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Part One

(White's POV)

We were down to our last pokemon; My Serperior and his Zoroark. Even though both had been defeated, Reshiram and Zekrom were watching every move we made. A clash of Fusion Flare and Fusion Bolt had put an end to their turn in battle, but their battle was our battle and it would not end until one team had fallen.

Serperior panted, exhausted from the beating he had taken from Zoroark.

"Hang in there, boy!" My words of encouragement were beginning to sound like a broken record. During the entire battle, my moral support was the only thing that kept my pokemon going. Their bodies would be aching, their eyes would be clouded, but they still continued this battle. No one was giving up until he was defeated.

"Zoroark. Focus Blast." N's eyes were flaring with determination to win.

N was a kind soul, but near ruthless in battle. Sure, he loved his pokemon friends dearly, but he wouldn't let anyone ruin his ultimate dream of creating his illusion of a "black and white" world.

The Focus Blast was nearing at an immensely fast speed. I had to do something quick!

"Serperior! Protect!" My voice was cracking and my throat became dry. This is the only way to save the world from N!

A barrier of green light shrouded Serperior instantly as Focus Blast exploded in front of him.

N shook his head. "Why can't you see that my ambitions are right? You should know this better than anyone, White."

I couldn't stand my name slipping through his lips.

"Aren't you my friend, White?"

I completely despised it.

"Shut up! Serperior! Grass Oath now!" I screamed with the last of my physical strength before my legs collapsed onto the ground.

"Don't do this, White! Zoroark! Focus Blast!" N threw his arms out in a fit of rage.

My eyelids became heavier than usual, but I could still make out the storm of leaves racing to meet the awaiting Focus Blast.

Both attacks collided and an enormous wave of light and debris rushed out in all directions. Dust filled my lungs, sending me into a coughing fit. I couldn't see Serperior or N and Zoroark. The dust cloud had covered the entire field, blinding my view of the outcome of the battle.

The sound of the explosion ceased, leaving only the gentle breeze in my ear. The darkness was thinning and I could now make out the two pokemon. I gasped in ultimate horror.

Both Serperior and Zoroark were down for the count. A tie.

In moments, I had Serperior in a tight embrace.

"Hey." My eyes became fogged up by tears.

Serperior slowly brought his head up and gave me a slight smile. "Sssss."

"You did great, boy!" I nuzzled his cheek in bittersweet happiness. "Rest well."

With a flash of red, Serperior peacefully returned to his pokeball. My head was dropped low, but I could still hear N's footsteps getting closer until he stood right before me.

"You fought really well, White! I'm proud of you!" N's voice was dripping with giddiness.

I ground my teeth, hoping to calm myself. "I couldn't defeat you..."

"Don't worry! But since we had a tie, let's make it fair so we're both happy!" I could almost see that sickening childish grin forming on his face.

"How can you be okay with this, N? You act as though this is all a game, but it's not! There's no playing fair! Not in reality!" I burst into a maniacal fit of tears.

N was stupid. He didn't understand anything! So why did I still have these strange feelings for him? I couldn't love someone that didn't know a thing about society! It wasn't right...

As I continued to bawl, N slipped his arms around me in a gentle hug. "Shhh...Don't cry, White...Shhh..."

I hated myself for loving N. My stupid excuse for a heart pounded wildly against my rib cage as if it wanted to break free to unite with him.

N stayed like this for a while, just until he heard the voices of my friends coming up the castle staircase.

"White!" Cheren rushed over to me in a panic. "Are you alright? Does anything hurt?"

I shook my head. "No, I'm fine. Thanks Cheren."

He sighed in relief. Extending his arm to me, he helped me up off the floor.

"We've arrested Ghetsis," Alder informed me, lifting my spirits up a little.

"Along all of the Team Plasma Sages," Cheren added, walking me over to the champion. "And since you beat N, Unova has been saved!"

Cheren's words stung me. "I-it was a tie."

"It doesn't matter if it was a tie or not. What matters is that N has nothing else to use against us." A rare smile flashed on his face.

Feeling another wave of tears coming, I embraced my friend, grateful for his kindness and compassion. "Thank you..."

"Aw enough with the mushy best friend reunion!" Alder laughed. "It looks like N has more to say to you, White!"

That's right! I pulled away from my childhood friend and noticed N focused on me.

"White! Let's make a deal! Since our battle ended in a tie, let us decide on our prizes! As a gentlemen, I shall let you go first!"

He didn't have to tell me twice.

"I want you to give up this silly ambition of yours; You will let trainers and pokemon live together forever!"

N nodded, but I knew he was reluctant. "Alright...I haven't come up with something yet, but I'll find you when I do. Expect me very soon."

"Yeah," I agreed.

"And no going back on our word, got it?"

I simply nodded. Boy, I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

"Oh White! Honey, you're home!"

"M-mom...c-can you st-stop...suffocating m-me?" I could feel my face turning purple.

"I'm sorry, dear! I haven't seen you in so long! I must've gotten carried away!" Mom took a seat on the sofa. "So how have you, Cheren, and Bianca been doing?"

"Pretty good. Cheren made it all the way to the Pokemon League and he's gonna fight the Champion soon."

Mom's eyes glistened. She loved Cheren almost as much as she loved me; like her own son. It seemed to me that if it was her decision, she would set me up in an arranged marriage with him! Sure, I might've had a little crush on him when I was little, but that was it. Maybe if stupid N hadn't come into my life, I might have liked the idea.

"And Bianca's dad finally let her become a pokemon trainer! She's really happy about that."

"Hah! So he's finally softened up, has he?" Mom smirked. She, Bianca's dad, and Cheren's mom had been best friends just like us. She and Cheren's mom had probably been the greatest pair of best friends in all of Unova. Maybe that's why she likes Cheren so much...

