparable." Remus laughed.

"I know! James got so jealous when we did homework in the library together." Lily chuckled. "Do you remember the time we left James' first match early to go to the Astronomy Tower? We only went to finish our homework, but still be able to see the match."

"But James had other plans." Remus finished.

Year Two

Transfiguration was a total bore in Lily Evans' point of view. She liked Potions. Professor Slughorn was a great teacher and she actually could USE potions! What good is turning a ferret into a water goblet anyway? However, Potter LOVES Transfiguration. He is always showing off and making a complete monkey of himself in front of people. As usual, Lily is ignoring him with much difficulty.

As the class is dismissed, Remus catches up with Lily. "McGonagall is going to be the death of me, I swear."

"Why, Remus? You are so good in that class! She basically adores you."

"Be that as it may, I still think she's going to be the death of me." Lily rolled her eyes.

"Remus, you are too smart to be talking so dumb."

They walked into the Great Hall together for lunch hour. Potter was already there, talking about his upcoming Quiddich match.

"It is my first one, y'know. I just hope I don't make a fool of myself up there."

Lily sat down between Sirius and Remus. "You make a fool of yourself down here, Potter. Why should being in the air on a broom be different?"

"Har har, Evans. Mark my words, I will make the game saving play."

"Consider them marked, Potter."

The Gryffindor second years all laughed as James turned bright pink.

Lily took a side glance at Remus. He reached over and squeezed her hand. They shared a secret smile and then he let go. Lily missed the warmth of his palm.

Later that day, Remus caught Lily in the library. He slid in beside her, bumping her side with his. "Hi."

"Hello, Mr. Lupin. How art thou?"

"Thine is wonderful, my fair maiden."

"Good. What do you want?"

"Touchy. Did you finish your astronomy homework?"

"No, I didn't. You?"

"Nada. I was wondering if you wanted to finish it on the Astronomy Tower tomorrow?"

"Tomorrow is the match. As much as I don't like Potter, I despise Slytherin, so I need to be there."

"That is exactly why I suggested the Astronomy Tower. It's a good vantage point for the match, and it'll be darker sooner, so we can use the telescopes."

"That makes sense, Remus. Okay, we'll go to the Astronomy Tower tomorrow."

Remus nodded. "It's a date."

That notion scared Lily to death.

"Another ten points to Gryffindor. They lead Slytherin 100 to 40." said Gregory Prynne, seventh year Ravenclaw.

Remus leaned down and whispered softly in Lily's ear. "Are we going to go yet?"

"Yeah, let's go."

They left the stands unaware that Sirius watched them go up to the Astronomy Tower. Bad things were going to happen for Remus and Lily later.

Gryffindor won their first match, thanks to Jackson Harvey; the sixth year seeker. He caught the Snitch from right under Gretchen Davis' nose. James found Sirius after he changed. James wanted to relive the match but Sirius told him something that made him as red as the Quaffle he had just handled.

When Lily and Remus imerged in the Common Room, James was livid. Lily was falling into Remus' arms laughing her head off.

"Would you like to tell me why you ran off to the Astronomy Tower half way through my first match?" James was tapping his foot.

Remus raised his left eyebrow. "We were finishing our Astronomy homework that is due Monday. We watched the game. Harvey caught the snitch before Davis. Core was 390 to 50."


"What did you think we went up there to do, Potter? Engage in several minutes of heavy breathing?"

"...No." James avoided Lily's eyes.

"You were jealous of Remus, weren't you? I'm not yours, Potter. I never will be!"

Defeated and bruised, James retreated to bed early. Lily and Remus stayed up all night, playing wizard chess and Rummy.

"You'll never be his, Lily?"

"Oh, shut up, Remus!"

Third Year

"You've never ridden on a broom? Inconceivable!" James bellowed to Remus. He shook his head, silent.

"Potter, you keep using that word. I don't think it means what you think it means."

"And what does it mean, Lily Flower?"

"Penis!" shouted Sirius.

Lily dropped her head into her palm and shook it vehemently.

"Sirius, mate," said Remus. "Can you please refrain to shouting the male anatomy while people are eating?"

"Boobs," Sirius chuckled at Remus' reddening face. "You never said anything about FE-male parts, Moony!" Sirius flicked his eyebrows up then down. James just about fell off the bench he was laughing so hard.

Lily smiled a wide smile as well. "See, Evans? Even you can't help but laugh at me!"

"No. I'm not laughing at you, stupid. I'm laughing at Remus' chief thundercloud face. He's so funny when he's mad."

