Chapter 2

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All I could do was watch as Annabeth, my Annabeth, was tortured by Morpheus, god of dreams.

Please, gods, let this torment end now.. I heard Annabeth's last thought as her scream died out, and my dream faded.

I shot up in bed, my breath coming in quick gasps as my eyes adjusted to the darkness. I could still hear an echo of Annabeth's scream as she was tortured.

It can't be.. Not Annabeth...

I stumbled out of bed, struggling to pull my clothes on. Grabbing Riptide, I rushed out of the door, only to trip over the stone steps of the cabin. I fell flat on my face, sputtering as dirt fell into my open mouth.

"Blegh!" I shook my head, running to the forest where, I was pretty sure, Grover slept.

"Grover? Grover!" I called as quietly as I could muster in my panicked state. Just as I was about to run deeper into the forest, I tripped over a large lump near a trees roots.

"Ow!" I cursed (in Greek, shh), unable to keep quiet.

"Hngh..." Grover rolled over and hit my face with his arm as he moved.

I jumped up. "Aagh! Gods!"

"Hmm... Huh?" Grover sat up, blinking blearily. "Percy? What are you doing here, man?"

"Grover! I- Annabeth, she- oh, gods. Grover, it's-" I stuttered, trying to get the words out.

"Perce! What, are you high off of NyQuil or something? Chill, breathe." He looked at me, concerned. "Now, what's wrong?" [A/N: Haha, oh, Writing Buddy joke.]

I stuttered and stumbled through my explanation, still in a panic, though Grover was trying to calm me.

"Okay.. Percy, just go to sleep. We'll tell Chiron tomorrow, okay? She'll be fine."

"No, she won't! Grover, you didn't see her!" I yelled.

"Calm down, Percy. It's Annabeth, remember? She's strong. She'll be fine."

Only then did I agree to go back to sleep. Yet, as I lay in bed, I didn't drift off. I couldn't close my eyes, for fear of seeing Annabeth being tortured yet again.

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