A/N Hello readers, glad to be back after a long absence! I know not many of you people read my previous one-shot, so let me introduce myself I''m Lord of Daemons and this is my new story Naruto: gods and demons. This story is a Naruto crossover with Darksiders, overlord, Dante's inferno, too human, brutal legend, god of war, assassin's creed and whatever else I decide to add. This story has been brewing in my mind for a very, long time, but I've chosen to wait until now to publish it because I wanted to incorporate some elements from God of war ghost of Sparta. Rest assure readers I intend to finish this story unlike my last one. Also there are some other things I want to make clear, 1. There's a very good chance that some of my readers have never watched or read Naruto before so I'm going to explain some Naruto concepts in story. Anyone who does read or watch Naruto feel free to skip over them, just know I'm not insulting your intelligence or anything like that. 2. This was originally one chapter, but I decided to cut it into three because I realized it was getting long and unlike some writers out there I don't believe I have the skill to write such a long story and mange to hold my readers attention, so as a result the intro is kind of short but it will get longer eventually. 3. This is going to be a harem fic so stop reading now if you don't like those. 4 I'm not big on writing lemon scenes (maybe somewhere down the road) but for now don't hold your breath. Lastly I don't own any characters or concepts in this fanfic except any original ones I may come up with, and all rights belong to the original creators of the various games/ shows I may incorporate in here. Now then, let's begin...


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Prologue: Observations

The multi-verse, that infinite all encompassing space in which every possibility either has or will happen. Here one may view two version of the same earth so vastly different from one another, that it's nearly impossible to believe that they are in fact seeing just two possible what if scenarios played out to their fullest extents. And yet in other parts of the multi-verse, one can view worlds that are so nearly identical to one another, that an individual may spend his or her entire life in futility trying to find a difference between them. And yet despite this there has always been a constant rule. And that rule is that the actions or inactions of individuals that alter not only their own fate but the very fate of an entire world.

Take for instance one child living on a particular version of earth in the multi-verse. Since the day he was born it seems the powers that be had conspired to screw the living crap out of him. On his birthday of October 10th , he not only lost his parents but gained the scorn and hatred of an entire village needing a scapegoat to take out their frustrations. For you see on the day he was born the a great beast called the Kyuubi no Yoko (nine-tailed demon fox), the strongest out of nine demons attacked his home the great ninja village Konohagakure. Though the shinobi tried there best to defend it, against the fox's onslaught they could do little but slow it down and, it ultimately fell to their leader the Yondaime Hokage ( 4th fire-shadow) Minato Namikaze to defeat it. In the end however, despite all his knowledge and skill, he had no other way to stop the beast from destroying his village but to give his own life to seal it away inside a vessel. A living vessel... to be more exact, a child by the name of Naruto Uzumaki.

Time passed, and as he grew Naruto was forced to deal with the repercussions of being the vessel for a being who had single handedly slaughter a good portion of the vessels populace all the while not knowing why it was his life was so horrid.

It's at this point that many unfamiliar with this tale ask how is it possible that he could have not known about such a massive detail of his life? The reason is rooted in a misguided attempt to help the boy, for you see upon the death of Minato, the village was forced to pull the old Sandaime Hokage (third fire-shadow) Hiruzen Sarutobi out of retirement. To honor the wishes of the 4th that the child should be viewed as a hero, the third Hokage told the villagers of the boy's purpose of being the host of the demon fox. Unfortunately this turned out to be a very poor course of action. Since the villagers could not directly harm the fox they instead took out their pent up frustrations on Naruto. This even included an attempted assassination of young Naruto before he could even speak. This incident prompted the Hokage to make a new rule which barred anyone from speaking about Naruto's "condition" to their children or anyone who had not heard the previous proclamation under pain of death.

