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The Narutos that are portrayed in these fics are very bland. They usually involve him changing his appearance dramatically, often growing his hair out or getting much taller. There's usually a chapter where Naruto gets rid of his old jumpsuit and goes shopping for "cooler" clothes, oftentimes black. The author's excuse is of course to find some clothes suitable for a ninja. And have you ever noticed that Naruto ALWAYS uses a sword in these fics? Why? Try something new for once!

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"Talking." Normal.

"Talking." Thinking.

"Talking." Bijuu/Summon/God talking.

"Talking." Bijuu/Summon/God thinking.

Prologue: The Juubi's Legacy

The story of the Juubi and the Rikudou Sennin is a very old one.

In fact, it is so old that many people consider it and the Rikudou Sennin himself to be nothing but a myth. A childish illusion clouding the reality that was a ninja, woven by idealistic dreamers concerned only with finding a romantic fantasy in their miserable lives.

Oh, those poor, misguided fools.

The so-called myth was as real as anything else. The story says that the legendary founder of ninjutsu defeated the powerful Ten-Tailed Beast in battle. He then proceeded to seal the foul monster within himself to protect the world from its destructive rampage. And so, the world was saved from the exploits of the Juubi. This was the creation of the first Jinchuuriki.

But, these times were not perfect, and the Rikudou Sennin was just a man. He could not hold the Juubi forever. The Rikudou lived in constant fear that immediately after his death, the Juubi would be released to wreak havoc upon the world once again. So, nearing the end of his life, the Sage used the legendary technique Izanagi to split the Juubi's chakra into ten humongous sources of chakra that he spread across the world, before creating the moon and sealing the Juubi's body within it.

The split chakra eventually festered enough for it to take on a form, and eventually... a body. And thus, the nine great beings known as the Bijuu came into existence. But... only nine beings? The Rikudou split the Juubi's chakra into ten pieces.

The tenth piece... never became a Bijuu. No one knows anything about this extra piece of chakra, much less what happened to make it fail to become a Bijuu. Whatever the case, the chakra just never took on a form, and maybe for that we should be thankful.

At the time of its creation, the tenth piece flew across the world, much like the other pieces of the Juubi, before it landed and spread into a particularly dense part of the Hi no Kuni's forest. As it arrived in the nearby forest, all forms of life withered before it. Nothing but an expanse of death and decay was around the chakra for about a radius of 100 feet. At that point in time, it should've taken on a form, become a Bijuu just like the rest of its kind, but... it didn't.

The chakra did not take on a form or a consciousness, and it remained just that... chakra. Pure energy if you will. Energy that soaked into an unknown cave about 50 feet from it's landing spot, never to be seen again by human eyes...

This is the story of the tenth part of the Juubi. The story... of the failed Bijuu.

Namikaze Minato had never been through such a turbulent night in his life. It had all started extremely well, with his wife giving birth to their second child, a girl they had named Haruki. After incurring some tremendous success with their first child, Minato and Kushina were confident they could have more kids, with Kyuubi remaining sealed within Kushina completely.

And so it had. Kushina had undergone another successful pregnancy, with Kyuubi still remaining sealed within her by using the exact same method when she had given birth to Naruto. That is, being placed in a secure location outside the village and have a barrier erected around the area. When this was done, he would make sure to give Sarutobi Biwako an expensive gift for helping them with two births.

And so, the Hokage felt his heart warm when he looked upon his daughter for the first time. God, she was beautiful. She had bright, blonde hair, much like himself and Naruto, but it was straight like her mother and of a slightly lighter tint. As she opened her eyes for the first time, he caught a glimpse of her face. It was very much like her mother's, with much more rounded facial features and grey eyes.

"She's beautiful, isn't she," said Kushina, as the proud parents began to admire their newborn daughter. Minato half-heartedly put out one of his hands, stopping it three feet in front of Haruki's face.

The baby stared in confusion up at her father, before she giggled and reached out her arms at him, trying to touch his hand. A small tear ran down the man's face, and he reached out to gently touch his daughter's small hand.

