Voldemort was rubbing his nipples in excitement at the thought of beating Harry Potter. Suddenly his face was full of web.

"With great power comes great responsibility," Said Mr. Spiderman.

"Mhmhmhmhm," Answered Voldemort who had a mouthful of spider web at the time.

"MY UNCLE AND PARENTS ARE DEAD!" Screamed Spiderman.


Spiderman ripped out Voldemort's heart and yelled "LOVE ME MARY JANE!"

Voldemort was about to stick Harry Potter in the eye with his wand when suddenly…

"Don't worry Harry, we're Fred-"

"-And I'm George!"

Voldemort looked up at them and scowled "Ginger," He growled.

"Want a sweet Voldey baby?" One of them said… I dunno which one… the ginger one…

Voldey baby took a sweet but it had nuts in it which he is allergic to and therefore died because he didn't have his EpiPen.

Voldemort was also allergic to Bee stings and he was stung by a Bee… so he died…


Voldemort didn't treat his toys very well. Woody then rallied up all the toys that Voldemort owned and sorted that out.

Voldemort ran off and hid with Sid forever.

Chuck Norris defeats all

Iron Man aptly played by Robert Downey Jr pwned him with scientific gadgets

"I am Lord Voldemort! You will obey me!" Voldemort screamed at a random muggle child who kept laughing at him.

My dog Murphy then came along and bit him. Voldemort cried and then ran away.

Voldemort was trying to be super awesome cool with some powers. He messed up a lot of the tricks so all the death eaters sniggered at him.

He died of embarrassment.