James recovered last. Remus was almost forced to take him to the Infirmary and ask Madam Beckett to give him a potion for excessive laughing.

Finally making it back to the common room, the boys and Lily sat down in front of the fireplace. Remus cracked his potions textbook and copied down some notes. Lily started practicing her Engorgement Charm and Reductor Curse on the lamp on the side table. Sirius and James began a very intense game of Wizard's Chess.

Lily and Remus turned towards each other, shared their secret smile and laughed at the other two's antics. Remus combed his hair out of his eyes, mussing up his Oxford's collar. Lily reached over to fold it down. Remus grabbed her hand and kissed her fingertips. The wireless switched to a slow song by The Quirky Uncles.

Remus stood. "May I have this dance, m'lady?" He bowed.

Lily nodded. "I would be much obliged, kind gentleman." She stood and curtsied.

They waltzed around the room. The song switched to a slower beat and Lily lowered her head to Remus' shoulder. Remus smiled to himself, and pulled her tighter to him. When the song ended, he bowed and kissed her hand again. A silence ensued then rambunctious laughter broke the deafening silence. Remus and Lily clutched each other before falling onto the floor literally rolling on it. Lily sat up, red faced and teary eyed.

"Remus, that was fun! We should do it again sometime."

Remus sat up too. After wiping his eyes with his sleeve, he smiled at her. "Yes, definitely. Before Christmas break?"

"It's a date!"

That notion scared Remus to death.

"We never did dance again did we?"

Lily pondered that for awhile. "Not until my wedding. Remus?"


"May I have this dance, wise master?"

"Yes, crazy lady. You may have this dance."

Lily rested her head on his shoulder.

Fourth Year

"Haven't you ever heard of privacy, Potter?"

Rolling his eyes, Remus heard this commotion from down the hall. Prongs often stuck his head into the girls' showers when he knew Lily was in there. She'd curse him and make him even more wild with infatuation.

"James, mate? Come away from the door, before you haven't a head left." James shrunk back, defeated. "I'm sorry for the intrusion, Lily. I'm taking him away now. Don't hurt him."

"Thank you, Remus. I'm glad that at least one of you idiots has a head on his shoulders."

Lily heard the door shut. Turning back to the feverish water, her thoughts turned to the black haired boy. He was always trying to get a peek at her undressed. He always wanted to carry her books. He was always showing off in class, cursing random people in the corridors, reliving Quiddich matches for DAYS. He was a pompous idiot. That is why she didn't like him, at all!

After her shower, she walked back to the Common Room. She climbed through the portrait hole and found Black and Potter having a wrestling match on the floor. She saw Remus sitting in the corner chair. Lily perched herself on the arm of the chair; her wet hair falling over her shoulder.

"Can I ask you why they are wrestling on the floor?"

"Sirius found James' invisibility cloak and blew up that James never told him he had one. I didn't know either, but I'm not going to wrestle him over it."

Lily watched Remus' face. It seemed more lined and scared than it had been in previous years. He also had larger black circles under his eyes. "Remus, look at me." Lily took his chin and turned it away from his book to gaze at her. "Are you feeling alright?"

"Yeah, why?"

"You look pallid. More pallid than normal."

Remus turned his head away. "Oh."

"Remus," Lily took his face and held it between her palms, forcing him to look at her. His hazel eyes were darker, more shadowed. "I'm not stupid. I can see it in your eyes. You're not feeling up to par, today. Tell me what is wrong."

"I can't Lily. I don't want to lose you."

"Lose me? We're best friends, Remus. Nothing you can tell me will change that."

Remus stood. "Trust me, this will. That is why I haven't told you. I value our friendship too much to tell you and watch you leave me."

"Do Potter and Black know?"

"Yes, but I didn't tell them. They found out themselves. If you find out some other way and you want to question me, I won't stop you. But I am not going to flat out tell you, Lily. You're too precious for me to ruin." And with that, Remus went up to bed.

Lily sank into the chair, crying; not knowing why, until she felt a tap on her shoulder.

"You alright, Lily Flower?" Sirius asked her.

"Yes, Black. I'm wonderful."

"Lily Flower, what's wrong?" Sirius knelt down to her face level as she just burst into uncontrollable tears.

"I don't know. I noticed Remus was looking peaked today and I asked him what was wrong. He said he valued our friendship and that I'm too precious to ruin with it. He wouldn't tell me. He hasn't withheld a secret from me the entire time we've been friends. I've seen him cry," Lily sniffed as James came over and sat on the arm of the chair. He made slow circles on her back. "He's told me things about you two that I never wanted to know. But he also says that you two are like his brothers and that he loves what you do for him. We go on walks, we dance, we cry, we study together and yet, he won't tell me this one secret!"