"So did you make any new friends?" She inquired hopefully.

"Well...I did meet a few like Dirk, Austin, Aurora, and Martin," I listed, remembering those trainers I went with on the Ferris wheel in Nimbasa City.

The Ferris wheel. N...

"That's wonderful! Anyone else?" She pressed eagerly.

I didn't want to mention N. I mean, she must've heard about the maniac on the news or something. It's not every day that a giant castle pops out from underground behind the Pokemon League!

Luckily the doorbell rang to postpone the conversation.

"Oh! I wonder who that could be?" Mom stood up.

At this late hour? Who would...No! It couldn't be!

Before my voice could leave my throat, Mom turned the squeaky nob and opened the door. It was just who I expected it to be.


He stood in the doorway with two Plasma Grunts at his side.

Mom's face went white in shock. "Team Plasma!"

N smirked, bowing to her. "Good evening, madam. Do you mind if we come in?"

Mom turned to me with a frightened look. She hadn't been a competitive trainer in years. She wouldn't be able to fight her way out of this one, now.

I sighed, giving in. "It's okay, Mom. Let's let them in."

"Are you sure?" She gawked at me as if I was insane.

I bit my lip before answering. "Yeah. It's fine."

Mom reluctantly let the three in, giving each one a wary look. N and his minions casually sat at the table and motioned us over when he noticed that we weren't moving.

"Please, sit down. I don't bite. You should know that better than anyone, White," N purred.

Mom gasped. "You know him? The leader of Team Plasma?"

I said nothing and sat across from him. Mom took the chair next to me, not knowing what else to do.

"Now, on to the real business." N laced his fingers together. "I have come to a decision about our agreement."

"What agreement?" Mom whispered into my ear.

"Hey, woman! Lord N is speaking!" One of the grunts growled from across the table.

N held his hand up to shush him. "You wish for me to let trainers and pokemon be together, correct?"

"Yes, that was the deal."

"I have decided what my prize will be."

My mom and I were beaming with anticipation. Even the grunts leaned in, eager to find out what their leader would say.

N took in a sharp breath. "I will remain prince of Team Plasma, but change our methods."

I blinked. For such a climactic build up, there wasn't really a climax. At least what he wanted wasn't extreme!

"And you will be my princess."


Silence filled the entire house. My eyes went wide as I stared at him dumbfounded.

I must've been staring at him for a while because N started waving his hand in front of my face. I snapped out of my blank thoughts.

"Woah, woah, woah, N! You've gotta be joking right?" I couldn't be N's princess! I hadn't even figured out my own feelings for him yet!

N frowned, looking like a kid that just got scolded. "But I'm not..."

At that point, I actually began to feel sorry for him. Under his adult exterior, N was still just a child.

"Couldn't you come up with something else?" I winced at my own selfishness.

"Only if you change your prize," N pouted, crossing his arms.

I couldn't change my mind! No one was going to separate humans and pokemon! But this was going to be a tough decision to make; Be with N or let him separate humans and pokemon. There was no other choice...

I squeezed my eyes shut. "Okay...I'll be your...princess..."

Think of it this way, White. At least you'll have time to sort out your true feelings for N. You'll be able to see if you love him or not.

N literally jumped out of his chair and picked me up, twirling me around in the air. "That's awesome, White! We're gonna have so much fuuuuun~! I can't wait!"

I was getting dizzy very quickly and my words were getting slurred. "Ok, N! Thaaaat's enooooough!"

N set me on the floor, holding me up so I wouldn't fall over from the dizziness. Mom and the grunts gave us both odd looks. I even thought I heard one of the grunts whispering to the other that he could not believe that N was the leader. I couldn't blame him.

"Okay, then that's settled! We're leaving tonight!" N began dragging me out the door giddily.

"Hey N! Wait a minute! I can't just leave! I mean my mom and my stuff!" I cried as I continued my futile attempts at breaking from his hold.

"Oh don't worry! I'll get some grunts to bring your things to the castle!"

I cringed at the thought of some pervy Plasma grunts going through my drawers.

N released his grip on my hand. "And I'll let you visit your mom if it makes you happy."

I smiled and nodded. "Thank you, N."

I spun around, giving my mom one last hug before I left for N's castle. "I'll see you soon, Mom."

Mom squeezed me tightly. "Are you sure about this, dear? I don't want you to go off with a group like Team Plasma."

I nodded against her. "Mhm. Trust me, Mom. I'll be okay. I know N. He won't hurt me. And this is the only way that I can keep him from freeing everyone's pokemon."

"If I was still into battling, I wouldn't let them take you away." I could feel her tears dripping onto my head. "Just be safe, dear."

After a swift kiss on the cheek, I returned to N's side and he closed the door behind us.

The two grunts sent out a pair of Unfezant while N brought out Zekrom. N helped me onto Zekrom and hopped on behind me. A blush rose on my cheeks when his chest pressed against my back and his arms went around me to hold onto Zekrom.

"Just so neither of us will fall off!" I could hear the grin in his voice.

"Mhm!" I gulped, hoping that the flight on Zekrom from Nuvema Town to N's castle wasn't too long.

Even though Zekrom flew at an incredibly high speed, the ride felt quite comfortable. There was something soothing about flying around Unova at night.

"White," N whispered, breaking the long lived silence between us.


"I think you'll make a wonderful princess."

Heat filled my face again. Being a princess was every little girl's dream at one point. But being the 'princess' of a formerly evil organization made the very idea much less appealing.

And then I saw it; N's castle; The place where I would spend the coming years in with N; The place that would seal my ultimate fate.

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