And while at first this seemed to be an adequate enough solution, in the long term the child's life barely improved at all. Though the villagers were barred from telling their children about the young orphans status as the demon's jailer, they could still keep their children from interacting with him. Thus Naruto grew up a very lonely individual save for a few decent souls who were able to see the fact that the boy was the container of the fox and not the fox itself. These included the Hokage, a man who sold ramen and his daughter (I'm sad to say some of the few if not the only shop vendors to do so), a few of the shinobi and a small group of children. But though he was grateful for their company, the simple fact was it was never enough to fully satisfy him. Add to that the constant abuse and neglect courtesy of the other villagers and you can see why the boy was so dour on the inside. That is yet another rather tragic aspect of young Naruto's life. In an attempt to get any kind of acknowledgement from the people around him Naruto at a very young age began to wear a sort of emotional mask. More specifically the mask of the "class clown" or "village idiot". And so it was on a near daily basis that one could look out at the village and you would more than likely see young Naruto doing some sort of ridiculous antic just to get some attention.

This worked for a time, but when the novelty eventually wore off young Naruto turned his sights upwards toward the lofty goal of becoming the next Hokage, reasoning that if he became the strongest ninja in the village, people would have no choice but to acknowledge his worth. After all the ninja were highly respected given their abilities, especially since with few exceptions they could mold their bodies natural energies (chakra) into devastating attacks (known as ninjutsu or ninja techniques) or powerful illusions (genjutsu) which only those with similar abilities could escape. Even those rare few who could not do these things tended to have natural abilities far beyond what your run of the mill civilian or even soldier, could pull off. This power along with the fact a ninja clan (the Senju) had founded the village is what ensured that it was always the strongest ninja in the village who became their next Hokage. And so when the time came, he asked the Hokage to be placed in the ninja academy so that he could pursue his new goal. Had things played out as they did in the more well known version of this world, events would have occurred which in time would have allowed the child to find acceptance and happiness after a life of near ever present misery. And if this was that particular version of earth, certain higher powers would never have taken a particular interest in him. This however, is not that version of Earth. For you see in a place beyond space and time beings and forces far older than any other in existence are making a decision which is about to alter the destiny of young Naruto's life.

Somewhere outside the bounds of known reality

The room is straight out of of most sane people's ideas of hell. It is a cavern of some sort or so it would seem. In truth this is not hell, hell is much, much worse. In truth this place is more along the lines of a hollow stone sphere floating somewhere in the void somewhere beyond known or unknown reality. One thing is clear, it is a dark place lit internally only by pools of flowing magma illuminating a place of stone and fire and what looks like three demonic looking stone heads with glowing eyes. However it should be made clear that the idea that these beings are demonic is incorrect (though their actions may sometimes speak to the contrary). In truth these beings are far older than any mere demon or angel for that manner. They are known as the charred council, and they are in fact part of a group of pre-angelic beings known as the old ones. It is tasked to these beings the arduous job of maintaining the balance between the waring faction of heaven and hell. In the past, these beings did so via the usage of four individuals known as the Horsemen of the apocalypse. The horsemen where warriors without equals, god-like in their power and answerable only to the charred council and by extension the creator himself. However those days were long passed, now the council had no such enforcers, a poor series of decisions had left them bereft of their enforcers, whose powers now remained hidden over the world the council now watched over. This decision, made in anger when the horsemen had failed to protect their assigned world, had in fact allowed the same world to be destroyed and reborn multiple times, thus making it into the state it was now. Now however, the actions of individuals on said world were about to unleash a potentially even worse catastrophe. One which would threaten the very fabric of existence itself. And it was because of this that the council had convened to decide the appropriate actions as such.

"Things are becoming dire" said a booming voice it's origin apparently from one of the massive stone heads "It was bad enough when there was a single human breaking the laws of nature. But now an entire group of such beings working together? We were fortunate that man came and prevented that...thing from tearing apart reality the first time, but now his bastard descendant plans to remake it and control it? And worse, he has manipulated an entire group of people into working for him, without them even realizing what ends they are working towards or who's actually in charge of them!