"Lily," began Sirius. "He wants to tell you, honestly he does. But Lily, he tells us how much he adores you. How much he values your friendship. James and I are his rambunctious brothers that get on his last nerve. You are his best friend that hugs him through his tears and you laugh him to tears. He can share those secrets with you because you're the least likely to blab. But, Lily, he didn't even tell us."

James finished. "Lily, in second year we put two and two together and figured it out ourselves. I'm pretty sure if Sirius and I hadn't have found out on our own, we still wouldn't know. We asked him last year if you knew and he got mad pissed that we asked him that. Lily, he loves you in ways that no one else will ever be able to."

"Yet, James does."

"No, Remus, he doesn't. There are certain things that I dare not tell him. And those are the things I tell you first. When I found out I was pregnant, I told you first. I was so scared, James didn't want children yet and I was afraid he'd be angry. I was also happy because I always wanted a baby. I was so overwhelmed with emotions, I came over and cried. You gave me the best advice in the world. You said: 'If he isn't happy that his beautiful wife is pregnant than he is the prat you always said he was. I love you, Lily. And if I know James, he does too.'

"I never did say thank you."

"And you'll never have to, m'lady."

Fifth Year

"You are to split into partners. Preferably one boy, one girl but there is an uneven amount in this room for that. Chose your partners wisely for you will be jointly graded." McGonagall said to the fifth years.

Remus and Lily instantly found each other and smiled their secret smile. On the other side of the room, Sirius and James gave each other the thumbs up.

"You're fifth year project is to take care of a 'baby' for a week." A collective groan came from the boys and a squeal from the girls.

"One of the partners will be 'pregnant' for a week, eating only the food on the list we are providing and wear a belly for three of the seven days. This project is designed to prevent teenage pregnancy and give a healthy dose of abstinence among you. Now, get with your partners, decide on the 'mother'. Mother's come up here and get a food list. Friday 'mothers' will receive their belly's. You and your partner will chose the gender of you child and you will 'give birth' next Sunday. Sunday next you will turn in your baby with an essay describing your week with your child. Both partners will write an essay. Go, now."

Remus and Lily found each other. "Lily, will you be my baby's Mummy?"

"Of course, as long as you'll be my baby's Daddy!"

"I would be delighted." Remus glanced at the Dynamic Duo. "Sirius is James' Baby Mama!"

"That is disturbing on so many levels."

"I agree. Go and collect your food list, baby cakes."

"Ooo, pet names!"

"You're getting your ring tomorrow."

"I can't wait," Lily giggled as she made her way to Professor McGonagall.

On Friday morning, Lily awoke to find her 'belly' sitting on her trunk at the end of her four poster. Instructions detailing how to put it on were beside it. The other fifth year girls gave a squeal of delight when they woke to find their 'babies' too. They all walked down the stairs together. Lily burst out laughing at the sight of Sirius with a pregnant belly. James was rubbing it and talking to his 'son'. Remus was keeled over, crying his eyes out in the corner. Lily 'waddled' over to him.

"Hey, Gorgeous." Remus said. "You look nice pregnant, you know. Boy or Girl?"

"Thanks, Darling. We're having a girl."

"I'll make a list of names in History of Magic. We can discuss them all later.

"That sounds good. I'll make one too." She smiled and placed her hand on her rounded belly. "I'm starving, should we head down to breakfast before I die of laughter?"

"That is a wonderful idea." Remus laced his left ringed hand into Lily's right hand and they walked down to the Great Hall together.

Seeing all the fifth years pregnant was a sight to behold. Some of the guys were brave enough to be the 'Daddies' while their girl partners remained skinny. (Most of the skinny girls were the popular ones, however.) Sirius and James were the only guy/guy couple. Every boy stood up and cheered them as they entered the Great Hall.

''Idiots'' muttered Lily.

The rest of the weekend flew by and before Lily knew it, it was Monday. Sunday night she removed her 'belly' for the first time and put it on the end of her bed. Monday morning she found her 'daughter' in place of her belly. Remus and Lily still hadn't found the right name for her.

She walked downstairs to see James and Sirius cooing over their 'son'. They had named him Harry James Potter. Lily thought that was a cute name, nevermind the fact that he was being raised by two men. Remus found Lily and took their 'daughter' from her.