But, the happiness he felt from seeing his newborn daughter fell short. That is, when the creepy masked guy somehow got through the barrier and grabbed his daughter, threatening to kill her unless he stepped away from Kushina.

That was when his day took a turn for the worse. And, a lot of things happened to make it that way.

For starters, he was separated from Kushina via exploding tags, which allowed the masked man to capture Kushina and use a Fuuinjutsu to chain her to a bunch of rocks so he could extract the Kyuubi.

The thing that really killed his day was the "extract the Kyuubi" part.

When Minato used his Hiraishin to get to the spot, he was immediately relieved to see Kushina still alive and well. A penchant of her clan's legendary longevity. But, he felt a cold dreadness as he glimpsed at the Kyuubi before teleporting away to the place where they had left Haruki.

His heart nearly stopped when he teleported into the village to see the Kyuubi rampaging everywhere. What an awful scene. Buildings were in shambles, bodies torn to pieces were thrown all over the streets. He steeled himself at the sight of the Kyuubi goring another shinobi in the distance. He had stopped Kyuubi's attack from hitting him using a space-time technique, but he couldn't stop the masked man from slipping through his guard and use another space-time technique to teleport both of them back to his clan compound.

That was where he engaged with the man he learned of to be Uchiha Madara. After a multitude of space-time techniques, by both parties, Minato finally managed to gain the upper hand and strike the elder Uchiha with a full-powered Rasengan.

He went in for another attack, this time aiming to wrest the Kyuubi from Madara's control, when a childish voice made him halt.


Minato's eyes widened, and he turned away from his injured enemy to see his two-year old son standing on the front porch of their compound. He was shaking wildly, tears pouring from his eyes as he saw his father engaged with an opponent.

"N-Naruto," gasped Minato. What was going on; didn't he leave an ANBU in charge of him while his sister was being born?

"Daddy!" cried Naruto again, as his stubbly toddler legs began running towards his father.

"Naruto, don't!" yelled Minato, holding his hand out trying to stop him.

"Oh, your son, eh?" said Madara from the ground, relieved that he still had control over the fox. He weakly got to his feet, a large gaping hole in his cloak and undershirt where the Rasengan had hit earlier.

"I've been too injured to continue this fight, so I think I'll let the Kyuubi do the rest of the work." Without allowing Minato to even respond to that, he teleported away back to the main battle.

Minato fells to his knees, panting. He would have to rejoin the battle and somehow reseal the Kyuubi. He was just about to get to his feet when he felt a slight tug on the hem of his Hokage robe.

His resolution fell when he looked into his son's confused, worried face.

"Daddy, wat's go'ng awn?" the toddler asked.

Minato's gaze softened completely, before he placed a tender hand on his son's head.

"Oh, nothing Naruto. Daddy's just having a little problem, is all. But he'll fix it, just like he always. Just go find Mommy and stay with her until I'm finished, okay?"

Naruto grinned, an eerie likeness to Kushina's smile.

"O-kay!" he chirped happily, before he skipped off back into the house, almost tripping on his own two feet.

Minato smiled softly as he watched the little boy head back into the house. It was times like these he realized how lucky he actually was. As soon as the boy was out of sight, the Hokage glared, setting a look of determination on his face.

And with that, he was gone.

Minato thought the fight with Kyuubi and Madara would be the most difficult one he had ever had. That is, until Kushina showed up out of nowhere and used her famous chakra chains to bind herself to the Kyuubi. A now awake Haruki was crying her eyes out, and a frightened Naruto appeared from behind his mother, clutching her kimono tightly. He was looking at his sister for the first time in his life, and wasn't sure if he should feel happiness at that, or fear of the whole dangerous situation.

He had shot down the idea of Kushina resealing the Kyuubi into herself and dying, and was now proclaiming that he would seal the Kyuubi into his newborn daughter using Shiki Fuujin instead.

