A/N: Okay so chapter three, what to say. Just a letter from Remus to Harry that wasn't supposed to be read by Harry. Tears may ensue so, have some kleenex near by. Not JK Rowling, nor do I compare to her genius!

RavenclawLupin11 presents:

A Lily and Remus Friendship Story

Chapter 3: The Letter

Harry POV

December 13, 1999

Rummaging through Grimmauld Place, I found, what looked like, a scrap piece of parchment. With further investigation I realized that it was a letter, dating back to when my parents were first married.

Dear Harry,

I'm writing this to you in hopes that you never read it. You see, your mother is eight months pregnant with you. Why I'm writing this to you, I haven't the slightest. But if you are reading this it means that you've been snooping or I'm dead. Whichever the reason I hope that you won't hate me for what I'm about to write to you.

Your mother Lily Potter and I met on our first day on the Hogwarts Express. She was so very shy and lonely in her own compartment. I went in and we become friends from that day on. We became prefects together, we patrolled the corridors together, and she made my Wolfsbane potion for me in seventh year. Your mother and I were the best of friends at Hogwarts. I hope that in your seven years there, you find the same for you as well. But something happened to our relationship after our seventh year.

Lily got James, your father.

He had spent his entire Hogwarts years trying to prove that he was the right guy for Lily. She always turned down his advances. In third year, she turned down a day in Hogsmeade with him for a day in Hogmeade with me. That was the day that I fell in love with Lily Evans. And I never stopped loving her either. Not only was she an extraordinary witch, she was an uncommonly kind one. She was there for me at a time, or so it seemed, that no one else was. James and Sirius never knew of my feelings towards her. Or they didn't in school. Sirius found out after your mum and dad got married because I left the reception in tears.

Harry, you see, your mother meant more to me than she did to James. James was a great guy and everything but, he would never love her as much as I did-as I DO! So as I've said, don't hate me for the feelings I had towards your mother. I know that if we meet after you've read this letter, that you'll have mixed emotions towards me. I just needed to tell you that I love your mother, no matter what the storybooks say.

I loved her first. She was my Red Flower, I was her Wolf Boy and nothing could ever take that away from us. Attached to this letter is a photo album that will show you exactly what I mean.

Remus Lupin

After reading the letter, I wiped my eyes off and opened the photo album that Lupin spoke of. Inside were numerous pictures of Lily, James, Sirius and Remus during their school years. Mum and Lupin were in them more than Dad and Sirius were. Mum and Lupin dancing, them smiling at the camera. Lupin with his hand on Lily's bump, looking wistfully at her. Inside there was another scrap of parchment.


Sometimes I look at Harry and wish beyond all wishes that he was yours. I love you, Remus. With every fiber of my being, I love you. But things are complicated, and fairy tales aren't real. I'm married to James and I love him. I love you too, Remus, but the love I have for you isn't enough. Remus, you will always mean more to me than anyone else does. Never believe that different.

Love always,

Sa Petite Fleur Rouge

I didn't know what Sa Petite Fleur Rouge meant. But I knew it was French and I knew it didn't mean Lily. It was a pet name and I didn't want to know what it meant. It was private. No one else should know what he had just read. He closed the album and slid it under Sirius' bed.

There it stayed until James Sirius found it 19 years later.