"We have to name her, Sweetie. She can't just go through life as 'Baby Girl Lupin'".

"I know, but what name would suit her?"

"Claret Aurelia Lupin."

"Red Golden. Like the Gryffindor colors. That's brilliant! And beautiful."

Remus bowed theatrically. "Thank you, Your Majesty."

Lily giggled. Together they walked down to breakfast, Remus cooing at his 'daughter'. Lily had to admit someday he'd make a wonderful father. When they arrived in the Great Hall, Professor McGonagall asked for their 'daughters' name. Remus gladly supplied her name and McGonagall's face softened.

"That is a gorgeous name, you two."

"It was all Remus' idea, Professor. I thought it was brilliant."

"Maybe Harry Potter and Claret Lupin will be best friends when their older." Sirius said, swaggering down the marble staircase.

"I SERIOUS-Ly hope not." Lily said as she and Remus went in for breakfast.

On Sunday they had to say goodbye to their 'sons' and 'daughters'. Lily cried when they took Claret away from her. Remus held her and held back his own tears. Sirius fell into hysterics into James' lap. James was inconsolable.

For those two weeks, Lily and Remus were inseparable almost. And nothing could have made them happier.

"Harry James! That's it!"

"What's it?"

"James and I have been searching for the right baby name for a boy and I forgot about our fifth year project. Sirius and James named their 'son' Harry James. I thought it was so cute then. Now, being James' wife, I think it would really fit."

"What if HE is a SHE?"

"Claret Aurelia."

Sixth Year

"Lily, can I talk to you?"

Remus' voice was soft and low. He was looking at the floor.

"Yes. Now?"

"Yeah, but not here. Come with me." He took her hand and led her out to the Whomping Willow. He grabbed a long stick and prodded a knot at the tree's base. The tree was instantly frozen. Remus grabbed Lily's hand again and led her down the long, narrow tunnel. Lily observed that there were claw marks and paw prints leading both to and from where ever the tunnel ended.

When they reached the end, they climbed up a rickety ladder to what seemed like an abandoned house. "Remus, we're in the shrieking shack, aren't we?"

"Yes. Come along." He led her two flights of stairs to a room on the left.

The door was half clawed, the floor had blood stains all over it. There was a piano in one corner missing a C flat, E major and a B sharp key. The bench only had three legs and half of another was ripped off; the curtains were slashed. There was a bed to the left of the piano. The canopy was in shambles, the curtains around them were dilapidated. Ont he far right of the room was a couch and a fireplace. The couch looked like it had been through a tornado and earthquake simultaneously. Lily looked all around the room, shock all over her face.

"Remus, what is this?"

"This is where I disappear to every full moon."

'Every-?" It dawned on her then. "Remus, you're not saying what I think you're saying are you?"

"I am saying that I am a werewolf, yes."

"No, Remus. Not you." Lily began to sniff.

"When I was five, my father got on the bad side of a death eater named Fenrir Greyback. Little did my father know that he was a werewolf who lives for changing young boys into what he is. One night, I was playing in the back yard. He bit me. The following month, I transformed into a full fledged werewolf, almost killing my Mum in the process." Lily gasped and covered her mouth with her hands. "When I was accepted into Hogwarts I got an extra letter along with the one you got. This letter requested an audience with my parents and me. We met with Dumbledore and he said he made a place for me to transform so I wouldn't hurt other students. Madam Beckett led me to the Willow tree every night and I ran down here to transform. The sounds of shrieks and screams the villagers hear are made by me. Dumbledore allowed the rumors of "ghosts" so no one would question my disappearances."

"Remus-" Lily whispered.

"This is what you asked me two years ago. This is why I was so peaked and pallid. This is why I didn't tell you."

"Remus-" Lily said again.

"I can understand if you don't want to look at me again." Remus whispered.

"REMUS!" He jerked his head up in surprise. "Shut up, would ya?"

Lily placed her hand in his and led him to the half decrepit four poster. She sat down and pulled him down next to her. "I don't ever want to hear that come out of your mouth again, you understand me?"

Remus nodded. Lily pushed his hair out of his eyes and stoked the soft skin on his cheek. "Remus, you mean loads to me. Whether your a werewolf, unicorn or the Giant Squid it doesn't matter to me." Then Lily closed the distance between them and kissed Remus full on the mouth. He responded just as passionately as she started.

"That was a really good kiss, Lily. I felt that all night."

"Thanks. I thought it was appropriate at the time. Looking back, I probably shouldn't have done it."

"Why not?"

"Do you remember what happened that summer?"

