Hi there everyone, it's the God of Pikmin. I have a few announcements to make.

This story has been cancelled.

If you've been following me, maybe this isn't too much of a surprise. I haven't liked this story for multiple years now, and considering my sparse updates since I've started, it clearly hasn't panned out. Let's face it, this has been on life support for a long time now. The writing should have been on the wall.

There are plenty of reasons for this, related to why the story is being cancelled.

First, this is just an idea I had as a teenager that I liked. If I can admit something, my fatal flaw as a writer has been that I've developed things improperly. Outlining and developing is the most thankless part of writing; trust me when I say it is not fun at all. This may be a surprise to some, but my outlines have always been very bare bones. Like really bare bones. Little outlining, no betas, no nothing. And I think it shows; my character development and world building aren't there from what I wanted for this when I DID write the outline. You can say I'm hindering my own potential as a writer.

It may also surprise you to hear I'm cancelled every non-crossover Naruto story as well. Masked Demon Vessel and Remnants of a Forgotten Past will continue on as planned, but Natural Talent and Crossing the Styx have also been cancelled, as they have a similar developmental backstory to this one.

But upcoming will be their spiritual successor, to this one in particular I add. I want to create this one right this time, and make into something I would love to call my magnum opus. One story in the Naruto universe alone that I will pour all my effort into. It will contain elements from these stories in one way in another. This story was my attempt to make something revolving around the Bijuu, but from 2010 to now there have been reveals in the nature and backstory of them within canon that I can't rectify. No more messy plotlines and half-developed ideas.

I'd also like to point out I've done a complete genre flip from Amenaza. Much of my readerbase probably likes Amenaza. I can say this story is NOT like Amenaza. If you liked Amenaza and want me to write nothing but like that, there may be a disconnect for this upcoming one. There probably already is one regarding everything I've written since then.

I hope you'll stick around for it. These stories will remain up until the first chapter is up.

That's all for now. I'm sorry it had to come to this.

However, I will put this and the other two stories up for adoption. If anyone wishes to take one or more of them over, please PM me.

The God of Pikmin