"Things are far worse than that brother," Said a second of the stone statues "In the past we could call upon the horsemen to stabilize the balance and deal with such fools. Now this world may once again be plunged into the fires of destruction and because of our lack of foresight we've lost our only tools to head off this even greater disaster. Now not just the sixth world, but all of reality is at risk and we have no champions to help. No wonder the creator lost his trust in us."

"ENOUGH" roared the up till now silent third head. "this complaining about our situation accomplishes nothing, the answer is quite obvious, we need a new enforcer, one who can deal with this group before there goal can be accomplished. And we must get him quickly before these foolish mortals get a chance to enact their plan.

"But," chimed in the second being "a human even one armed with the powers of a horseman cannot possibly have the power to stand alone against these beings especially if our information about there leader associating with demons is true. Not to mention there's still the matter of that other human who broke away from them..."

"Your right brother" interrupted the third being "Under normal circumstances an ordinary mortal armed with even a horseman's power would not be able to fight these beings. Even one armed with the power of all the horsemen would be hard-pressed to fight these beings especially if they've reached their goal."

"Stop with this foolishness brother," Interrupted the first again "we all know you wouldn't have brought this idea up unless you had something planned."

"You know me too well brother. Like I said an ordinary mortal wouldn't have a chance, but I've found an individual who is far from ordinary."

There was a flash of light and suddenly a floating sphere of pure energy appeared. At it's center a series of blurry images appeared, but they quickly cleared to show 3 images of what seemed to be a young boy of around 12 years of age with blond spiky hair blue eyes and what looked like 3 pairs of what looked like whisker marks on his face (3 on either side) much like a fox.

"This child? Asked the second incredulously, Is this your idea of a joke because this is not the time for..."

"I can assure you this is no joke." Interrupted the third again "His name is Naruto Uzumaki, I stumbled across him while observing earth when that nine-tailed beast reappeared and have been keeping a close watch on him ever since. He may look like much but, as I'm sure your aware looks can be quite deceiving, especially where this child is concerned. Unknown to him and everyone who knows of him, there is within his blood lie powers not seen for eons. Currently they lie dormant but if awakened and combined with the powers of the horsemen they could be just what we need to tip the balance back towards it's proper alignment."

"Or they could tear the world apart!" Roared the second "Did losing the creator's approval drive you insane? Do you know what kind of risk we'd be taking if we were to do such a thing. Not only that but there's no way he could possibly handle that kind of power. And, besides if what I'm seeing is correct even if he could handle the power the people of his village seem to hate him with a passion and would probably kill him if he became too powerful. Speaking of which, why is he so hated? I know these humans are irrational, but he doesn't seem to have done anything bad enough to draw such ire"

"That is rather simple to explain." There was yet another flash and suddenly the image was altered it showed a scene from years earlier, the image of Konoha in flames and the image a creature all too familiar to the charred council attacking the village. And then the image of a blond man, a series of hand gestures and in a flash the beast was gone, leaving only a small newborn...


"Yes" replied the third in such a calm way it stunned the other councilor into submission.

"I know it my odd to you but my reasoning is quite sound. The fact he is the vessel for the nine tails has only convinced me this is the correct course of action."

"Oh really now and why is that?" asked the first in a curious tone.

"Because the ones who threaten the balance will eventually have to seek him out and in his current state there's no way he can possibly defend himself. However if we make him our new champion, we can as the humans say kill two birds with one stone. Correction, kill numerous birds with one stone. Not only will he be able to protect himself, therefor preventing him from falling into those beings hands, but with luck he can wipe them out thereby keeping their plan from coming to fruition. Add to that the fact that we'd be gaining a new champion and you can see why I would believe it to be such a valuable opportunity."

"But still, isn't it taking to much risk?"

"Every choice comes with risk you should know that. Besides if he gets to powerful we can strip him of his horsemen power, and then he can do nothing to harm us."

