Ok this is just a little bit of Alice and Jasper.

I was running like I ran from Maria. Except now, it was from Peter and Charlotte. I just could not live with myself anymore. I was truly a monster.

It's just… well the thing is I can't help but feeling my prey's emotions. I personally hated my gift, and hatred isn't high on my list of what-I-do or what-I-like to do. I needed help. But I have a feeling-no pun intended- that showing up to a shrink with blood red eyes saying you can sense emotions and have a thirst for blood- can make you end up in an asylum. I would not take to kindly to it either.

Soon I found myself in Pennsylvania.

It had started raining and I was outside in the daytime which is still unusual for me.

My eyes were dark-which would mean I was unbearably thirsty but it was manageable.

I ducked into a diner in Philadelphia.

Not that many people were in there. A beautiful girl was sitting on a high stool no she wasn't a girl. She was a vampire. She was coming towards me. Not threatening a wave of peace came from her. She held out her hand. I took it without making sense of what I was doing. Oh good job Jasper I reminded myself. But I felt no need to be afraid. But I had to be with this girl. She was my second half and I didn't even know her.