"Yeah, you and James"

"This time I have two memories. One is shorter than the other."

Seventh Year I

"You got Head Girl?"

"Yes, Remus isn't it wonderful?"

"It is. But I don't think the Head Boy and Head Girl have ever been from the same house before."

Lily shook her head. "They haven't. I was so certain you'd get Head Boy. When James called me, yes he CALLED me, over the summer and told me HE got it, I about fainted."

"I didn't think he could USE a telephone."

"Well he did shout quite a bit." Lily laughed.

After the Heads' meeting with the Prefect's, the seventh year Marauders and Lily all went back to "Their" compartment. They have sat in the same compartment since first year. Where they all met on the train. Lily sat on James' lap.

"Now there is a sight I never thought I'd ever see." Sirius said.

"Sod off, Padfoot. Don't be hatin'."

"I'm not "hatin'", dolt. I'm just musing." Sirius said, sardonically.

"Do you even know what musing means, Paddy?" asked Remus.

"No, Master, tell me." Sirius said.

"Dick." Remus said.

"I have one of those. See?" Sirius then flashed his manhood to everyone in the compartment. Lily hid her face into Jame's shoulder. James closed his eyes and Remus smacked Sirius in the back of the face.

James gritted his teeth together. "Put it away, arse wipe. I see enough of it in the shower."

"You shower together?" Lily asked.

"No. But that doesn't stop Sirius from flaunting his manhood around the room before and after his shower." James glared at Sirius.

Seventh Year II

Seventh Year ended far too fast for Lily. Looking back on her seven years at Hogwarts, she realized they went by in a flash. Packing her trunk for the last time, she found a photo album she got as a Christmas present from her Mum first year. She ran downstairs to find the boys all sitting on the couch.

Lily plopped down between James and Remus. "I have a last present for all of you."

"All of us?" Sirius asked.

"Yes. Throughout the years I have captured some memories of us four. Mum sent me this album first year and I wanted to look through it one last time with my boys. You mind?"

"Not at all, Lily Flower." James said. Lily opened the album to the first photo.

Remus and Lily were smiling up at the camera. Remus had his left arm around Lily's shoulder, Lily's right arm around Remus.

The second picture was of James and Sirius, heavy in concentrating on an intense game of wizard's chess.

The third picture was of the four of them and their 'babies'. Lily found her eyes welling up with tears with memories of Claret.

"I certainly had fun with that project!"

The fourth photograph was of the four of them before Christmas Holiday fifth year. Remus and Lily were holding hands like two seven year olds. Sirius was kissing Lily's cheek and James was holding up bunny ears behind Remus. All four of them laughed at this.

"James, are we four?"

"I still am, mate."

The fifth picture was of James holding the Quiddich cup in sixth year. His face ablaze with happiness, eyes gleaming with his smile.

"Second best moment of my life."

The sixth picture was of Lily and James. They were just standing by the lake, looking up and one another. No kissing or whispering. He was lost in her emerald eyes and she was lost in his hazel eyes.

"The best moment of my life." James kissed her cheek and she squeezed his hand in return.

The seventh picture was of James and Sirius taken about a week previous. It was a candid shot of them having a tickle fight. Sirius has a boisterous look about him. James is tickling him madly. Next to the picture was written in Lily's calligraphy Frater.

"What does that mean, Lily?"

"It is Latin for 'Brothers.'"

Sirius reached across James and squeezed Lily's leg. "Thanks, sister."

The last picture was of Remus and Lily again. It was fourth year, when they were dancing. Lily had her head on Remus' shoulder. Next to this picture, Lily had written: Le Loup et sa Petite Fleur Rouge

Remus touched his fingers to the picture. "The Wolf and his Little Red Flower.

Lily closed her album and hugged Remus for five minutes straight, not wanting to let go.

"We've been through so much, boys. And now, today, we leave this place, never to return as students."

Sirius, James, Remus and Lily slept right there that night. Lily and Remus' hands entwined.

James and Sirius returned a few minutes later to find Remus and Lily looking through Lily's old album. Some pictures had been added since seventh year. James and Lily's wedding, Sirius with his stupid motorbike, Remus' graduation from the Healer Academy, Lily's first Muggle Ultrasound, James buying a crib, James painting the nursery and Sirius sleeping with a blue stuffed bear.

James sat down next to Lily. Lily suddenly gasped and reached for Remus' hand. She placed his hand on her swollen stomach and he felt a nice strong kick. They looked at each other and shared their secret smile.

A smile they hadn't shared since seventh year.