the ebil doctor eggbotnik (lol see cause no one can decide on his name! i am so smart) has a new take over ZA WARDO! he kidnaps all the sonic characturz and only one hedgfoxbat can save teh day! dexter is a human boy who find a chaos emeruld and is transported to mobius, ohnoesz! he is turned into an awesome hedgefoxbat who looks like shadow but with blue stripes and awe3some wings and four fox tails and eggbotnik sends ALLUV HIS ROBOTS after dexter including metal sonic and dexters long lost sister turned into a robot [an: dexters familiy was originally from mobius and his sister is a foxbat] dexter uses his awesome super powers to turn his sister back to normal and they fight all the robots adn kill eggbotnik! he savez all the sonic chaarturz and amy saiz "omg dexter yuor so hawt plz be my bf!1!" and soniks all like "NO WAI AMYS MY GF YOU !***!" but dexter makes soinc kersplode! tails sez "omg thank you he was so annoying!" and knuckles is like "yea i cant believe we dindnt do that sooner, mon!" adn then dexter and amy kiss! omg! adn then shadow tells dextre and abemetrilianie [an: thats his sisters name! isnt it so pretty :3 :3 :3?] "i remembred you, dexter! you were on the ark like me!" and amy says "omg no waii youre from the ark?" and dexter says "i dont know! i has the amnesia" shadow sayz "your the real ultimaet lifeorm, dextre! you can go super ultra mega mode using only teh chaos emeruldz and you can savez the wurld!" but dextres like "haha what but i already saved the world?" and abemetrilianie says "no dexter, your twin brother satoshimebu [an: omg i love japanese-sounding names! :D] was contrulling eggbotnik!1 yous are the only one who can stop himz!" DUN DUN DUNNNN TO BE CONTINUD!