He now saw that Haruki was meant to be a Jinchuuriki, the Jinchuuriki to lead the ninja world to their bright, bright future. Already he could hear his sensei's words echo in his head, a story of a divine, prophetic child that was to be their savior. As he looked at his daughter and the situation around him, he knew it. She was the savior.

And that meant that man up there was the harbinger of destruction also mentioned in the prophecy. When his sealing completed, Minato knew that the control he had over the Kyuubi would slip, and although it wouldn't be permanent, it would long enough for his daughter to become an adult and finally kill this man.

That would be that proudest moment of his life.

He ignored Kushina's protests to his plan, already going through the hand seals and telling her to have faith in their daughter.

At any other time, he would've been in stark protest to dying. But now, seeing his beautiful wife, his wonderful son, and his beautiful daughter; the chosen child, he felt that his sacrifice for them was a beautiful thing that he would not mind doing. He would make sure that they survived. Because, that is what a good father and husband did.

"Shiki Fuujin!" he said loudly, as the disturbing and frightening God of Death appeared behind him. He felt the cold, miserable arm of death enter his body, worming its way through his insides and finding the darkest corners of despair in his mind.

It was truly horrific, and to think that he would be feeling this all in due time.

He heard Kushina yelling at him as he picked up his daughter.

"Why? Why are you sacrificing Haruki to save the village and the country? Why are you sacrificing yourself for me?"

Minato closed his eyes.

"I can't just turn my back on my country. That's as bad as abandoning a child. You should know, when you saw your own country fall apart, and you were left without a home. And you know that we are a family of shinobi!"

"And, its not just for you. It's for Haruki as well. I need you to be there to raise her, and Naruto as well! There are things she needs to learn about being a Jinchuuriki, things that only you can tell her. I wouldn't be a proper substitute."

Minato turned his back on her, facing Kyuubi and the Uchiha on top of its head.

"Dying to make a better life for his children. That's the stuff you should let the father handle."

Kushina's eyes widened.

Minato had already begun. They had set up a barrier around the forest that he had teleported the Kyuubi to, in order to prevent the Kyuubi and Madara from escaping. He rushed forward, the Shinigami's arm extending to meet with the Kyuubi.

"Curse you, Yondaime Hokage" said the Kyuubi and Madara simultaneously as the hand entered the fox's body.

The Kyuubi and Minato engaged in an intense battle of wills, the fox's heavy chakra threatening to overwhelm the Hokage. The Hokage had abandoned the idea of sealing just half of the Kyuubi inside Haruki, and now concentrated his full effort on sealing the whole thing.

A resounding ripping sound was heard throughout the battlefield, as a hazy, bluish silhouette of the fox came into view.

"And now for the sealing!" Minato yelled as he summoned forth the ceremonial sealing platform.

Minato manipulated the soul of the Kyuubi so that it was facing the baby on the platform.

Kyuubi raised its paw, preparing to go in for a deadly strike towards the child...

Too late.

The Kyuubi's soul became severed from its body as Minato completed pulling it out. In a split second, the now useless body of the Kyuubi fell to the ground, turning a sickly shade of purple. Madara jumped to safety on a nearby tree after the collapse of the great titan beast, clutching his Rasengan injury feverly.

Kushina and Naruto watched as Minato pushed the essence of the Kyuubi into their newest family member. The soul rippled out in all directions, and Haruki began screaming during the entire ordeal.

As the sealing completed, Haruki stood stock still, almost as if she were dead. Her parents felt an overcoming sense of dream enter the fiber of their being, until finally the baby began to stir again. A familiar spiral seal appeared on the girl's navel, but there were absolutely no whisker-marks or anything else to remind them of what had happened this evening.

Minato smiled down at his daughter. The seal worked. She was alive... and her mother and brother were still alive. Everything was perfect... except for...

Minato's eyes snapped open. He had forgotten about Madara! And it looked like the Shinigami wasn't going to wait any longer to collect his soul!

The God of Death floated over, closing the distance between itself and the mortal.

Minato stood speechless. In front of a true god, his power meant nothing. There was no chance he would be able to stop Madara now. He waited for the contractions in his body and for the Shinigami to tear out his soul. He knelt down, praying to Kami-sama to give him more time. More time for him to stop Madara.