"All excellent points brother" said the first being "but you still haven't resolved the other previously mentioned issues."

"I was getting to that, as to the issues relating to his handling of the power, if we awaken his natural powers first and then gradually give him the horsemens' powers as he grows stronger and proves himself ready, he'll hopefully be able to adapt to the powers without problem."

"Hopefully?" asked the first

"Well, nothing in reality is ever a hundred percent certain, but judging from what I've seen and my personal gauging of his abilities I believe he can handle it. As for the issue of his village's hatred...well maybe it's time the boy had a change of scenery?"

"Hm, it's obvious you have thought this through" said the first being "But there is one thing I would like to ask before making a decision."

"Oh and what's that?"

"I can sense the boy has already chosen a path of his own, is it not wrong to force him against his will to sacrifice everything for our purposes? The creator made it very clear after some of our more...controversial actions that free will was something we had no right to interfere with unless it threatened the balance and I can sense this boy at the moment is no threat."

The third being paused for a moment before finally answering

"Given the damage that would result if we did not pursue this course of action I would think that in this case the ends would justify the means, however if you are still reticent towards this decision then I offer this, we will approach the child and offer him the option of being our new champion. If he accepts than so be it, if he refuses, we will wipe his memory of our meeting with him and send him back to his world none the wiser thereby ensuring there is no violation of his free will."

There was yet another momentary pause as a decision was finalized and then...

"Very well then, said the first being "I will support your plan brother".

"You can't be serious! Screamed the second.

"I am quite serious, and since all decisions must be decided my majority vote it seems you have no choice but to bear with it unless you have some other solutions to offer." The second being was silent

"Then it is decided, when the time comes, we will approach the child. For now...we wait."

End Notes:

And so ends the prologue of my newest stories, I think it's pretty well done, but that's my own personal opinion. Feel free to review, I welcome criticism but flames will be deleted with prejudice. Also I'm looking for a Beta-reader send me a pm if your interested. And now for a little bit of necessary background info to help weave the various worlds involved in my story together...

In the beginning/the first world:

Reading from religious texts it is very easy to get the notion that the devil and the war in heaven occurred after mankind had come about. That however is false, in fact if a person were to piece together the archaeological record of the elemental nations, they would find something rather interesting. Mankind not only existed before the mythical war in heaven, but strangely enough just seemed to have just appeared almost out of thin air. Many archaeologists have assumed that the fossil record is simply incomplete that the so called missing link hasn't been found yet. However, the truth is the biblical account of mankind being created is actually far closer to the truth, only it wasn't God who made mankind. In truth God did make the world and the universe as a whole but in the creation of mankind he served only to set the stage for another group. A small group of outcast scientists have uncovered evidence mankind was created by a group of beings who in fact came from another world. These beings have no known name of their own and thus have simply been referred to by the name appointed to them in ancient legends, those who came before. From what little has been found of them, however an image of a society far beyond that of anything mankind currently possess has been created. However, this evidence has been dismissed by more main stream scientists as fabrication or mis-dating of more recent technology. Ultimately, the only thing that could with 100% certainty prove these beings existence only exists in legend, the extraordinarily powerful technologies known as the pieces of eden. Rumors of these objects, (whose abilities are said to defy the laws of known physics) have yet to be substantiated but if they were it would be mankind's greatest discovery. What is known to those willing to listen to the story is this, mankind was created to be servants, but an enemy known simply as Ymir caused a war that would major long term consequences. While little is known of these beings, one thing can be said with absolute certainty about the Ymir, they were so dangerous that the only option to stop them was to unleash weapons so powerful they altered the very fate of the world and seemingly plunged the world into a era of ice and snow known as the Fimbulwinter. For survivals sake the survivors, both human and other banded together, commingled and eventually gave rise to the era known as the second world as well as a new group of mythical beings. The beings known as the Aesir...