And then, nothing happened. The Shinigami's arm was being removed from his body, and it wasn't leaving with his soul. What had happened? Had his prayer been answered?

He looked up to see the god looking at him in pure distaste.

"You are not what I am in the mood for." Its deep, booming voice echoed throughout the perimeter, even though only Minato was able to hear it.

"W-What," he said. He turned his head to see the Shinigami float right past him, completely ignoring his speech. Kushina was giving him a strange look, and a look of impregnable hope that Minato wouldn't be taken spread upon her face.

Madara hopped onto the ground, looking livid at this new prospect. His beautiful beast had been taken from right under his nose. This wouldn't do. This wouldn't do at all. He would kill every member of the Namikaze family to make sure they never interfered with his plans in the future. It was the perfect opportunity in their weakened state, as well.

He began walking, before he felt a strange sensation enter his being. It was a hopeless cold, one without any trace of warmth, love or hope. As the feeling penetrated the Uchiha's body, he writhed at the pure agony that accompanied it. He clutched his head, and then he saw the most terrifying thing that he had ever seen in his long life.

It was completely ethereal, with a disgusting purple skin and long, spiky white hair. It wore robes of pure white, an array of beads wrapping around its arms and neck. Two dark black horns stuck out of its long mane of hair.

The creature was sticking its strange, tattooed arm into Madara's body. The Uchiha was so paralyzed with shock that he couldn't even cry out. He gave a spasm as the creature took a hold of his soul, and ripped it out so easily that it may have been just a flimsy piece of paper.

It's deed done, the Shinigami released Madara and allowed him to flop onto the ground. It raised Madara's soul to its mouth, devouring the essence in an instant. The last thing that Madara saw when he was alive was the creature devour his soul. And then... death marked the end of the madness of the man.

Minato stared in silent shock as the Shinigami ripped out Madara's soul so... easily. But, why Madara? Why not him; the one who had made a contract with the god in the first place?

"W-Why?" was all Minato could get out as the god hovered over to him again.

The Shinigami stared straight ahead, its eyes focused on no particular thing.

"I am a god. I get to choose whose soul is devoured in the process. The contract is just a formality, and it actually means nothing. I was simply not in the mood to eating your kind of soul today," said the Shinigami with such finality that you couldn't deny its claim to be true.


"You should count yourself lucky, mortal. You are one of the few who escaped my hold. And now, you get to live another day, and move on to the afterlife in peace. With your family," the god said calmly, as it disappeared from Minato's view.

Minato sat there dumbly, his mouth slightly agape. He had just escaped death. He... got to live with his family. Images of his ideal future popped into his head, and the man slowly smiling, tears of joy falling from his face.

He picked up his sleeping daughter from off the platform, before making his way over to Naruto and Kushina. Kushina seemed to have an expression of joyous disbelief, and his two year old son was crying.

"Minato/Daddy!" they had said simultaneously, as they both tightly hugged their husband/father, bawling their eyes out. Minato hugged them both back, the newest member of their family being at the center of the circle.

"M-Minato, p-please tell me this isn't a dream. That... y-you're," Kushina broke off, before she cried even harder in her husband's chest.

Minato kissed his wife.

"Yes, Kushina. This isn't a dream. I've alive, and I will not leave you. Our family... will continue to live on," he said as Minato himself began to cry. All three of them then turned to the sleeping infant in her father's arms.

"And, we have our greatest savior right here with us. She will be sure to lead to a new golden age of peace of prosperity."

Minato and Kushina both smiled warmly at their newborn daughter, while Naruto adopted a look of wonder as he reached out to touch his new sister, almost wondering if she were real or not.

There was one thing that bothered Minato though, and it pertained back to his sensei's speech. Haruki was surely the child of the prophecy; he knew that much. But... Madara was dead. He couldn't have been the harbinger of destruction.

Minato turned to look at the moon, a faraway look entering his blue eyes.

Who was the harbinger of destruction, then?

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